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Video-Update am 01. März: AO-Filmparty bei Spermagames mit Juicy Grey, Linda Lush und Susi Star, Teil 3

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Bareback gangbang with Susi Star and other girls from Netherlands, part 3, 244,5 MB, 12 min 00 sec

What a cum-drenched mess! Now it is Susi Star's turn to get her pussy filled with cum! For organizational reasons it is Three-Hole-Nicki herself who holds the camera for a while. At this bareback filmparty at Spermagames she was only spectator because she first wanted to take a look and see if she likes it. As you know she really did like it big time and little later she acted in front of the camera with Michaela's bunch of hung guys. But that is another story.

In the beginning Linda Lush and Juicy Grey, the two crazy chicks from the netherlands, are only acoustically present in the background, but they get in focus with a roaring gangbang duet from about the middle of the movie! Have fun with another unique document of the bareback gangbang and creampie scene!

Bareback gangbang with Susi Star and other girls from Netherlands, part 2, 244,1 MB, 11 min 59 sec

In the second episode the pussies of our young girls from the netherlands get filled with more hot cum. Juicy proves again that she deserves her nick-name, because she squirts a lot. But nevertheless the highlight in this video is clearly young hot Susi Star, who gets fucked and jizzed her tight teen pussy by a row of hung guys in the lounge chair - enjoying that obviously, as she visibly has a number of orgasms! By the way: Three-Hole-Nicki is also present in the winter-garden on the roof, this time still behind the camera. She wanted to attend and watch a film party first, before she starts her own movie-carreer (what she did little later as you all know)... But this is another story. For now we wish you a lot of fun with that video pf Susi Star's first bareback mass insemination at Spermagames!

Bareback gangbang with Susi Star and other girls from Netherlands, part 1, 264 MB, 13 min 33 sec

The two girls from the Netherlands, Linda Lush and Juicy Grey had another little porn starlet with them when they appeared at the bareback film-party at Spermagames in Karlsruhe that day. Talking about the porn starlet which is known as Susi Star. In the first part of this absolutely perverted and hot sperm-drenched session they first get introduced by hostess Micha in her funny manner, before they start into the gangbang action, beginning with a nasty lesbo show. Juicy really deserves her name, as she squirts all over the place and of course there is a lot of sloppy and cum-dripping bareback fucking, ahile the guys are producing messy creampies in a row. By the way: Nicki was also there, watching the action and figuring out if she would like to do such a gangbang-filmparty, too. And as you have seen in the last episode she did a lot...

Bareback fuck orgy with Creampie-Ronja in Hamburg, 361,7 MB, 17 min 45 sec

Dear Ronja-Fans! We just happened to find a precious jewel: previously unreleased footage of a nasty bareback fuck orgy with the legendary Creampie-Ronja!

At her one and only bareback gangbang party in Hamburg ever, Ronja got fucked by countless guys without condom on a white leather sofa. In this video her cunt gets so many loads that the cum is dripping out, spilling all over the floor while more and more cum is being added. And of course she also gets a lot of cum to swallow! A real yummie for all creampie-fans and a nice souvenir of a good time with your hot Creampie-Ronja!

First Spassfucktor bareback- and cum-in-pussy-party with Gundula, part 3, 93,3 MB, 04 min 35 sek

Here in the last episode of Gundula\'s first bareback filmparty with us at Spermagames in Reichelsheim, Gundula is being fed with big cum loads, directly from the cocks. The guys still had amazingly much to give, which seemed incredible after the cum orgy we saw in the first two parts.

Of course our \"director\" Siggi not only was fucking her pussy long and hard one more time, but also gave his comments and made Gundula as well as the other boys give all they could once again ;-) In the end everybody was pretty exhausted - and satisfied, which was acknowledged by a big applause...

First Spassfucktor bareback- and cum-in-pussy-party with Gundula, part 2, 241,1 MB, 11 min 50 sec

In the second part of her first movie-session with us Gundula sucks numerous cocks empty with her mouth and cunt. Even the cameramann hast to add his cum into her ;-)

And for that reason you see awesome closeups of her cum-dripping pussy in the middle of that video, which is flowing over more and more with every squirting dick! And sucking cock, Gundula is squealing with glee and smacking like a little shoat. Just great!

First Spassfucktor bareback- and cum-in-pussy-party with Gundula, part 1, 244,5 MB, 12 min 00 sec

Here we had a hot bareback party with Gundula - not for the first time, but for the first time in front of the camera. And this is how we shot this awesome documentation in three episodes of a roaring and messy gangbang orgy - at that time still in that good old Spermagames-Location in Reichelsheim - of which you are lucky to witness the first part hereby. Our Siggi was the first to eat Gundula's cunt out and fuck her, giving a good example for the bunch of other guys, who were getting in mood while watching that spoilt and filthy slut in action, wanking their cocks to prepare for filling her in the secon part ;-)

Bareback party with Bernadette from Berlin, part 3, 238,7 MB, 11 min 43 sec

Here is the third and final round of the only bareback-gangbang-party with Bernadette from Berlin (by now). This video is another classic for those who love double penetration and creampie! Bernadette really wanted to know how much the guys had to deliver and she sucked them out with all of her three holes! She even let the guys switch from ass to pussy (which usually is a No-Go), but she enjoyed it. And so she got pumped some more sticky cum loads into her pussy and ass. Don't worry about the gap in the movie of about 10 seconds (after approximately 2 min), I must have been still horny about the fun we had with Bernadette that I overlokked it ;-)

Bareback party with Bernadette from Berlin, part 2, 205,1 MB, 10 min 04 sec

The second part of the Video in the loft which whe took from the bareback party with Bernadette from Berlin starts with a roaring ass fuck by the master himself, who of course also filled her ass fairly decent. Then she gets jizzed by one guy after another in cunt and ass by turns. An exceptionally gorgeous view is the white foamy cum juice from at least four gentlemen which gets pressed out of her pussy and onto the red mattress when she comes loudly from the skilled ass fucking of one of the party guests...

Bareback party with Bernadette from Berlin, part 1, 174,5 MB, 08 min 34 sec

As you certainly know it happens every now and then that girls from throughout Germany get in touch with us, who want to experience being fucked by a bunch of hung guys without condom and get their pussies filled with loads of cum from men they have never met before. In this particular case I am talking about Bernadette from Berlin, who came travelling by aircraft to Stuttgart. When I went to pick her up I had my doubts if she really was up to appear, as the storm was getting heavier with every passing minute. The guys were supposed to show up at the location just a few minutes later. But she arrived on time and we found our way to the loft in Murr, avoiding obstacles like branches from trees who had been blown onto the road. Here in the video you can see her sucking and deepthroating our hard cocks, getting more and more hot, until Charly dumped the first big cum load of the day in her pussy from behind so the creampie instantly started dripping out..

Bareback party with Angi from Switzerland in Karlsruhe, part 2, 186,4 MB, 9 min 09 sec

And here it goes on: the bareback creampie orgy with Angi in Karlsruhe. We see beautiful closeups of messy creampies and anything else that belongs to a sloppy AO-party... To those who don't know Angi: Don't worry about her way to comment everything in her swiss accent, it's the way she is. She is really horny and extroverted and for that reason she matches our philosophy! And while Angi's pussy is flowing over with more and more white cum, Micha, the organizer of the Spermagames- partys, watches the mess from a safe distance, nibbling chips like she was sitting in a movie theater ;-)

Bareback party with Angi from Switzerland in Karlsruhe, part 1, 183,3 MB, 9 min

Here we had another party with Angi from Switzerland. We met in Karlsruhe at Spermagames for a hot bareback orgy which had been announced as a film party. Angi starts right-away with a nasty striptease where she shows off her tits and her pierced pussy. She does dirty talk with swiss accent and directs the guys just as she likes as she calls for the cum. After that little show she sucks the cocks until they all are hard as concrete.  And there we go with awesome closeups of the first sloppy creampies of the day ;-)

Bareback gangbang with Bitchy Jana in Karlsruhe, part 2, 296,4 MB, 14 min 33 sec

After a longer break without any video update due to our stuffed business schedule during the last few weeks, we hereby take off with the second part of the bareback party with Jana. Huge loads into her pierced pussy, in her face and mouth, onto her silicone-tits and everywhere else...

In the end she even proved that also her wanking skills are outstanding as she really managed jerking off the cameraman by hand - and this is definitely a tough job!

Bareback gangbang with Bitchy Jana in Karlsruhe, part 1, 238,7 MB, 11 min 43 sec

Bitchy Jana is a real hundred percent professional. She knows well how to act in front of the camera. It was fun to film her sucking off that big bunch of guys and being jizzed big time - at least from the view of an artist. Always the camrea in mind and in focus she squeezed out the cum of the boys with her mouth and her obviously well-trained pussy muscles. And due to the fact that I held the camera I could not enjoy that feeling for myself, because - as I have mentioned above - professionals do not fuck the cameraman.

Bareback party with Tekohas in Stuttgart, part 4, 280,5 MB, 13 min 46 sec

In this fourth and last part of the video session with Tekohas, the hot Amazonas Indian girl, we filled up her pussy one more time with our cum! And also she got much to swallow!

One of the guys pulled his meat out and squirted a huge load in several strokes over her cunt, belly and tits up to her chin, a very hot view! Working on the movie I literally had another blast at this scene ;-)

And then Tekohas collected the rest of the day's cum loads, which indeed were fairly remarkable, in her mouth and let them flow on her big boops! What a pleasure to watch her play with the sticky mess of cum in the end! And of course we cought all of that on video for you! Have fun with that extraordinary awesome clip!  

Bareback party with Tekohas in Stuttgart, part 3, 264,9 MB, 13 min 00 sek

Right in the beginning of the third episode of Tekohas' bareback gangbang in Stuttgart we double penetrate her hardly. First we tried to stuff her cunt with two at a time, but two huge cocks inside her little tight shaved Indian pussy was too much for her, so the master (myself ;-)) decided to have mercy and started to fuck her asshole instead. First I pressed my cock slowly inside her ass to widen it carefully, while the other guy kept fucking her cunt from below. This action resulted in some very nice closeups from an awesome double penetration ;-). After I had dumped my sticky cum some 8 inches deep inside her asshole and so provided a good lubrication for the following fuckers, it was the other guys' turn to add their sperm one after another, while her pussy kept being fucked from below. The cocks literally milked the cum out of each other inside her two tight fuck holes.... it is not necessary to mention that of course she soon noticed that there was still nothing to do for her mouth and so she started sucking a third cock at the same time!

After a little break and a coke in order to keep the energy level up she laid back and her big tanned tits again got shook by hard strokes, while one cum load after the other filled her pussy and jizzed her until she was covered completely with that white gold!

Bareback party with Tekohas in Stuttgart, part 2, 240,7 MB, 11 min 49 sec

Tekohas, the hot Brazil girl! Awesome how we filled all of her three holes with huge cum loads that sunny afternoon! Here you can see clearly how she lets herself go completely and how she forgets all of her sucking skills because she gets so horny from being fucked. She literally begs for more and more cum in her little tight indian pussy ;-)

Again it really was a lot we had to offer, as we were about 15 guys with big balls...

Bareback party with Tekohas in Stuttgart, 229,0 MB, 11 min 43 sec

Many of you already know her. She is a hot and exotic brazilian beauty with sexy curves: Tekohas. After a little posing in front of my camera the "gladiators come marching in". Tekohas jumps on the mattress and, like they were attracted by a magnet, the bunch of guys approach from all around. And then the cum orgy is beginnning! Quickly her tight indian pussy is flowing over with white cum...

Bareback filmparty with Jill and Jenny, part 5, 227,8 MB, 11 min 11 sec

Here it is, the fifth and last episode from the bareback filmparty with Jill and Jenny in Rastatt. The girls take the rest uf cum from the guys. The cunts get filled up one more time, even the Master himself pumps another big white sticky load of cum into Jill`s pussy. In the end the girls perform another awesome blowjob duet before Jill tells us why she loves diong that. Very cool statement ;-)

Bareback filmparty with Jill and Jenny, part 4, 203,7 MB MB, 10 min 00 sec

Two generations of hot bareback sluts get fucked and filled with thick cum juice here. Jennys pussy is full of cum already in the beginning of this fourth part of the video from the session with Jill and Jenny and Jill swallows one cum-load after the other.

Then our newcomer Jenny gets double penetrated for the first time in front of the camera! Very hot! Very nice closeups of her hot holes which get pounded by the huge cocks at a time, and in between her face is shown, where you can see how much she enjoys that intensive feeling of being filled completely with hard cocks and hot cum, while Jill leaves some cool comments on that mess! This movie once again is a real blast! Have fun!

Bareback filmparty with Jill and Jenny, part 3, 285,9 MB MB, 14 min 02 sec

Jilol and Jenny, the hot bareback sluts, get filled up with freah cum juice once again! First busty Jill gets naked and poses for the guys to make them hot, while Jenny stays in the background and watches the scenery. But it does not take long until she gets so wet and horny that she simply has to join into the action... In the end of this scene she even gets a fat cum injection by the master himself ;-D 

Bareback filmparty with Jill and Jenny, part 2, 256,0 MB, 12 min 34 sec


Here the bareback gangbang orgy with Jill Deluxe and Jenny Devot is getting really hot. Jenny gets big cum loads into her tight pussy, which are dripping out again nicely while Jill gets a few loads to swallow. In between they both get a big facial and practice what is well-known as "cum-swapping" or "snowballing". Then Jill geus fucked fairly decent so her big tits are shaken well...








Bareback filmparty with Jill and Jenny, part 1, 260,8 MB, 12 min 48 sec

Jill and Jenny. What a gorgeous team! Two horny ladies with attractive and slim bodies, beautiful tattoos and cum-hungry pussies... which got filled with many big cum loads, already in this first episode! After a simultaneous blow-concert as a starter it did not take long until the first creampies showed!

Just to mention that it was Jenny\'s first time in front of the camera, and therefore she was a little bit excited in the beginning. But that glimpsed only in the first minute, because as a former professional porn actress, Jill, formerly known as Jill Deluxe, showed her how to deal with many cocks... well as you can see this was needless ;-)

Bareback party with Kitty and Siva in Rastatt, part 3, 262,1 MB, 12 min 52 sec

In the third part there is another nice fucking until the pussy smokes! Really, I am not kidding! Watch Siva's cunt smoke! Siva gets one creampie after the other. One of the guys collects some cum from the mattress and smears it into Siva's cunt. Then he fucks her until the creampie gets foamy. For Kitty this seemed to be a little too much, at least her face lets assume that ;-D After the smoking scene the two girls acted together on the mat and got the rest of the cum from the guys. Very nice to watch how they kneeled face to face, sucking the cocks together while at the same time they were being pounded from behind...

Bareback party with Kitty and Siva in Rastatt, part 2, 289,7 MB, 14 min 13 sec

In the second part of the bareback party with Kitty and Siva in Rastatt Kitty first presents her jizzed pussy and poses nicely for the camera, befor her cunt gets a few more cum loads. Suddenly Siva appears in front of my camera and after a short posing on the mattress, which lasts just so long until all guys have a hard-on, the insemination orgy goes on with Siva, with just as much fun and of course even more cum! Especially the acoustic of the cum squirting out of the girls' pussies in that room, illuminated by the construction lights, is gorgeous! ;-)

Bareback party with Kitty and Siva in Rastatt, part 1, 257,4 MB, 12 min 38 sec

This here is Kitty's fuck-movie-premiere! Many of you already know her from the Spermagames' parties, but this time she had her first bareback orgy  in front of the camera. Accordingly, Kitty first introduces herself in the beginning and tells us what she likes most. Of course she instantly walks over to the boys in the other room to get it. After a little posing for the cameras, which makes us guys get in mood while watching her pretty young body from different views,  she grabs the cocks... And just a little later it is time for the first messy creampie of the day ;-)

bareback filmparty with Heidi Hills, part 3, 178,6 MB, 08 min 48 sec

In the third part of this hot video series which has been taken at the bareback filmparty with Heidi Hills in Rastatt Heidis cunt gets jizzed once more with some huge cum loads. First a gangbanger face to face, then my "cameraman" doggy-style, then another guy from the front, and so on. Finally the movie shows Heidi Hills swimming nicely in a big cum lake. When there is no cock left to fuck her, Heidi turns around and licks the cum stains off the red leather mattress. We are already looking forward to the next action with her! 

bareback filmparty with Heidi Hills, part 2, 183,0 MB, 08 min 59 sec

That day, at the bareback filmparty of Spermagames in Rastatt, we fucked and jizzed Heidi Hills fairly decent. And as there had appeared only a few fuckers, the master himself had to involve in the action. Well, indeed I can imagine worse things than fucking such a pretty and horny woman with big natural boops, especially when she had been cum-filled before, enjoy the sloppy seconds and add to her cunt another huge and sticky creampie! Also my \"cameraman\" could involve in the action and stirred up our cum inside her nicely shaved pussy ;-)

bareback filmparty with Heidi Hills, part 1, 209,2 MB, 10 min 16 sec

Well,  folks! After our server crash the update with Heidi Hills was deleted. So here is, once again, the video series with Heidi Hills. Heidi is a very sexy and nice lady from Austria. We had a lot of fun with her. Unfortunately my smart text I had written to that video the last time is deleted too and can not be restored, and at the moment I am not so creative. But best you have a look at the video, check out what we did with her. That tells more than a thousand words ;-)

Ronja's Bareback gangbang in Hamburg, part 4, 137,4 MB, 18 min 46 sec

This fourth part of Ronja`s one and only bareback party in Hamburg has never been published before, because at that time she said that she does not like it. The reason is that one guy used a condom, which you can see in the video... Nevertheless there is about a gallon of cum pumped inside her cunt in this movie...and of course it comes dripping out again! Also her mouth gets jizzed pretty good!

Anyway, one condom in ten years can be tolerated we thought to ourselves and decided to bring the video to you after 4 years. Have fun!

I fucked the red-haired skinny Lisa on my yacht, 242,5 MB, 13 min 54 sec

WEll, I have to admit that her German skills are quite poor. But for her dancing on the poll and on the aft deck she gets a "B and for her enduring blow-job (with balls massage) she even deserves an "A". Such a tongue piercing is a nice thing if you use it properly ;-D

In the video you can see how much fun she has sucking my hard cock, playing with her tongue, she really enjoyed that - and so did I, you bet! Before and after her chubby and tight pussy got filled, first lying on the back, then she got fucked doggy-style and finally I jizzed her cunt from the front one more time... Obviously she enjoyed especially the second insemination, after she lost her timidity while dancing and sucking my cock...

At last she nearly was able to pronounce "creampie" ;-)

Bareback gangbang before Christmas with Ronja in the log cabin, part 3, 232,6 MB, 11 min 25 sec

Even in the third part of the video there is still a lot of laughter about the anal plug which they rammed into Ronja's ass entirely. Then I fucked her pierced bareback cunt and dumped a big load of cum inside, meanwhile she sucked off another guy and let the cum run out of her mouth, just to smear it onto her big tits. It was so damn hot! One after another the boys went on fucking her, adding their cum into her pussy.

One of them, fucking her doggy-style, was a little too much in ecstasy and ripped the pearl chain apart. But in fact he was not too much embarrassed about that. Instead he picked up the pearls and stuffed them into her asshole, one by one. and although there was already the anal plug inside, there still was enough room and her ass was still lubed nicely by all the sperm. 

Finally Ronja got fingered and told the guys that her ass gets an average of two cocks a day. Of course our math experts had to calculate immediately the number of cocks she gets in a year... ;-) Have fun!

First bareback party with Betty in Chris' new location in Bürstadt, 211,9 MB, 10 min 24 sec

The first bareback party in Chris' new location in Bürstadt was small but fine. Just a few boys had appeared although the location is easy to find and close to the Autobahn. Nevertheless we gave some big and hot cum-loads to Betty's chubby pussy and after a few more shots the creampie became really sloppy and foamy. It was fun to seed her! The location is outstandingly beautiful, everything is new and very clean! But have a look in the video! We already have decided to do also a spassfucktor-bareback-party there soon!

Bareback gangbang before Christmas with Ronja in the log cabin, part 2, 220,0 MB, 10 min 48 sek

Here we go with the second episode of the "Armageddon Party" with Ronja.

Once Again pure, nasty bareback fucking with a lot of fresh cum in Ronja's slutty holes! Ronja, equipped with Anal-Plug and big pearl chain, climbs up the stairs to the mattress, shakes her glittering asshole to sex up the guys who follow her upstairs with throbbing, cum-filled and dripping dongs. Next we see another filthy fuck orgy, all guys in a row, blasting their cum into Ronja's pussy, one after another. Until one of them hits the "wrong hole" while he squirts inside her, ramming the anal plug inside the cum-jizzed asshole. Ronja just laughs loud and her comment is: "Aah,  I think now the plug is completely in my ass, hehehe!" Have fun and be prepared to be amused in part 3, where there is also an interesting combination of ass and pearl chain... 

Bareback gangbang before Christmas with Ronja in the log cabin, part 1, 251,3 MB, 12 min 20 sec

Here is Ronja as we all know and love her: all eyes on her, she makes a big show and brings herself and the guys in mood for another bareback fuck orgy with some nasty dirty talk, which comes from the heart... On the pool table she sticks the glitter butt plug into her ass and the boys start fumbling on her cunt and tits. Meanwhile she sucks the first hard and cum-loaded cocks. And in between she explains why she loves to have always many loads of fresh cum in her pussy... interesting!

Then you see nice closeups of the first blowjob orgy of the night. It is really amazing how many details you can see in HD! Much better than in the old times! Have fun and don't miss parts 2 and 3 of the video of that extremely hot bareback party!

Bareback slut Ronja doing a piggy-gangbang in the porn theater, part 2, 270,6 MB, 13 min 17 sec

And here it is going, the bareback mass insemination orgy in the DocMasters Adult theater. While Ronja keeps encouraging the boys to jizz her cunt, we show nice closeups of her pussy and her face - and of course many gorgeous creampie scenes where you see all the cum dripping out again!







Finally one of our members lies down underneath Ronja's cunt, soaking wet from the cum lake, and eats the creampuie out...

Bareback slut Ronja doing a piggy-gangbang in the porn theater, part 1, 209,5 MB, 10 min 17 sec

Do you remember the times? A real bareback slut who loves to show off and to be fucked and filled with cum by strangers in public. No cost, no condoms, no police raid, no rules - exept "No dry fingers in my pussy!" and "Who wants to fuck me must take off his pants first!".

This session in the DocMasters adult theater was one of the last with Ronja before she (unfortunately) got a professional hooker. AS you can hear and read she must be doing a good job and satisfies her customers. And tha fact that she is quite famous certainly is an advantage for her. Anyway, we wish her the very best. But for now here you see the original really horny and show-talented Creampie-Ronja in action, how she brings herself and the guys in mood for a real and roaring bareback mass insemination...

The wanking dude in the rocks, 65,8 MB, 03 min 22 sec

Last time when had a vacation on Lake Garda with the boat, we watched a guy who was wanking in the rocks - and of course we took the chance to make him famous ;-D. He was climbing around in the big stone blocks of a mole and peeped over to two fat ladies who were tanning on the beach, wanking his cock wildly and all in public! Don't ever claim again that the Italians are prude ;-D Meanwhile, in the acoustic background, my friend keeps philosophizing about a camera with 1:48 zoom, which he wants to hide under the radar...

Well this video is a good example for the meaning of the name of our site "Spassfucktor, which is a German wordplay. Translated to English t contains the words "fun" and "fuck"... Finally you will see a few seconds of the horrible thunderstorm we had at night...

Bareback orgy in the Skyrooms, part 3, 131,4MB, 06 min 27 sec

What would you do with a pint full of cum, which has been collected during a barerback gangbang in a bowl when it was dripping out of the cunt? Well, there are indeed various possibilities! One of them, which you definitely have not seen on our site before, will be shown in this video. Here's a little hint: In this particular case you need a "cum slave" and a speculum. But now we don't start to describe it, you must see it on your own. Anyway, it is fairly interesting ;-) ... 

Boat tour with "Hooker Angi" from Switzerland, part 3, 183,3 MB, 09 min 00 sec

Well, to be honest, there was not any real fucking in the third part of that video with "Hooker Angi" from Switzerland. No fucking, but nevertheless there was pure party! The balls were empty and the boys full of (CENSORED). Not a good mixture for an outstanding sexual "performance" ;-D

Talking about censoring: Here we must tell you of something scandalous: the other day we got an email by our payment provider. They told us that they had been "alerted" by a credit card company that our site would contain "covered advertising" for the consumption of alcoholic beverages and they asked us to immediately delete it. What??? We first did not understand what they wanted, but when we called to solve the problem we realized that they were bothered by our comment to this video. The credit card provider does not tolerate that the consumption of alcohol is "glamorized". Well, of course we are not adult persons who are able to decide independently, and therefore we comply fully with this demand (or is it because we want to offer you the possibility to pay with credit card furthermore? At the moment I am completely confused ;-)).

Anyway, it is a little thought-provoking impulse. As far as I am concerned, I will abstain from using a credit card in future whenever it is possible (e.g. by paying cash). But now for the politically correct version of the text:

We all were completely saturated by all the alcohol free pop we had been drinking (we don't mention the brand name in order not to get a dissuasion for covered advertising), thad we had to burp all the time. That circumstance obstructed any erotic atmosphere so we decided to finish the evening (after a gorgeous sunset, see video) with a (alcohol free!) dinner!

Dear credit card provider, was that correct now? ;-)

Angi, René and our random guest from Switzerland have already booked the Yacht for some new hot action next summer! And we are looking forward to welcome them again, because they all are extraordinary congenial, naturally horny and educated. It is just great to party with people like they are!

Boat tour with 'Hooker Angi' from Switzerland, part 2, 197, MB, 09 min 41 sec

What a nasty and hot party on the river Rhine in Constance! The swiss (ALCOHOL FREE BEVERAGE!) indeed had an impact on Angi und us gentlemen: In the video she tells us in her switzerland slang that she was pretty (SOBER!). The other guy with that italian speed boat showed power and did a good job with pounding her in many different positions. And to make the scene complete I caught the sunday afternoon mood of the last hour before sunset on my camera, underlined by hot house music privided by DJ Rene from Schloss Milkersdorf! (CAN WE NAME HIM WITHOUT BEING ADMONISHED FOR COVERED ADVERTISING?). Watching the video we can hardly wait until the next summer comes! Be prepared to be delighted by part 3 with gorgeous bathing scenes in the cristal clear water, sunset included! 

Boat tour with 'Hooker Angi' from Switzerland, part 1, 245,5 MB, 12 min 03 sec

AS we weere in Cap d'Agde we met them: Angi and René from Switzerland. All of a sudden they appeared in our appartment (we had left the balcony door open to let the bareback fuckers come and go;-) ) and they introduced themselves. When they parted they left their business card which displays 'Angi, the married hooker from Switzerland' and we agreed to meet on lake Constance soon. Indeed they stayed in touch with us and so we met in Constance one sunny sunday afternoon. Spontaneously we decided to anchor at a nice spot at the German/Swiss border and had a good time together. But best you watch the video!  

Bareback party in the Skyrooms with Ronja and other hot sluts, part 2, 182,0 MB, 09 min 04 sec

And here is another video of the nasty bareback gangbang party in the skyrooms, which Ronja had organized together with Nicole and another beefy girl. In this episode Ronja's pierced bareback cunt gets filled again with many loady of fresh cum from a large number of different men. What does not fit into the pussy, flows into the black cum bowl which Ronja had positioned underneath her cum depot holes. It is indeed a nice view how her anal plug is glittering in the camera's pussy light and how the words "Cumbitch", "turks seeding station" and "bareback-slut", which we wrote onto her tits, hips and ass before the gangbang with permanent markers, get smesred over with cum juice...   

Cum-Jessi bareback-fucking all guys who came along in Cap d'Agde , 173,8 MB, 8 min 32 sec

Here is a little medley of Cum-Jessi's sexual activities in Cap d'Agde. She was bored all the time and so she kept appearing at our appartment at least twice a day (because she had found out soon that there is party-action all the time!) and there she sucked off and fucked all guys she could get. And there were numerous who came promenading by our balcony... In this video she first gets pounded and pussy-jizzed by our friend from switzerland who kept being around, always willing and able to fuck. In the next scene - it had already gotten dark outside - she abused our bedroom to get drilled in pussy and ass by her favorite ass-fucker (she called him "Ass-Anis") and our neighbor, while many guys and our neighbor's wife watched from the balcony. After a roaring ass-fuck she swallowed Anis' load completely. And little  later it was the other guys' turn to get used by her in the living-room. She really had a ball that night!!!

Bareback gangbang with Celina in Stuttgart, part 2, 195,2 MB, 9 min 35 sek

In the second episode there is even more messy creampie for Celina's cunt! This video is another special goody for those who love closeups. Amazing, either the foaming by hard fucking cocks expanded the volume of the cum or the nasty bareback gangbangers just had so huge loads to add to the mess. Meanwhile Cat and Celina are looking forward to the next party with you! 

Bareback gangbang with Celina in Stuttgart, part 1, 195,2 MB, 9 min 35 sek

Celina and 10 guys. What does that mean? First it means pure Spassfucktor fun, and of course messy and sticky creampies! One of the gangbangers decided to comment the action in his southern german accent, wich made the gangbang even more fun. Already in the first round our guys gave Celina a decent creampie and they enjoyed sloppy seconds while fucking her. And also celina obviously enjoyed getting her cunt filled by a large numbers of cumshots in a row.

Ronja's first ass fuck with anal creampie by users, part 2, 234 MB, 11 min 29 sec

And here ist the current # 3 in the top list of the most popular videos in our shop:

Really hot, how the guys fill Ronja's ass with loads of their hot cum in that Munich hotel.. Now she is a real airtight three hole bareback slut, as she realizes in the video... In the end she had a messy anal creampie! Have fun!!! 


Ronja's first ass fuck with anal creampie by users, part 1, 244,8 MB, 12 min 01 sec

It was the first time that Ronja got fucked in the ass by some users. First she widened her asshole with the dildo... later she got real hard cocks with good cum juice!

What do you think? It is simply the best method of pregnancy prevention ;-) 

By the way: this video holds notch #7 in the hit list of the most popular videos in our shop.

Ronja's bareback mass insemination without birth control in a Munich hotel room, part 4 , 244,5 MB, 12 min 00 sec

Yesterday Ronja started a poll via twitter: "Who thinks that I have fun having sex?" There are already  few replies and people say that she has. Mostly they mention her videos as an evidence. Anyway. It is really obvious: here in the fourth part of our last bareback gangbang and insemination session we had together by now, sou certainly would recognize if she would play act. After several hours of nonstop mass insemination by numerous users. But instead she is still hot, getting her cunt filled with sticky creampies and one of the guys eats all of the cum from her pussy afterwards, not forgetting Ronja's asshole. Well, if she stil likes having sex as a professional hooker I can not tell. But here she obviously had. But judge for yourselves...

We were invited to accompany TV Sina to the porn theater Planet X in Ludwigshafen, 244,8 MB, 12 min 01 sec

TV SIna had invited us to Ludwigshafen that we can show our users how she prefers to spend her leisure time. It was pretty interesting. She even was able to activate a sizable amount of guys who came to the porn theater to unload their cum in her mouth and ass ;-) We heared that SIna is planning to organize an event in the DocMasters. There is really nothing better to do, regarding that shitty weather...

Ronja's bareback mass insemination without birth control in a Munich hotel room, part 3 , 250,0 MB, 12 min 49 sec

Even in the third part there is a huge quantity of fresh cum juice which gets pumped into Ronja's cunt. She enjoys getting filled by one after another, talking dirty and longing for more cum in her pussy. She does a good job with it. One of the guys must have cum about three times, just in this episode. Accordingly the creampie was nicely white and foamy. We really had a ball in that Munich hotel room. 

Ronja's bareback mass insemination without birth control in a Munich hotel room, part 2 , 330,4 MB, 16 min 13 sec

So, since the last update was already 12 days ago, due to our trip to Italy, we now bring to you the second part of the high-pressure gangbang-insemination of Ronja's fertile cunt in a hotel room not far from Munich. No birth control, just filthy bareback fucking! Well, everyday life with Ronja was indeed a pain in the ass, but one thing is undoubted: She is a horny bareback slut. Once and forever! Look at this: First a few guys unloaded their sticky cum inside her slutty cunt, then it was my turn. That has always been a hot feeling, especially she talked dirty while being fucked. After at least another pint of fresh semen had been pumped directly into her pussy, in addition to mine, she enjoyed letting it dribble out before she kneeled down to lick all cum lakes and stains off the Latex Cover to swallow it completely. With other words:naturally-spoiled and horny or just worth an oscar. It is now up to you to judge !

Ronja's bareback mass insemination without birth control in a Munich hotel room, part 1, 249,2 MB, 12 min 14 sek

Well, that's the way she is: you never know what Ronja thinks or does in the next moment. So she fucked the users that day completely without birth control and got some nice huge cum loads into her fertile pussy. We have taken four parts of that, because there was a big run of fuckers that day which did not cease until the evening. There was fresh cum every few minutes. At last she must have gotten qualms on her own, because the next day the cunt was out of bounds. Butinstead of filling her pussy, the guys had the chance to blast off in her ass for the first time ever in Ronja's career. Of course we caught that anal gangbang on camera, too. You can already download it in the shop and it will be available here in the members' area soon...

Alone with the black maid, 177,0 MB, 11 min 00 sec

As promised we hurried to get the video ready for you ASAP. The Twitter-followers among you have already seen some "nearly-live" pictures. Now here is the video in full length. I had asked you before the rethoric question what to do on such a lousy day. Well at last I was convinced it would not turn out to be that lousy as long you have your charming and horny black maid in company... 

Now here we go... Have fun!

Raid bareback gangbang with Ronja and Jessi, part 8 of 8, 301,9 MB, 14 min 49 sec

This is the 8th and last episode of that hot bareback gangbang with Ronja and CumJessi in the DocMasters porn theater in Ludwigsburg. Although Jessi already had prepared to leave because she thought it was over after her action in the glory hole cabin , and Marcus and I were pretty hungry, Ronja had decided to suck off the last drops of cum from the rest of the cocks. Here her cum-drenched fertile pussy gets fingered while she sucks off all cocks in a row and plays with the cum with pleasure.

Unfortunately my video-camera’s battery got empty after approximately three hours of non-stop-gangbang, so I missed to film how an Arab guy fucked Ronja hardly for about 20 minutes on the mat, before he dumped the last cum-load of the day in her jitted cunt – which indeed was not on birth control at that time. But therefore I grabbed my photo camera just in time to shoot a nice gallery, which is coming up soon…

Raid bareback gangbang with Ronja and Jessi, part 7 of 8, 254,5 MB, 12 min 30 sec

Here ist the 7th part of the bareback gangbang which got interrupted by a police raid. At the time where these scenes were taken, the party had been already lasting for over three hours (including the raid). Well, recently Ronja posted via Twitter, that she "always found your cum disgusting". Now, here you can see how much she had to bring herself to fuck and suck off all the guys in that porn theater ;-) Poor girl. She really must have been forced to do such disgusting things, as you can clearly tell from the viero ;-). By the way: we just found out that she has a profile at "Kaufmich", which is an advertising bulletin board for professional whores and suitors, ahich she had already installed on 1012/11/01.  Now it is clear why the cops started a raid for suspicion of prostitution. We are curious what is about to be unveiled next, but for now we wish you fun with judging wheather (or not) Ronja played at being so animalistic and horny. Whoever has seen the video ist invited to sign our guestbook and tell us his or her opinion... We are curious of your response... 

Test-fuck of gangbang interested girl Simone, 117,5 MB, 05 min 46 sec

As announced, here is the video from my test-fuck with the 23-year-old sales girl. We ask you to be lenient towards us, as the video only has about half of the normal length, but fucking and filming alone and at a time is not that easy, hoho... And because she is really firm and tight, her pussy got filled a little faster than I had planned... Simone really wants to have a ball with us, therefore we will plan a party with her soon. But before we do so, we would like to hear your opinion, after you get a first impression of her watching the video... 

Raid bareback gangbang with Ronja and Jessi, part 6 of 8, 244,5 MB, 12 min 00 sek

In the sixth part of the video series of the nasty bareback gangbang with the well-known fuck mattresses Ronja (this time she was fucking completely without birth control) who let all guys blast off in her fertile pussy, and CUm-Jessi, there is again a lot of action.

First Jessi is sucking off a few more hard cocks through two opposing glory holes and then she sais goodbye to the guys. Meanwhile Ronja had grabbed the remaining 15 guys from the bar downstairs, to get some more fresh cum pumped into her pussy. Jessi, who first thought that the gangbang was over, was quite surprised when she found Ronja fucking again. But Ronja just starts getting into her stride, greedily she lets her holes be refueled...

Raid bareback gangbang with Ronja and Jessi, part 5 of 8, 244,5 MB, 12 min 00 sek

There it is, the police raid at the bareback gangbang! Right in the beginning the girls still are sucking a few cocks, to go over to the bar for a break, with filled pussies and cum-covered faces: Just at the moment, when Helmut was wiping the dried cum stains with a cloth and a can of Sagrotan, and Ronja is posing with the "old horny Turkish fucker" who dumped a fat load inside her bareback pussy, when Jessi suddenly gets a trembling and calm voice: "oohh, Polizei!" At once the cops with their white and blue caps came running upstairs and called for the owner to switch on the lights. It was somehow reminding of old German Democratic Republic times... Oh, my god! Jessi had No ID in her purse... The female cops put on their examination gloves and searched her bag... ;-)

While Ronja went to the bar downstairs to have a after-fuck-drink with her international bunch of seeders, we others went to the glory hole cabin with Jessi. Jessy first wanted to get some more fillings of cum, just to forget the police and to cool down from the harressment... After three or four cum-loads the raid was forgotten...

Raid bareback gangbang with Ronja and Jessi, part 4 of 8, 268,9 MB, 12 min 00 sek

And here it is: the 4th part of our bareback gangbang which got interrupted by the cops:... LOL! The cum is running out of my pussy. Jessy is playing with cum which got sqiurted into her mouth and the mass of guys around us is enormous! All are standing around the fuck mattress and want to dump a load inside our hot bareback slut pussies... ANd we let them... But there are still some guys who are completely dressed, looking dumb... oh man... ;-D What a luck that Jessy is there!!! ;-D

Raid bareback gangbang with Ronja and Jessi, part 3 of 8, 268,9 MB, 13 min 125 sec

And here ist the third part of our hot bareback gangbang party with about 60, mostly unknown, guys in the porn theater, where we got disturbed by the police.!! Jessy and I on the mat and the boys standing around... Jessy is such a cool bitch! I always have fun watching how she tells the guys what she wants in her uncomplicated way!! But it is also quite amazing that in spite of her directness sthere still are some guys who just don't realize what is going on and stand around, staring like cattle... Oh man!! But fortunately some of you are not zombies and know how to fuck two bareback sluts! SOme otherskeep standing around, don't even take their pants off and even get cheeky... So, guys: you can do it better! To those of you who supported our gangbang with their hot fresh cum: Thank you very much and best regards! We are looking forward to the next time! Kisses to you! ;-D And Jessy, you are a cool BITCH! Greetings Ronja

Raid bareback gangbang with Ronja and Jessi, part 2 of 8, 222,4 MB, 10 min 55 sec

Cum4Jessy! As the name tells it: Jessy needs cumcumcum!! ;-D To me it is always a pleasure to watch other women how they are longing for cum-loaded cocks. Jessy is an extreme hot and cum-addicted bitch. But, gentlemen, you do not have to be scared! She won`t bite you... if you are nice and pump your sperm into her pussy!!! Is it possible that it is too extreme for some of you guys? LOL ... Because when I look around in that porn theater there are always men who just stand around with their hands in their pockets, staring at us. They don't even take their cock out of their pants. Just as if we were aliens... Boys, let me tell you one thing: this is not what I really like! I like guys who just relax and fuck my dirty bareback holes, fill them with hot fresh cum! So JOIN! We tell you what to do, don't worry! So come on: take your pants off, show your dick and... push him inside to leave a load...  Kisses Ronja Fox  

Raid bareback gangbang with Ronja and Jessi, part 1 of 8, 246,9 MB, 12 min 07 sek

HAHA! And here it is: the first part of our raid gangbang party with Ronna Fox and Cum4Jessy. The video has been freshly uploaded with high (HD) quality now. Jessy and I are simply unstoppable every time we party together! ;-D In advance I had announced our action in the event blog and...no surprise that there was a big bunch of guys who wanted to party with us downstairs in the bar before we were going uostairs to fuck them... hihi! Yes, write on me! And watch me!!! Like hungry wolves all men are staring at us!... I like that, it makes me really hot! ;-D Ronja Fox

Bareback Gangbang with Ronja and other girls in the Skyrooms, part 1, 230,0 MB, 11 min 25 sec

Haha! The safer and bareback party in the Skyrooms in the center of Stuttgart. All those who did not dare to enter the house, because it is located in the middle of Stuttgart, have missed something! Tough luck! ;-D And whoever ais that you can't mix safer and bareback at one party, simply does not know better. It is well possible! Although I don't like or use rubbers, It does not mean that I force anyone else to do the same. Everyone shall do like he or she likes! Everything is possible! Everything is possible! This means: live and let live and share a good time. Prejudice and judgement is the wrong thing in sexual concerns! The most important thing is: everyone has fun and joy doing what he or she does. And it is simply divine when different people meet to have fun togehter! Greetings XXX Ronja Fox

Bareback fuck with users in a wellness hotel in Cologne, 261,0 MB, 12 min 59 sec

Hello Cologne guys! I love to be in Cologne every now and then. It is Germany's gay capitol;-) But nevertheless there are also hot and tasty hetero / bisexual guys! A hot ambulance man did not want to miss the date with me and stopped by at our hotel to see me and to squirt into my tasty little cunt pleasurably before his night shift started! ;-D And then there was that sweet guy from Karlsruhe, who had come to Cologne just to see - and fuck - me. He plucked up courage because he desperately wanted to cum in my pussy.. LOL.. although I literally live around the corner from his place, Stuttgart is about half an hour from his home town. Anyway! Thank you for your cum, my dear! Best and hot greetings to all of my Cologne boys!!! I am already looking forward to my next Cologne trip! Have fun with the video! ;-) Ronja xxx 

Boat Tour with Vicky (Schokobebe) and Ronja, part 2, 159,2 MB, 07 min 49 sec

I have just masturbated. I got horny because I have watched something that inspired me and made me hot. I have seen a documentation where successful, intelligent women talk frankly about sex, men and orgasms. I can only agree with these women. http://www.spiegel.tv/#/filme/intimzonen-1/ Concerning sex you can learn a lot about yourself if you admit it. Sex, as far as I think, is a motor that pushes us forward. A motor, that makes us think about many things. It is not just: Cock hard, cock into cunt, in and out, blast off inside and that's it. Even at our parties it is not that way. Of course it is not about love and love relationships, when we meet for a gangbang-party. But of course it is so, that different people get together and talk. Takl about sex. People who share their experiences, talk about their wishes. At our parties we sometimes discuss topics you normally would not discuss with strangers. This is interesting and of course hot! It is kind of a widening of our horizons. And we do not have to be ashamed of it. We can be proud that we dare to explore the mystic part of our existence. Kisses - Ronja

Bareback gangbang in the porn theater with Ronja and Schokobebe, part 3, 187,0 MB, 09 min 20 sec

Meanwhile it has been six years that we are being nasty together. In that period there were at least 1000 different men dumping their cum inside her sloppy holes. You could figure that this is getting boring with the time. But in fact it is the opposite: Not only that bareback-slut Ronja is getting more and more tabooless - for more than a year she has taken gallons of cum from strangers even into her asshole through a funnel - also the situations are getting hotter and hotter. It is not only in porn theaters, just like in this third part of the bareback gangbang with Schokobebe, who also let every possible cock dump his load inside her pink fuck holes, but also on the beach in Croatia or Cap d'Agde, where she spreads her legs for everyone who wishes to squirt his seed inside her. (By the way, since I have gotten the taste, I lay down underneath every now and then to watch one after the other pump his cum ihto her cum-depot.) In the upcoming season we will definitely come to Cap d'Agde again, maybe we will take a hot girl-friend with us. In 2013 we will also come to Croatia, Berlin, Cologne, Munich and many other places where we hope to meet lots of you. Of course we will inform you here on time so you will be able to join us.


Whoever watches this video carefully may notice that Ronja did not really like to see my hard cock fuck the cum out of Schokobebe's tight pink pussy. But an international bareback fuckslut needs to have a matching bareback seeding cock. That's why you will see me here with more and different cum sluts than ever from now on. But first I whish you a lot of fun with this video. At the look of Ronja's jizzed pussy, which is swollen from all of the cocks, I bet your cum will start to boil in your balls. At least mine does;-) Greetings Alex

Bareback gangbang in the porn theater with Ronja and Schokobebe, part 2, 277,1 MB, 13 min 36 sec

And here we already are in the middle of the action! The juices are flowing! The bodies are wet and full of oil and sweat... The guys want to cum again... and again... and they really tried hard ;-) And they tried to squeeze the last drop of cum out of their balls just to jizz us cum-bitches fairly decent... This is a hot fucking, just as I like it best! And there he was: a good looking tattooed guy was standing at the door and just let hang his cock out of his zipper. Normally I don't like when a guy keeps his pants on. But this time I found that it looked hot and daring and I thought to myself that I wanted to make that cock cum as well! And, what can I say? I did. KISS Ronja   

Boat Tour with Vicky (Schokobebe) and Ronja, part 1, 173,8 MB, 8 min 32 sec

Well... Alex could not wait until he stuck his cock into the black pussy of Vicky!!! Basically we had planned to first meet and get to know each other and talk... but Alex had a different secret plan: He first wanted to stick his cock into Vicky, because he desperately wanted to fill this black bareback cunt with his hot seed! And he succeeded! Of course!!! My mood got better and better when we had gotten in actin and afterwards all was relaxed... Typical male, what else can I say? By the way: Uli, Vickys husband, is telling other people that I am a bad persin!!! YES, ULI! I AM THE MOST DANGEROUS CUM SUCKER!!! SO BETTER TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!! XXX Ronja

Alex fucked me and our black maid on the yacht, part 3, 113,0 MB, 15 min 26 sec

Did I already tell you that our black maid Deborah was not on birth control??? We noticed that after our fuck session with her, because she told us later, not before... Lol!!! And I had cheered Alex so much to blast off inside her pussy... oh man... we would have been a patchwork family. Basically it is important to provide a good home and education for the children. It does not really matter how the kid was begotten. Of course I count out crimes here. But, honestly: this country Germany needs a lot more kids, kids who descend from German citizens exceptionally... Laugh! I a forum I certainly would have gotten banned now because this statement could be considered as politically incorrect. It's a matter of interpretation. I am a German girl! And that's OK. And it is my right to articulate my attitude. Doing so, I am always polite, of course that is important! ;-) As you can see I am not xenobhobic, because everyone can fuck me without condom and squirt into my cunt, especially foreigners, no matter where they come from! ;-) But I want to defend my national identity as a German, too! This must be allowed ;-) KISS Ronja xxx

Alex fucked me and our black maid on the yacht, part 2, 138,1 MB, 18 min 52 sec
The black pussy!!! With pink lining!!! Lol!!! The young chocolate girl was very willing and let us do everything we wanted with her. Maybe she had fallen in love with Alex a little.... But I understand that. It is easy to fall in love with him, getting fucked and massaged from inside by his mighty cock.... Deborah, the black butt-beauty with her pink pussy lining. Very sad that this was the only occasion to fuck her. We could have had so much fun with her... and she could have had so much fun with us!!! but there is no way of taking care of another one`s happiness... All blessings to you, Deborah! Sincerely, Alex and Ronja XXX
The black negga pussy fucked, part 1, 123,7 MB, 16 min 54 sec
Deborah, the black pussy from switzerland. She is an exotic fuck-slut, which actually does not keep her appointments. But therefore she got fucked decently by Alex, while I was holding the camera and gave the fucking apes some instructions. Maybe she fell in love with Alex after that fuck... anyway, she keeps calling him every now and then. Originally we wanted to do some hot fuck orgy with her and let you use her pink lining... But that little bitch just did not stay in touch
Porn theater bareback gangbang with Ronja and Schokobebe, part 1, 265,2 MB, 13 min 01 sec


Sloppy bareback gangbang with Ronja and Schokobebe at the lake, part 4, 187,1 MB, 09 min 11 sek
Sloppy bareback gangbang with Ronja and Schokobebe at the lake, part 3, 245,8 MB, 12 min 04 sek

Schokobebe Vicky! A hot bride... exotic chocolate-colored skin! Big tits and a tasty pussy!!!! I can confirm that, because I had the pleasure to eat her out, before the willing men squirted into her cunt! By the way: did you know that women have to pay for sex with men in the Dominican Republic? My goodness! I can not imagine that such a horny slut must pay for sex! ;-D And, my dear Uli, please do not be so mad ;-) We think that our hot barfeback gangbang session at the lake was awesome!!! Alex enjoyed dumping his big cum-load in that black pussy, too! The first day we met he could not wait to fuck her. Alex was so hot for Schokobebe, that I got really jealous...... But luckily the bunch of members who had appeared at the public sex place at the lake that day, filled my pussy and mouth a little later! This was a pleasure and 10 to the power of spassfucktor!

Sloppy bareback gangbang with Ronja and Schokobebe at the lake, part 2, 218,7 MB, 10 min 44 sec

Schokobebe and Vicky had a good time... First I ate her out a bit and afterwards the hung guys took care of us! A fuck orgy like this, with a second woman and many horny guys is just fun! ;-D In the sun, nasty public outdoor sex! When my bareback pussy had gotten filled up by some cum-loads, one of the gentlemen wanted me to sit on his face... well... facesitting means all of the messy creampie running out of my cunt and into his mouth! I did it anyway! ;-D And while I was sitting on that guy's face, feeling the cum of about 10 fuckers drip out of my slut-hole on his tongue, I watched Schokobebe getting fucked.... Thank you to the gentlemen who supplied us so well with their sperm!!! To me that outdoor bareback gangbang was one highlight out of many, which took place this year by now! And I have tofeel like having to mention that 90 % of all guys who have fucked me this year, were really cute, well-groomed and sporty! That way you only can get hot! ;-D XXX

Outdoor bareback gangbang in July at the lake, part 3, 176,8 MB, 10 min 08 sek
OK, my skin was completely oiled and there was a queue of 15 to 20 men. To start I wanted to get the hot black cock. I sat on the black prick and started to ride on him for a while... Unfortunately he did not want to cum inside my slutty bareback hole... I am very sad about that :-( But therefore a bunch of other fuckers dared ;-D So, guys: My pussy is a pussy example, as my gynecologist always sais... And I can always repeat it: Dry fucking is not healthy! A gangbang is: collective fucking! The fucker does not need to fuck a long time, he dumps his load quickly inside my cum depot and lets the next guy in row proceed with filling me up! That's a real GANGBANG!!! Group fucking, not to say crowd fucking, where the hot cum dumpster (me)
Outdoor bareback gangbang in July at the lake, part 2, 177,7 MB, 10 min 11 sec
In the beginning, to be honest, I was a little bit upset because there were some swinger couples who know me and who don't like that I fuck every guy in the world without condom! Full of complexes as they are, they thought they must complain and disturb our bareback gangbang creampie session by yelling in. I feel so sorry for them. But when I want to have a nice afternoon at the lake with raw cocks in my pussy, I don't need such people around me... Anyway, there also were some gentlemen  who brought me back to horny mode ;-D Especially the one BLACK MAN... arr arr !!! An American..hihi... with an awesome big black cock, and the rest of his body was pretty handsome too ;-) And this black cock was the first cock I had in my mouth and in my hot bareback pussy for that day! After my oil session in the beginning I had gotten in mood... what happened then? check it out. There will even be a third episode... XXX Ronja ;-) 
Outdoor bareback gangbang in July at the lake, part 1, 166,0 MB, 09 min 31 sec

The full blooded woman is out(door) again! With my dirndl blouse and my Roman-sandals I looked pretty sturdy. My big thoroughbred woman`s boops were sticking out of my blouse, when we walked down the path from the parking lot to our beach area where we usually do our bareback gangbangs. Some willing boys were already waiting there. As a full blooded woman I certainly did not stay dressed for long. Above all it was a beautiful sunny day and the green grass in the sun invited me almost to make a little warmup-round with massage oil. By the way: there are some cool pictures of me on twitter. My guys on the other continent have literally devoured me virtually with their eyes... Next part is coming up in a few days.... Ronja XXX

Sloppy bareback gangbang with Ronja and Schokobebe at the lake, part 1, 185,2 MB, 09 min 35 sec

Schokobebe and Ronja Fox (I) were out at the lake with our spouses on a sunny thursday afternoon in the nude area. I wore my cool leather-and-chain-outfit and Schokobebe wore a black bra combination. With her chocolate brown skin and her long black hair she represents a hot contrast to me in the sun! Already during that session I was looking forward to see the pictures and videos, being excited how hot they are going to be...hihi! Our members did not let us wait a long time until they were standing around us with their hard big cocks. I were nasty and started making out with Schokobebe to turn on the guys even more. I ate her pussy, I fingered her, sticking my hot ass up so every man could easily see my glistening pussy in the sunshine. Then it happened: the first one blasted off! Onto the meadow! That aimpressed me and made me even hornier! Part two is coming up soon!.. Kiss Ronja XXX

My 2nd bareback gangbang at Spermagames, part 3, 149,5 MB, 08 min 58 sec

Spermagames! The name says it all! ;-D And I definitely know why ;-) Boys! I really liked how you all fucked my and filled my cunt with loads of messy cumshots! Gladly I presented you my hot ass so you could fill my wet pussy from behind one after the other! Praise to the Spermagames Team: Your philosophy fits perfectly. The white room, as well as the other rooms, is equipped and furnitured pretty cool. That's another reason to stay upstairs even longer. But also the nice waiter with the built arms is an entertainer ;-D Here's an info to everyone: Spermagames will be moving closer to Stuttgart. I like that because then I will be able to be there more often ;-) Greetings and See you soon!RonjaXXX

My 2nd bareback gangbang at Spermagames, part 2, 162,0 MB, 09 min 17 sec

SPERMAGAMES in REICHELSHEIM! Once again it was a cum-flowing bareback party! The men all were very horny. My perverted boyfriend Alex wanted to lay down underneath me again, when all the messy cum that was squirted into my cunt by many strangers' cocks came running out again. Warm and fresh it came flowing out and he swallowed a lot of mixed cum from all of you guys! The white room in Reichelsheim was crowded with wild animals who regularly go to work as human beings to earn their money. But that night they had given themselves a time-out and put their libidinal and animalistic instincts on display! That does good! XXX Ronja ;-)

My 2nd bareback gangbang at Spermagames, part 1, 156,4 MB, 08 min 58 sec

It wa my second bareback gangbang at Spermagames. The first one had not beenn filmed, but this time Alex had his cameraand once again he proved that it is no problem to fuck and film at a time, hihi ;-)

Anyway, he plugged that little Sarah Ann onto his huge hard cock and filld her big time in the first round ;-) Meanwhile I acted as fluffer girl and sucked the cocks until they were hard enough for a nice bareback fuck - and I held the camera for a while... But then I grabbed the roundabout 20 guys who were standing around that scene and took them to the "white room" where they gave me their white cum in my pink pussy ;-)

A member jizzed my pussy from behind, oudoor in the forest, 205,9 MB, 11 min 48 sec

Nasty outdoor fucking with our user Wolle, who is very allegiant to us! Kisses for you! It was a small get-together, actually. An other user had to give notice that he was not able to appear...but that did not really matter. Thus, we met at the Stuttgart TV tower on the parking lot and we waited a little while. It was a little chaotic, because Alex and I had different conceptions of how the session should be. But Wolle could easily cope with that ;-) He finally fucked me leaning against a tree in the forest next to a path where joggers kept passing all the time! Laugh! Alex was defiant and therefore he did not want to fuck me, too! Oh, man! This was too bad! But Wolle pumped a nice Creampie into my pussy! By the way: in the beginning, when I sucked his cock while we still were on the parking lot, a colleague at work drove by and saw me sucking another man's cock...hihi! It was fun!


Greetings Ronja 

Impressions from the Torture Ship 2012, part 1, 180,6 MB, 10 min 21 sek

The Torture Ship! What a nasty event! It's THE fetish event on Lake Constance! Who would have thought that? Laugh ;-) In the so-called dark room I had a ball! Later, when I had gotten appetite from all these hung guys, I went there to get fucked without condom! All men who wanted jizzed my pussy with big cum-loads, one after the other. At least 10 guys came deep inside, till it came running out! ;-D

Creampie juice for the hot barebackers in public - Outdoor Creampie gangbang with Ronja, part 4, 192,2 MB, 11 min 01 sec

Take it easy! Do not take yourself too serious! be prepared to make fun so we all have have fun! That's the difference between us and most of the others. Yes, I mean you too! I think it's cool that there are so many men who understand what Alex and I are doing and why we do it, and who have the guts to fuck with us! Nobody is perfect! That´s the fact! But a Members' Event ore just a date with me and you is perfect as long everyone can act naturally and behave like he feels. This is what I want! Kiss Ronja and Alex

Creampie juice for the hot barebackers in public - Outdoor Creampie gangbang with Ronja, part 3, 188,1 MB, 10 min 47 sec

The gentlemen had big loads to offer! ANd finally one of our members appeared late... a very young one! He had been looking for us along the lakeshore for two hours!  And for sure he did find us in the end and found my  already creamed pussy open and ready for his hard young cock! When I do a members' event, I wish that the time which I announce in the members' area are observed. Laggards who arrive not only 2, but 4 hours late might have tough luck, because after 4 hours mostly the "show" is over as the balls are empty and my pussy is full! I am not a skivvy, who waits until the gentlemen condescend to appear. Everyone can inform himself in our members' area and come in order to cum ;-)


Creampie juice for the hot barebackers in public - Outdoor Creampie gangbang with Ronja, part 2, 2, 201,8 MB, 11 min 34 sec

Yes, I know: there are not so many men whose girlfriend lets everyone fuck her without condom! But 31% of the german Hetero-men under 40 like to have her spouse's pussy jizzed with cum from other guys... and even 73% of the women do it.. of course not the way Ronja does it, in plain public  and with 50 guys at a time. But all the more clandestinely with their lover, or, at the best, with acquaintance of the husband with their gallant. Well, each to their own... But now for something completely different ;-) No more time for writing long texts! We have to leave because we are about to meet some users whose cum will lube her pussy for tomorrow's bareback gangbang at spermagames...

Creampie juice for the hot barebackers in public - Outdoor Creampie gangbang with Ronja, part 1, 230,3 MB, 13 min 12 sec

Creampie-Fox is out, looking for some more cock and cum! Ronja has to be patient. There were more than 20 hung guys around with their balls full of hot fresh cum, but first they were kind of shy. They seem not to fuck every bareback slut they can get... But looking at Ronja posing in nude and playing with her tits and pussy, they could not resist long. So my bareback pussy got filled in the end!!!

Cum-Jessy and Ronja on their first common interracial bareback tour through various porn theaters, part 5, 154,1 MB, 08 min 50 sec

I am so thankful that we have our horny and loyal members! Many thanks to all of you randy bucks, for being so faithful and always hot! At last, when whe had fucked the guts out of the guys, we went to the Steak house around the corner for our well-deserved dinner, still having cum dripping out of our gashes! I was still wearing my cum-drenched black lace corsage and Jessy is flashy anyway, with her monster boops! Real big knockers, hihi! At first we talked gently, but later we forgot everything around us and told our funniest fuck stories! LAUGH! All the people at the tables around got big eyes  and stopped their conversation and so we soon were the only ones who talked, hihi! You should have seen their faces! But no ne seemed to be harrassed, everyone had a big smile on his face!!

Cum-Jessy and Ronja on their first common interracial bareback tour through various porn theaters, part 2, 4, 175,6 MB, 10 min 04 sec

Cum-Jessy deserves her name. She really is cum-addicted! She is just a BITCH! Even to me, Ronja, it is hard to describe... No sooner had we sucked off the young blokes and stored their sperm in our wet holes than we went on into the next porn theater in Stuttgart, hoping to get more! When we arrived at the Dr. Müller porn theater we noticed that the whole schmear had seen its better days: There were times when we got offeres a piccolo or two. Today we do not even get a glass of water. WHAT A DUMP! Stinks and only has to offer strange ugly guys... if there had not been our members, who had followed us around. Just like that big black cock, who took the chance and filled Jessys cum-depot twice in a row ;-)  

Cum-Jessy and Ronja on their first common interracial bareback tour through various porn theaters, part 2, 3, 169,2 MB, 09 min 42 sec

In the dark porn theater we were getting hotter and hotter. At first there were not so many boys... but after a while, as I looked around, I noticed that some nice hard cocks had arrived who wanted to dip inside us ;-) But we only take the tasty ones ;-) A little photo shooting in a seperate room were I put my bunny-ears on (hihi) resulted in a gorgeous picture for my Twitter account.. And of course there were some cum loads for our bareback pussies... to be continued!

Cum-Jessy and Ronja on their first common interracial bareback tour through various porn theaters, part 2, 174,5 MB, 10 min 00 sec

Cum-Jessy and I met at the DocMasters XXX theater in Ludwigsburg, and I had announced that in our members' area earlier, as I always do. But unfortunately this time it was a little bit on short notice, because we all did not really know much time in advance if it would work out. Thank goodness! Cum-Jessy turned out to have time and so they came along to visit us... and to check out if the guys around Stuttgart can fuck good! SO we soon entered the dark and dirty cave, were already some well-known faces waited for me! More will be cumming up soon.... 

Cum-Jessy and Ronja on their first tour though various porn theaters, part 1, 171,0 MB, 09 min 48 sec

Cum-Jessy is a completely crazy bitch ;-) Hot and nasty! It was the first time that we met to go on a "cum collection" together. They both (her husband, too!) are really cool guys! Cum-Jessy is extremely into cum! Incredible!

Ronjas bareback gangbang with ExtremeSusi's users in Suhl, part 2, 192,5 MB, 11 min 02 sec

Where the hell are ExtremeSusi and HotAssAngel? Never mind! Anyway, the last cum-shots are being sucked out of the cocks in that episode! MMMM! Yummmie! Laugh! Once I have started I am unstoppable! All or nothing! Well, I want it all, and I want it now! Squeezing the last drop of cum from the cocks with my cunt and mouth!! Well, I really don't know, but if I were one of these guys, I would have been very pleased to get the chance to fuck that bitch! Laugh! Because Ronja knows how to have fun!!! KISS

Ronjas bareback gangbang with ExtremeSusi's users in Suhl, part 1, 199,2 MB, 11 min 25 sek

Willing Bulls all around me - ExtremeSusi and Sweetassangel in the other room... I had to take advantage from that situation! And so I told the boys that I wanted to get fucked decently without condom! At first they did not really believe me, but then they got easy and gave me their cum into my pussy, one after the other! And I got pretty hot while getting it! ARRRR ARRRR! ;-D  

Extremsusi and SweetASSAngel at the hotel room having bareback anal sex with a user, 99,1 MB, 5 min 41 sec

While i had a conversation with the boys in the other room, Alex took his camera and happened to witness a take ;-) The poor young man was pretty stressed because he kept getting directors' instructions from Susi's husband all the time, as Alex told me later... Even ExtremeSusi and HotAssAngel seemed to have a hard job trying to squeeze him out... If I had to be in that situation, I certainly would have stayed completely dry! We don't need a script or stage direction while we fuck! But I admire how brave the young man stood the shooting. He did a good job. And we have filmed a nice girl-guy-girl-threesome bareback assfuck!

Extremsusi, SweetASSAngel and Ronja at the hotel room bareback gangbang, part 2, 209,1 MB, 11 min 59 sec

EXTREMESUSI, SWEETASSANGEL and me, having fun! Laugh! What a wild fucking! The guys were really over-stimulated! "Where should I put my cock first?? Which slut am I going to fuck next?" That were the questions the guys must have been in mind! But for me, the creampie-slut, it was pretty clear that it was my cunt where the cum will be injected! ;-D And I got a respectable dose of cum inside, you bet! ALex was pleased to push the cum-mixture deeper inside! EXTREMESUSI and I had a lot of fun, that's for sure!

ExtremSusi, SweetASSAngel and Ronja- all three at once, 181,2 MB, 10 min 23 sec

The MyDirtyHobby girls and I on a bed with four other guys! Laugh! What a mess! The boys first did not really know where to start. And somehow Ronja solved their problem and got a nice cum-load into her pussy! You can hardly tell exactly what the others did! Basically it was a hot view! Three bitches on a bed! But somehow the atmosphere was different than it usually is when Ronja spreads her legs to get fucked bareback...hihi.. well.. it surely was a genuine amateur porno shooting! LAUGH! The action which was about to follow that scene was the best!

The baroness hires a new butler, part 4 of 4, 224,2 MB, 134,6 MB, 7 min 43 sec

And now the cum is flowing! The The baron's cum. He climbs the back of his baroness-mare and swuirts his hot cum into her wet pussy. Mr. Butler did a good job preparing her and so the baron's big wire cock slips easily into her cunt. This was one of our dates with a user in a hotel. Mr. Butler had booked the hotel room and told us when and where and we just met. It is that easy to meet Ronja ;-) Kiss - the sluttiest bareback bitch   

The baroness hires a new butler, part 3 of 4, 224,2 MB, 148,0 MB, 08 min 29 sek

Pre-cum starts dripping out of the Butler's cock as he gets horny to fuck his baronessHe can hardly wait to ram his huge cock into her tight pussy! But the baroness is not willing to admit. For the moment she thinks that it is sufficient to test the cock: how does he taste? How does he feel inside her mouth?) Because in future the nasty baroness wants to suck a tasty cock every now and then. This also is one of her passions!

The baroness hires a new butler, part 2 of 4, 224,2 MB, 12 min 51 sec

Once again, sexy Baroness lets her new butler know that she only accepts pure cocks without condom in her cunt! Who the hell wants to fuck with condom? "No way, I only fuck without condom!", baroness Ronja thinks by herself, while her butler caresses her back and butt and applies smooth oil onto her hot natural body. The tits are not to be forgotten, too! Also her big and stout tits need an awesome oil massage! And while massaging his baroness, the butler gets horny too. You can tell it from the pre-cum that is dripping out of his huge hard cock... ;-) 

The baroness hires a new butler, part 1 of 4, 174,5 MB, 10 min 00 sec

So, well. And now for something completely different... A kind of video that you surely have not seen before... at least as far as I am concerned ;-) I think it is hot, and although I sometimes don't like to hear my dialect, I think my improvised text is pretty cool ;-) I am acting a horny baroness  who is looking for a new butler, who certainly has to serve as a sex servant too. Hans also showed good skills as an actor while Alex kept laughing behind his camera all the time!  But I have to admit that I did not suffer a hard time acting a horny and fucking baroness... In real life I am not a baroness.... but I love to fuck!!!! 

Bareback gangbang and Bukkake session with two hot girls in the Skyrooms, part 2, 174,5 MB, 10 min 00 sec

Good Thossy did a well job with his speech towards the gentlemen who had appeared to the party. ;-) Quickly we ate some bites, then we went to the fuck cave... I kneeled down between door and mattress and the men gave me their huge hard cocks from all around and made me suck them. They jizzed my face and tits with their big cum loads... and the other girl got such a big, fat creampie in her wet and willing cunt that it came dripping out messy and creamy by the gallon ;-) And as there are lots of other interesting toys to discover in the skyrooms, Alex did not miss to test one of them: He hung some heavy pieces of rock on his balls! Man oh man, Alex!!! Just take care so you don't wreck something... I still need all of it! But nothing went wrong, dominatrix Katharina had prepared his scrotum perfectly.. See in the video what Alex had to say about the weights which were hanging on his balls!! Laugh! 

Bareback gangbang and Bukkake session with two hot girls in the Skyrooms, part 1, 10 min 53 sec

Wednesday Thossy from the gangbang forum asked us, if we were able to help out on short notice on the ensuing thursday. Unfortunately a girl had gotten sick (we hope she is healthy and doing well again) and therefore we appealed to Thossy. Fortunately we did so! Because that party was a pretty cool event. Sadly I had to keep my pussy clear from cocks that night, but nevertheless I got loady of cum onto my big natural tits. And for the first time a real slave had to lick up the cum from my body. An experienced dominatrix made him do so, she used him as cum cleaner. He sucked and licked the cum juice from six or seven other horny guys from my stout tits! This was really amazing and even I started to get respect for dominatrix Katharina, because she had a certain charism. She was just dominant ;-) She gave me her telephone number and... we'll see! Maybe I will do my first fuck with a strapon-dildo under her guidance ;-) 

Ronjas first Insemination with a speculum, 170,4 MB, 9 min 496 sec

My allegiant knights, it is my utmost concern to amuse you with this video. Please, don't be bashful in the face of my concupiscence! Watch me longing for something that I can insert into my filthy fuck hole. And be lenient towards me, as it is the first time that I get a stainless steel construction in my cunt in front of the camera. For me it is also a pleasure to watch this video. Which lady can claim for herself to have seen her innermost? In addition, my beloved boyfriend has squirted his com inside me, so that there, inside my pussy, white lake resulted of his cum-shot: a milky lake, which filled me. I felt the hot juice how it filled the bottom of my cunt hole. Oooh, yes... that warmth from inside, which also was wet and gave my crotch a sperm aroma. So, my dear knights, imagine what a hot feeling it was. Sexy baroness

Private games on the yacht with Ronja and Alex, 164,9 MB, 9 min 27 sec

When you are relaxing on your private yacht... nude and free of sorrow... it is warm and you are enjoying togetherness... that's a good time to give your boyfriend a nice footjob ;-D Well, you might be amazed, but every now and then Ronja does different than being fucked by a crowd, getting her cunt filled from many guys' cum. Instead she is employing her feet, caressing a cock until he gets hard. I personally think that this movie is hot... because it stimulates the imagination... Of course we did not have the camera recording the whole scene ;-) Sometimes we also want to have our private amusement...lol... 

Bukkake in black lace corsage, part 2, 101,1 MB, 13 min 49 sec

And here's the second part of the BUKKAKE session in my black lace corsage! This once again was a hot outfit! ;-D It is just pure fun to dress up nasty and then suck and fuck all cocks you can get like a whore! By the way: yesterday we were at Anja and Artur's fuck party at the O-Bar in Heilbronn. There we had a blast once more, I believe this time was the best ever by now, not only because there were some young cocks who dared to attend such a party for the first time...and to squirt their cum into an (uncontracepted) bareback cunt like mine! First I did not really want to have sex... but then, after a few Aperol Spritz, I suddenly had gotten horny! ANd I needed it badly!!! RRR! I needed some meters of cock inside my pussy and I desired to get banged hardly! So I let every man fuck me until my pussy was flowing over with white foamy cum! Unfortunately we did not take videos or pictures from that event...that's why I tell you about it here...every now and then we do sessions where we do not take pictures or video, just like yesterday ;-D CU soon, yours sincerely, Ronja the bareback slut

Bukkake in black lace corsage, part 1 93,1 MB, 12 min 50 sec

Cool outfit! I should wear it again soon! ;-D The night before the EXTREME-Bukkake-session in the DocMasters porn theater we sat at the table at home and had dinner. I felt the need to make faces. Acting like a fool - that's what I like! By the way: I like people who are not afraid to act like a fool, make faces, put on a charade. There are enough serious things in the world! Let's make things a little bit funny! Cool is to act like a fool and laugh about oneself ;-) By the way: in this video of the EXTREME-Bukkake in the porn theater in Ludwigsburg there is a special scene which is really worth watching! There is a guy who places a really big, white sticky cumshot on my forehead! That was a hot Bukkake session! Greetings to all of the Bukkake fans, Ronja fans, and to all of our readers! Ronja&Alex 

Bareback party in the log cabin with 13 guys, part 2, 230,9 MB, 13 min 14 sec

Another reason why our fuck party was a blast, is that all of the guys were so handsome ;-D Yes, they all were well-groomed, smelled good, were good-humoured, well-hung, horny enough - and had brought a lot of cum-juice! Nicole, I know that you would have liked to suck some cocks, too ;-) hihi... the next time you can have some of these delicious hard cocks, promised... hihi! Our good ole fuck hut always is a cosy place for our messes and this time it also was good to restrict the number of the participants. Otherwise it would have gotten even hotter...puuuuhh.. it was hot enough, nevertheless! So it was the best to run around naked, anyway ;-)  

Bareback party in the log cabin with 13 guys, part 1, 206,5 MB, 11 min 50 sec

Nicole, our bar lady from the DocMasters porn theater, kindly had agreed to take care of the guests and to help with the check-in ;-) Thanks for thet, dear Nicole ;-) And say hello to Doc, if you happen to see him. To my dear guys, who all were there and partied with us, I want to say: You were really cool! In the beginning, there was a certain tension in the air, which actually is quite normal, when the balls are still filled! ;-) But after the first round of hot bareback fucking action the tension had gone and we had a cosy and good time together! And I hope you liked the tasty and delicious panini snacks - I did!

Bareback gangbang with ass insemination: Ronja and Jasna in the XXX theater, part 3, 210 MB, 12 min 02 sec

My ass insemination with a funnel was a great success  ;-D There were many willing guys who squirted their cum-load into our self-constructed ass-funnel, which redsulted in a huge sperm flood in my quite virgin ass! ;-D Hey, Axel, thank you once again for holding the funnel! You really did a good job! After about an hour had passed, Jasna and I had gotten pretty exhausted. Horny Jasna was very pleased that so many men had followed our invitation into the Erdbeermund theater and afterwards we went over to McDumb to get something to eat, because such an action always makes hungry... 

Bareback gangbang with ass insemination: Ronja and Jasna in the XXX theater, part 2, 209,4 MB, 12 min 00 sec

Well, to me it seemed that Jasna had a great time in that adult theater. She really got it good from the boys, who fucked her decently. There was a bunch of members who had come to the porn theater to fuck Jasna without condom and to jerk into my ass through the funnel! Jasna presented her filthy bareback pussy to the gentlemen. Guys, I can tell you that the theater was crowded that night ;-) It was a real hot cum action. My compliment to all of the men, who had hooded their faces and a big compliment to Jasna, who had her first camera-recorded gangbang! Yours, GBRonja  

Bareback gangbang with ass insemination: Ronja and Jasna in the XXX theater, 209,4 MB, 12 min 00 sec

Jasna, a young mother who really had a ball with us! We had met the couple end of september at lake Binsfeld when I fucked all of the hung guys who spent their sunday afternoon at the shore, waiting for a chance to fuck a bareback slut like me! Jasna and her husband were standing next to us and watched the action. Later they asked us if we would let them participate in one of our public bareback gangbangs. And so we invited them to our member-event in the Erdbeermund adult theater. I, Ronja, had planned to get my ass jizzed through a hose sticking in my ass, with a funnel on the far end so that anyone can jerk inside! The theater was crowded! The staff told us that usually on sunday there never are so many people like there were that day. The nice girls at the counter had prepared a bottle of sparkling wine for us, and after a few glasses we entered the cinema-cave. Jasna followed me and we went to the cinema room with the large bed, you could also describe it as "playground";-). And there the fun started... The guys were all standing around us, taking their cocks out. My boyfriend gave a brief introduction of what was about to happen: first let us bitches suck the cocks hard, then fuck  Jasna into her cunt without condom, then squirt into my ass... there even were some guys who must have read my blog entry carefully, because they appeared masked due to the camera exposure... More in the next part... KISS Ronja

Video of Ronjas first anal insemination, 233,2 MB, 13 min 22 sec

I would have never thought that there are so many cum-loaded guys, who would squirt their cum into my asshole! A red ass funnel helped to canalize the cum into my ass! In each and every corner there were people fucking in the back rooms of the Bar that night. Hot-Ela was there too.. After I had walked around checking out what was going on, I laid down on the fuck mattress and held my ass up high. Alex gave me that red funnel and I stuck it into my still virgin asshole very carefully! What a feeling: something ist sticking in my ass! No, It wasn't a turd.. It was the red cum funnel which served as cum canalizer for my cum-jerking friends. The guys where gathering around me and wanked their cocks hard until they blasted off into the funnel and then the white gold ran down into my butt... The cum was running directly into my asshole! Incredible!!! Later my ass was full of your white cum!!! Incredible! Once again I was astonished how much cum the guys had carried into the Bar - and into me that night!

Bareback fuck with Members in porn theater with white lace boots, part 3, 212,3 MB, 12 min 10 sec

Now... I am done ;-) When there were no more fresh guys around, I had enough and I dried my mouth with a cloth. My face was full of cum! One of the fuckers had jerked off a huge and messy cumshot into my face! Nice sticky, gooey cum! ;-D

Delicious! ANd it is good for the skin... but it is itchy... Later I went into the store, still having dried cum on my face and wet cum dripping out of my cunt! I bought some nice outfits and left a lot of money there... so what? It sure was worth it, because just a few days later I wore one of my new outfits at the sex party in the O-Bar! The O-Bar and the Erdbeermund theater really are two of my favorite locations. Because there are always guys who dare to do something with me ;-) For instance they deflowered my ass this time and squirted into my asshole through a large funnel! But wait and see in the next video!

See you soon!

Bareback fuck with Members in porn theater with white lace boots, part 2, 2, 244,3 MB, 14min 00 sec

My wet pussy really got it! There was a young boy who sucked the cum of another guy from my chin and spit it into my pussy, that was hot!! After a while Alex could not hold the camera steady anymore because he had to wank his cock ;-) He had gotten so horny that he wanted to fuck me too! Ans so did he ;-) Full of lasciviousness he rammed his huge cock into my jizzed cunt and little later he blasted off inside me. His warm cum mixed with the other guys' cum and started dripping out, running down my legs! Meanwhile there were even more men at the door of that small room. But there were still some who did not dare to stick their cock into me... Maybe they were afraid to catch a disease? No way! I can assert that I am fine! No fungus, no bacteria... My pussy is just fine! Because you guys always keep her jizzed! Wet pussies are best!!!

Bareback fuck with Members in porn theater with white lace boots, part 1, 239,9 MB, 13 min 45 sec

Unfortunately we were half an hour late, due to the traffic jam on the Autobahn. The Erdbeermund crew welcomed us one more time very cordially and gave me a little bottle of sparkling wine as welcome drink.

I put on my white lace boots and while I was standing at the counter desk, some members appeared and went into the porn theater where they waited for me, curious what was about to happen.

Then I entered the dark theater area through the back door and chose a small room for the gangbang. There was a corner bench where I installed myself and showed the guys my pierced pussy first.. I really had gotten horny and so I played with my cunt, spreading my legs and granting nice looks inside. While I was doing so, more and more men appeared at the door and watched my little show, taking out their hard cocks. One after another could not resist anymore and fucked me fairly decent!

video of the bareback gangbang in Essen with Ronja and Jasmin Deluxe, part 3, 7 min 57 sec, 58,2 MB

Jasmin Deluxe and I vave sucked off the guys to the last drop, hihi. Even though their cocks were still standing and hard (I suppose some of the guys must have taken VIAGRA) there only came hot air! The huge cocks had a blast thaat night and really jizzed our cunts and bodies. At the end of the party Jasmin Deluxe went into the cellar room with some blokes to get the rest of cum out of their balls. But there was not much cum left. Well, Jasmin, I have to say that you really are a horny fuck-slut, who always wants more ;-) Greetings and best wisches to you from Ronja and of course from Alex too!

Bareback gangbang in Essen with Ronja and Jasmin Deluxe, part 2, 10 min 45 sec, 78,7 MB

Sexy Susi was there too...right...I had forgotten about that. She had accompanied her husband, the porn doctor, that night. He did the quick tests that day. Well, it certainly was a bareback gangbang ;-) The sex at that party in Essen was OK. What I did not really appreciate was the attitude of some of the men. Today I am not surprised anymore, because the organizer of that party, Jasmin's boyfriend at that time, treated the guys like paying fuck-beast. Rumours say that he is in jail at the moment or at least has to pay off some penalty. Right at the beginning of the party I was astonished that the guys let him treat them that way. They must have been really horny to fuck me... Towards us girls, the guys behaved well while they were fucking us. Then, later, when we needed a break, some seemed not to understand... But we sure needed to save a little of our energy for the third round. Don't believe? Try it out: go and fuck thirty women in a row - or one after another...

A private sunday afternoon fuck on our yacht, part 2, 148,6 MB, 8 min 31 sec

It was not that we werre alone on Lake Constance. At weekend, when the weather is beautiful, the lake is mostly crowded. And so there were many boats anchored around us... a senior couple on the boat next to us kept peeping over, curious about what we were doing on the boat ;-) Well, well, anyway we are looking forward to next summer...

A private sunday afternoon fuck on our yacht, part 1, 159,6 MB, 9 min 09 sec

On such a sunny weekend on the boat you can only get horny thoughts ;-)  I just had bought my new lace pumps and they somehow make me hot... So I insisted to make a little movie with Alex. Oiling my skin and fumbling around with my tits and pussy was hot and turned us both on ;-) And to take care of the right camera position additionally... boah.

On the boat with user Roland, part 2, 217,8 MB, 12 min 29 sek

Sometimes I feel like the sex-welfare! I am not, folks!! And I don't want to be the sex pastor. There are enough hookers who can listen to your sorrow. I am not a service provider who is in charge of your wellness. I do all these things here for one reason: I like to meet horny, self-confident men, who want to fuck unrestrained, homorous and lustful!!! That's my motivation! As a part of that I expect from you guys that you take care of your body, eat healthy food and, of course, that you are self-confident! Unfortunately Roland was not a guy who made me hot... So I condescended to wank his cock... but that was exhausting....

The cool part of the action was that there were some handsome young guys standing on the shore. Somehow they noticed what was going on on our boat and so they waved over like crazy. The next time when we will be anchoring at the shores of Meersburg, you will be welcome on board to fuck me, hihi!   

On the boat with user Roland, part 1, 208,8 MB, 11 min 58 sec

It is really funny how many different and interesting people we meet. Roland is one of these guys. It is hard to have his number. He told fascinating stories, but later he did not dare to have dinner with us, maybe because he was afraid that he had to pay the bill ;-) However... on the phone I had asked him if he could still see his cock whithout bending forward and I had asked him if his body was pale like a piece of chalk... he answered that his looks were "normal". Well, this is an unprecise description! When he sat in the lounge of our boat later, I saw what seems to be normal: beer belly, pale skin, small cock... Sorry, this is not my style!! Here you can see what does NOT meet my basic orientations... But nevertheless I had gotten horny meanwhile, and somehow I did not want to send that poor guy home without having taken his cum... 

Bareback fuck with some members in a hotel room in Solingen part 2, 168,4 MB, 09 min 39 sec

I think that all of us liked that little gangbang party best. There were some guys who had not done this kind of thing before, but later they said that they liked it. Maybe the reason was that they experienced at our party, that we all are human beings who follow their drives ;-) The dutch guy insisted that I sit on his face with my jizzed cunt... well, why not? I personally don't really like face-sitting... to me it is nothing exciting except that the position is exhausting. But on the other hand It was fun, though. The dutch guy liked it... But I am still curious what some guys like about facesitting. Who can tell me? 

Bareback fuck with some members in a hotel room in Solingen, part 1, 219,6 MB, 12 min 35 sec

We arived at the hotel in Solingen thursday night. The lady at the reception desk must have thought the right thing when we checked in... While Alex drove I picked up some phone calls and made the appointments and so we already had our first date around 7.30 p.m. or 8 p.m... Once again the schedule was pretty packed, but nevertheless everything went well. The first user arrived, then the next one and all of a sudden we had a nice little gangbang-party ;-) 

Video of our first bareback party with young and pretty Sandy, part 3, 191,1 MB, 10 min 57 sec

I like that bitch. She is a sweet and calm girl... but what should she say? She lets the guys talk...and the other ladies. But don't make the mistake and think she does not know what she wants, you bet she does! And this is what I like about her;-) In Frankfurt we first met and got to know each other. Alex had seen in the internet that there was a bareback gangbang and so we decided to go there and peek inside... It was a funny bunch of guys at that party that night. One guy came who wanted to have fun with me alone, which I did not like that night...how silly is it  to be in a flat where all people want to fuck and I kock up myself with a single guy. Sorry sweety, in case you read that. The situation just was not my thing. Every now and then I do single dates when Alex and I are in mood..but one more time: I am not a prostitute who is obliged to deliver a serice.

Many guys still misunderstand that! I do what I want!! And I am also a visual woman! That's why I don't want a blind date when I meet a single guy. I check the guys' applications and then I decide... ;-D by the way: there are too many ugly men who think that they can do what they want just because they can pay something. I only wanked the fatso's cock to keep him quiet. I tell you something: I get a trepidation and disgust when I must see such over-fat and over-ugly human beings naked! If I were so fat and ugly I would definitely not show myself like I do.

My dear boys and girls, I do sports twice a week and I eat fruit and vegetables every day and I pay attention to my personal hygiene!!! I expect from the fuckers who want to fuck me that they are aware of their body, too! I find it respectless towards the health-conscious people when such a bedraggled fat guy dares to show of his naked unseemliness, which he definitely is liable for. No one would say something in that moment, but all think of something.

ADVICE: If you are a guy who can not see his dick anymore without bending forward, it is urgent to change something in your life: drink much less beer!!! More physical activity!! Eat more fruit and vegetables!! Less McDumb and less Burger King, please! The women will be thankful ;-)

Video-Special: Our first group fuck at Lake Binsfeld, 507,8 MB, 29 min 06 sec

Many of you keep askin g for more and longer outdoor videos. Here's another one in "feature-length" ;-)

First time we went there it was saturday, but our schedule went down the drain... The reason was that we could not find the right place where the naked-and fuck-area at Lake Binsfeld is. The lake is pretty large and after a while of walking the shore I got fed of stumbling around. And my feet hurted because my shoes were wet and rubbed my feet.

The next day we went at the lake one more time. Alex had found the spot after a long search. So it was nimble to go there one more time;-) And althoug sunday it was not so sunny any more , it still was bright and warm enough. And some men were there... An Italian guy offered me a cigarette. I am non-smoker, so I smoked it without inhaling. But it surely was somehow wicked...to chuff such a butt ;-) Alex let an elderly lady wank his cock a little... Just watch the video. At last we all had a blast and some guys were not shy and fucked me bareback ;-)  ANd at last a guy came (inside me) who really had a giant cock:::

Video of our first bareback party with young and pretty Sandy, part 2, 185,1 MB, 10min 02 sec

ANd here's the second part of the video of our first bareback party with an 18 year-old girl! As always it was a sloppy seconds thing - sloppy, but not only for seconds, actually! In this round Ronja joined the action, after she had let the hostess take the first cum-shots... 

Video of thefirst bareback party of a 18 year-old girl, part 1, 206,2 MB, 11 min 49 sec

We really were a little astonished when we found that sweet young girl sitting on that leather sofa. Really an awesome and pretty young thing! As she is still quite unexperienced in gangbanging, she first was a little bit shy. But her boyfriend soon directed all of the present gentlemen into her cunt to unload their semen inside her almost virgin pussy... and you bet we did! We pumped our loads inside, one after another, after Ronja had sucked all cocks hard. Ronja, that horny bareback slut, came and licked the creampie out of the young lady's tight teen pussy - too late, most of it had already dripped out and landed on the sofa and the rug, hoho!

Of course Ronja claimed some cum-loady for her own bareback pussy, but she let the girl get the first round...  


Afternoon creampie from three guys, 2 min 14 sec, 16,3 MB

The guys stopped by spontaneously to fill up my cunt with their cum. And guess what a nasty bareback whore like me will do in such a situation? Right: i layed down on a table and spread my legs. What else was to be done? Anyway, it was fun and the creampie they gave me is pretty big...

Bareback gangbang in Essen, the videos, part 1, 13 min 21 sec, 97,7 MB

This was the fuck con test with Jasmin Deluxe. At first alex wanted to leave right-away because the location's owner would not want to let our dog in. But we got that cleared soon, and so little later Jasmin and I took care of the cocks, while Sexy Susi was watching the action.

We really were a good team: Jasmin sucked the cocks until they were nicely hard to get stuffed into my pussy, then I squeezed the cum out of them with my pierced bareback pussy, and Susi cheered the guys...

Bareback Bangbang with Ronja in Beverly Club Solingen, part 2, 132 MB, 7 min 34 sec

When my pussy was flowing over with cum from all those guys I was afraid that the rest of them would not dare to dump their load into or onto me. But then there was BUKKAKE alarm!

The cocks covered me completely with hot white juice! My whole body was jizzed completely with sperm! And so I had a ball that night, at the MDH-party in Solingen...

The only thing I disliked was the one splash in my eye... Sperm in the eyes hurts big time! It feels like the sperms want to fertilize my eye ;-)

And for that reason I want to get all cum pumped into my cunt at our horse trailer creampie party which is coming up... and not only because getting the cum in my pussy is not that painful... hihi ;-)

Bareback Bangbang with Ronja in Beverly Club Solingen, part 2, 142,5 MB, 8 min 10 sec

Well, it finally turned out to be some twenty cocks in that overheated fuck cave. Not all of them dared to fuck Ronja's slutty cunt bareback, and because she is famous to only fuck without condom, the others preferred to jizz her face together... Ronja obviously enjoyed it once again to be the main attraction of the party and to serve as fuck-slut for all these guys from near and far...

Bareback Bangbang with Ronja in Beverly Club Solingen, part 1, 209,4 MB, 12 min 00 sec

In the beginning we just wanted to make a video with four handsome young boys, who had oiled me at the bar before. But then, when we went to the fuck caves, there suddenly were about thirty men coming after us. They probably had been conjecturing the whole evening to fuck me and fill my cunt with their juices. And so they did - big time! My cunt and mouth were flowing over with fresh warm cum one more time... Anyway, it already was pretty late and before I had been watching a lot of men staring at me and doing so they must have imagined to screw me on the mat ;-)

Sweet little (we do not tell the name) at her first gangbang - all bareback, without condom!!! 201,2 MB, 11 min 32 sec

Recently wer were at the MDH-party at the Beverly swingers' club. Ronja wanted to table dance all the time and so I went back to the rooms to see what was about to happen. All of a sudden she appeared and announced me: she wanted to be presented to all the guys, to be treated dominantly. No big thing for me. So I made her sit down on the gynecologist chair and gave her orders. I was curious if she would let all those unknown guys fuck her without condom and jizz her cunt.

Well, you will see in the video if I was right... and - take a guess what Ronja did when she caught me fucking that young girl, getting ready to dump all of my cum in that little tight teen pussy...

Fucked my boyfriend on the couch with a mask, 224,2 MB, 12 min 51 sec

I told Alex to sit down on the couch and wank his cock so it shall get hard. He held the camera in one hand and with the other hand hee took care of his cock. Meanwhile I changed dress in the sleeping room... then I crawled into the living room on my hands and knees ;-) with a mask which I bought in Hamburg when we had a gangbang there...  well, it is always a pleasure to face a beautiful big hard cock and taste him... And to me my boyfriend Alex has the most beautiful cock of all ;-) this is the reason why I love it that much to suck him! Deeply! Jus deep throating ;-) Have fun watching me suck my boyfriend's cock!! ARRRR... KISS Ronja Fox

2nd Bukkake and condomless fuck session in the Erdbeermund porn theater, part 2, 167,2 MB, 10 min 22 sec

Big cock in tight pierced pussy!!! And is smacking nicely! ;-D after that I got some more cum-loads into my mouth and let them drip onto my big tits;-) I like to let cum run out of my mouth on my tits and spread it all over. It is healthy for the skin...hihi... This gangbang in the Erdberrmund porn theater was ahot session with many beautiful and hard cocks!!! Everyone had a huge cum-load to give! KISS Ronja Fox 

2nd Bukkake and condomless fuck session in the Erdbeermund porn theater, part 1, 230 MB, 13 min 11 sec

BUKKAKE and CONDOMLESS GANGBANG IN THE ERDBEERMUND! Look at my tonsils! Laugh! Alex and his comments, hihi! Right, I need some space around me! What I mean is that there are guys who are soooo horny that they don't want to let another man get into my holes and who always want to stand in the first row. Listen, boys: That ain't possible if there are 20, 30 40 guys standing in line waiting for their turn to fill my pussy... Therefore it would be really nice if every man would stick to the golden gangbang rules: jerk off in my cunt and let the next one cum inside! Hihi ;-D Click, Click...Alex is a multi tasking talent: he can talk, film, take pictures and breathe...and sometimes even fuck at once! Respect! And a big praise to Master Alex! ;-D yes, yes, yes...those guys who want to get sucked for hours...I hope you don't mind, but there are many other beautiful cocks that I want to suck too! Give them all to me! That really was a nasty BUKAKE Event! I surely liked it, even though there were some guys who were standing there with their pants closed. No way! If you want to get sucked, pull down your pants, at least a little! I guess that this can not be too difficult!! Look at me, I am walking around partly naked;-)

But nevertheless there were some guys who fucked me decently and filled my pussy with their cum...


User Dennis and I have fucked Ronja in a hotel room, part 3, 144,1 MB, 8 min 56 sec

Girl, take the hand away from your pussy, so that I can see her! Well, amateurs ;-) That is all I can say... this is one more proof that our daily schedule provides more jobs than just filming our fucking, hihi! Well, my boyfriend Alex, the hot stud, I really enjoy when he pounds me hard and fills my pussy with pleasure!

Yeah! Stick your big cock in my slutty cunt! Fuck me hard! Fuck my pussy! You nasty cum-squirting fuck machine! ...but what is that? I thought that I had only two tits - but now I see... It´s my belly...my winter belly!

I guess that it is didposition...and some cups of hot chocolate, hihi ;-D

Well, I like it most when you start slowly and pleasurably, make each other hot and then really get faster, louder, harder and have a big blast!!! Then I want to be just f u c k e d! hihi.. there cums my boyfriend one more time... my potent stud! ARR ARR! 

User Dennis and I have fucked Ronja in a hotel room, part 2, 189,8 MB, 11 min 46 sec

...you're doing a good job! A good eating out-job! The young boy who is sucking at my clit... And I am sucking my boyfriend's cock. Basically I love this combination. But honestly: Unfortunately there are only few men who can eat a pussy good. At least as far as I have experienced it. It is my personal opinion... There surely are men who know how to eat a pussy, but I have not met many of them yet... What can be the reason? Is it because men are not really interested to satisfy a woman? Or do they just have a hard time to feel the needs of their sex partner and therefore act just mechanically? Everytime I suck a cock (which I only do when I want to...) I imagine to have a cock on my own and so I can easily imagine what feels good on a cock. Maybe there are guys out there who also want to try out something like that?

Member action with Ronja and Cum-Steffi in Ludwigsburg, part 3, 176,5 MB, 10 min 07 sec

Here you can see how we had a ball in the adult theater! Cum-Steffi got fucked fairly decent and I had fun wiht sucking some cocks, among them a switzerland cock....mmmmmm...TASTY! Meanwhile some members had arrived and there were many who unloaded many ounces of cum onto my tits! A little later I felt the desire to occupy myselw with Cum-Steffi. Lesbo sex! First I oiled her a little and then I stuck my oily fingers in her cum-drenched cunt! So we lay there in the 69-position, and out tits were jizzed with sperm and baby oil... Hey guys, baby oil is something a fuck slut always should pack... I think it is fantastic to be lubed up with oil! And, by the way, doing so we maintain our skin. An oiled pussy is something fine! KISS Ronja 

Member action with Ronja and Cum-Steffi in Ludwigsburg, part 2, 218,1 MB, 12 min 30 sec

Before we returned to the DocMasters theater, the adult theater in Baden-Württemberg, around 9 p.m., as we had announced in our members' area, we allowed ourselves an Apèrol Spritz and a beer in a nice bar in town. Well, I must say: people in Ludwigsburg are really cool! Many women watched us and whispered to each other. But they tolerated us. I think this is great! Maybe we brought the feeling of showing frivolously in public to some of the couples... Laugh!

Then in the porn theater we had a great time!!! One after another fucked Steffi and blasted off inside her cunt, after I had taken care of his cock, sucking him hard! Once again I was amazed how nice it can be to watch another girl receiving a messy creampie...

KISS Ronja Fox 

Member action with Ronja and Cum-Steffi in Ludwigsburg, part 1, 215,8 MB, 12 min 22 sec

In the early evening we arrived in Ludwigsburg an met Cum-Steffi at the DocMasters Sexstore. There some guys looked pretty surprised... and they did so even more when we went outside with our freaky outfits.. LAUGH! Cum-Steffi wore high black lace boots with red flame design and fitting hot suspenders! A mini skirt and a transparent black blouse - then, over all, a  long black coat! I wore an open pink blouse and a grey mini skirt, made of artificial leather. You could easily tell that I wore  a white corsage and white suspenders underneath.

Oh, man! People in the streets were looking, I can tell you! I thought that their eyes would fall out of their heads! Laugh! This was a real hot outdoor meeting to bring us in mood for the bareback gangbang in the movie theater later on! D,)

KISS Ronja Fox

Recently I fucked a huge black cock in the Estrel hotel in Berlin, 211,3 MB, 13 min 06 sec

What do you think am I doing in my leisure time? Right: I am sucking big black cocks! Laugh! Black cock sucked by a white whore! MMM... that cock tasted good!!! You girls: take a close look at this: that's how you suck tasty hard black cocks... In my job I am sitting sereiously at my desktop - in my hobby I go to places like this hotel in Berlin, where I fuck unrestrained with completely foreign Black guys after the Venus fair...just like here, in a room of the Estrel hotel. Do you want to know how it happened? Well, we were at a party where Dolly Buster celebrated her birthday. All of a sudden a handsome black man stepped right up to me and told me directly that he wanted to fuck me - and cum into my pussy! Incredible? No way, I am not kidding!

I did not hesitate more than about five seconds before I said "OK, let's go and do it!" Already in the elevator he took his cock out of his pants and so he walked down the corridor. That hot guy did fuck me well, of course without condom, and jizzed my pussy with his white cum!!! Hmmm, very nice!! Thank you, black porn star from Paris, Kiss Ronja Fox

P.S. from Alex: Ronja, that nasty bareback slut, just sat at her computer and dribbled, while  she was watching that movie once again before she wrote these lines. Honestly, her tongue was hanging out! What a shame that I did not get my camera out fast enough! As a matter of course, she got so horny that she forgot to tell you the best part: Can you guess what I did with her cum-filled pussy??? Right ;-)

User Dennis and I have fucked Ronja in a hotel room, part 1, 193,6 MB, 12 min

Dennis, a ahdsome youn g guy. He obviously was a little nervous, as you can see in the video. But as you also can see, I had fun with him...hihi... Ronja is fuckingg with a 21-year old! And all of a sudden, my pussy was filled with his cum...Young and hot I got fucked...and after him it was Alex' turn to bone me and to stir the creampie in my sloppy hole.... That date really was an awesome session... ;-)

Having a shower before a date, 111,8 MB, 6 min 56 sec

Here is the video in full length, of which you already have seen the trailer on my MDH-account. Of course I get groomed and styled decently before having a date or a gangbang. Doing so, I brought myself in mood already, just to get fucked and jizzed by my user Dennis a little later in various positions. This gives the word "user"a completely new dimension, hihi ,-) 

We met a member in Ulm, I sucked his cock in an erotic store, 34 MB, 4 min 31 sec

Here Alex and I were in an erotic store in Ulm ;-D

The owner was so kind and let me try on some nasty stuff. By the way: this is where the pictures for our fetish special were made.

That guy had a nice and tasty cock.. but have a look at the finger nails!! Is it normal for a man to have such long finger nails??? This reminds me of my teacher in high school, laugh! He was filing his nails all the time... like a woman. Maybe there exists also fetish with that? Anyway, this is one of the reasons why I let only water and pure cocks touch my pussy. Greetings Ronja Fox 

Single Meeting with a member in Reutlingen, 196 MB, 12 min 09 sec

We had a meeting with a member in Reutlingen ;-) It was such a nice flat and my member has a real good taste and judgement concerning furniture ;-) You can not really see that in the video, but that's not so important, hihi... We met in the afternoon because then his girlfriend was at work, and my member was very excited, just like me. At first i was curious and did a little interview with him, laugh!!! How funny... then I rubbed his cock with baby oil and let him oil my pussy;-) Have you ever tried that? I really like it to oil my body, it makes your skin smooth! Both cocks were tasting fine and I got a good fuck..what can I say? Once again it was great fun and my pussy got jizzed by both cocks as I like it ;-?    

First bareback gangbang with Ronja and Lilly in Dieburg, part 4, 159,4 MB, 9 min 53 sek

It is time for me to pay the gentlemen a compliment: Most of the men were handsome, athletic and all of them were well-groomed! Naturism is not only a matter in swingers' clubs! Every man and every woman must take care of their bodies! Sport, healthy food and personal hygiene! This is essential! Especially at a bareback gangbang where there is no barrier between my cunt and all of the cocks who fuck me every day! For someone who likes to take part in a bareback gangbang it is even more important to take care of his/her body so the others will have fun with you. Because the looks are also important ;-D. Thank you to all the nice gentlemen! Thanks to Oli and Lilly! I had a lot of fun and your club really is a cosy and discreet erotic location!

First bareback gangbang with Ronja and Lilly in Dieburg, part 3, 173,7 MB, 10 min 46 sec

My young fuck- and breeding pussy already has seen many hundreds of cocks - it is likely that there have been even over thousand! Many gallons of cum have already been jizzed into me! And my pierced pussy definitely will see a lot more hard pricks! Lilly, the hot and perverted MILF, got fingered and fisted extremely. When I wanted to stick some fingers in her cunt too, I noticed that she was so horny that her pussy was soaking wet! She is a nymphomaniac, who just loves to be fucked and jizzed , just like me! This keeps you fit and young ;-)

First bareback gangbang with Ronja and Lilly in Dieburg, part 2, 160,5 MB, 9 min 57 sec

We kept on enjoying that fumbling around, while we still waited fore some guys who were late due to that traffic jam. But after an hour we finally dropped onto the mat. The wild and horny studs all wanted to buck us instantly. I hardly could avoid being bumped off the bed ;-) Lilly and I let the guys lubricate our tits with oil! What a nasty feeling: Oil on my tits, oil on my pussy! It was a blast!! My wet pussy got fucked by lots of hard cocks and there was a lot of fresh hot cum being squirted into my nymphomaniac cunt!!!

First bareback gangbang with Ronja and Lilly in Dieburg, part 1, 131,2 MB, 8 min 8 sec

In spite of a traffic jam, we arrived in Dieburg, which is situated between Darmstadt and Aschaffenburg, right in time. Oli, the host of "swingen-in dieburg", already had prepared an awesome buffet and there already had gathered some horny guys. Hot MILF Lilly wore a nice, erotic outfit and was ready to be fucked. She could not resist starting to fiddle about. It was fun to stand in the kitchen with a glass of sparkling wine in the hand, while the horny men started grabbing our tits and pussies...

Bareback gangbang with Lilly and Susi in Dieburg, part 2, 171 MB, 10 min 36 sec

This first party in Dieburg really met our taste and made us look forward to more of this. Both bareback sluts got their pussies filled up with cum big time. My boyfriend, the old bareback fucker, had another load of cum to dump into Lilly's cunt. Later he told me that she was really tight, hihi... But wich pussy does not feel tight for that cock?

Bareback gangbang with Lilly and Susi in Dieburg, part 1. 203 MB, 12 min 35 sec

Alex and I drove two hours to Dieburg. Just when we arrived on the spacious parking lot that is big enough for many cars, we saw the first two guys who were about to enter the swingers club. So we decided to follow them. And upstairs on the first floor we could hear Oli. We had talked to him on the phone before. Oli is a cool guy. He has been doing that kind of parties for years and he knows well how to welcome his guests.

He has prepared a large flat for his swinging friends. There is a small, bright locker room room where you can change/undress. There are numerous lockers and a wardrobe. 

There also is a kitchen where the sausages are cooking ;-) And the sandwiches are nicely prepared on a long table. This looked really awesome ;-)

The living room is sort of a warming-up room for the girls and lads. You can sip on a glass of sparkling wine there and bring yourself in mood for the action watching a hot porno. At last there is, besides the bathroom, a large gangbang room and a smaller one which is also free for everyone. All rooms have a cosy light - red of course ;-)

Time went by pretty fast! Susi, the sweet slim bareback slut got eaten out by some guys, while Lilly already was fucking on the bed...

And between the fuck rounds we all had nice conversation;-)


Thdre definitely was a lot of Spassfucktor (transl. "fun-fuck-tor")! A friendly hello to Oli and Lilly, you have installed a really cool and cosy swingers cave;-)=

Fooling around in an adult theater before Christmas, 12 min 29 sec, 201,4 MB

My last visit in the Dr. Müller adult theater in Stuttgart: the company there was not very numerous, but fine. It was fun to suck off those two handsome cocks! Alex' cock still is the greatest.. of course his cock gives me the most fun!! And of course I got my obligatory cum load ;-D The other guy had come all the way from Munich, just to meet me! How awesome! But, do you know wht I keep asking myself? Why don't the men accomplish to look up in our members' area where we are? For some unexplainable reasons all of them hope to find the relevant ddata in various forums... No, guys! The right data are only found here, in our members' area! Just here! Nowhere else... if you still rely on other forums, it's you to blame... As I always tell everyone: ALWAYS ckeck out our site... ;-D

150-guys-Bukkake in the DocMasters adult theater, part 5, 196 MB, 12 min 09 sec

In the fifth and last episode of my biggest Bukkake event by now I am kneeling in front of the bar, sucking off the last ten cocks. One of them is so huge that I hardly could take him into my mouth. The guys there had nice beautiful cocks, well maintained, each decorated with a cock ring and really hard. One of the hot guys fucked my tits before he blasted off in my face. Now I already am horny for the bareback gangbang I will have on saturday. Only two days left. It will be my last one this year, by the way. I hope you will appear numerously and jizz my cunt without condom!

150-guys-Bukkake in the DocMasters adult theater, part 4, 164,5 MB, 10 min 12 sec

Yes, that day the DocMasters really was crowded with hung guys. Even in the 4th video there are always fresh cocks standing in line, waiting to be the next to squirt onto me. Alex also had a nice load for me, which he squirted onto my tongue. Nicole, the horny barmaid, sucked off the rest of his cum and licked his cock clean, before she headed back to her bar to take care of her customers. And so it went on all the time: one after the other squirted his cum-load in my mouth, on my face, my tits and my cunt...

150-guys-Bukkake in the DocMasters adult theater, part 3, 194,7 MB, 12 min 04 sec

And here it is, the third part of the Bukkake-Video, where 150 guys jizzed me from my head down to my toes! As I am watching it, I already get horny, looking forward to my last bareback gangbang for this year, hopefully there will be so many guys, too! I really want to get 150 men fucking my pussy without condom! I surely had over 1000 guys blasting off in my cunt without condom by now, but 150 men in a row would be really something new... Well, I will see... Anyway, you should peek inside here every day, so you can make sure to see the details in time ;-)

150-guys-Bukkake in the DocMasters adult theater, part 2, 199 MB, 12 min 20 sec

As you might have noticed, you now reach our site via spassfucktor.com! It surely was a lot of work to move, but it really was worth the pain! See now the second part off the 150-guys-Bukkake in the adult theater... in HD!

In a few days you will get the chance to fuck and fill the hot Bareback Slut Ronja once again... as usual, our members will be the first ones to read all the information when or where! But first: Have fun with the video!

150-guys-Bukkake in the DocMasters adult theater, part 1, 193,6 MB, 12 min 00 sec

Here now the first part of the video. Man, oh man, I believe that there is hardly any girl who ever got that much cum at a time to swallow as I did that day... The guys really had full balls when I found them already waiting for me inside the theater. But as you know, I like to empty cum-loaded balls ;-) 

1st bareback gangbang with completely unknown guys in the Erdbeermund adult theater, (HD), part 5 212,9 MB, 13 min 12 sec.

Int hthe last part of that hot series I sucked the cum out of the strange guys one more time. Even my slut-hole wsas filled again with loads of fresh cum, so in this episode you can see even more nice creampie closeups. After all guys were empty and I was completely jizzed, I decided to sign some flyers for all of the new guys. I surely want them to join the next event, when I spread my legs for everyone who wants to fill my cunt with their cum, because I love to be Germany's most used bareback slut ;-)


By the way: next update will be published sunday: Bukkake with 150 guys (!) in the DocMasters!

1st bareback gangbang with completely unknown guys in the Erdbeermund adult theater, (HD), part 4, 200,3 MB, 12 min 25 sec.

hahaha... here there's a lot more cum running out of the cocks... and my pussy gets fucked fairly decent... well, what do I have to write here? ;-D It was great fun! Especially I liked how the guys were so horny and had so much cum to give ;-D Once again: My comliments to those gentlemen who partied with me there and helped that session to be an extraordinary hot gangbang! It's always a ball!!! I am looking forward to the next bareback orgy! Greetings to all of my fuckers and of course to all of those who are still waiting to become a jizzer of my slutty holes! 

1st bareback gangbang with completely unknown guys in the Erdbeermund adult theater, (HD), part 3, 200,3 MB, 12 min 25 sec.

And here is the third part - already! When the first two or three guys had jizzed her cunt on the  stool on the lobby, she went over with a nicely pre-lubricated pussy to the mat in the "playground area" to spread her legs for all of the other bareback fuckers...and that night there were plenty of them, as you can see in the video. One of them licked the cum of some other guys from her tongue while he was filling Germany's most used bareback slut with his white juice...

1st bareback gangbang with completely unknown guys in the Erdbeermund adult theater, (HD), part 2, 202 MB, 12 min 30 sec.

Well, here's the second episode, where you can already see a lot of action.

Hi, It's Ronja!The guys in that adult theater really all were horny and had a lot of cum for me! I was surprised positively! One of them kept hiding his face all the time and stayed in a corner. He was wearing a baseball cap and conceiled his face with his hands. He might have been my work colleague who did not want me to recognize him. ;-) He surely was astonished to see what I was doing there with you guys on the mat... reckless, nature-horny gangbang..you jizzed nicely into my cunt and mouth! My comliments to all of you who were there: You had nice hard cocks and they all smelled fresh! That's the way I'm lovin' it! Many thanks for that hot meeting!

And because it`s so hot, we will publish the third part already on wednesday, 10/13! 

1st bareback gangbang with completely unknown guys in the Erdbeermund adult theater, (HD), part 1, 135 MB, 10 min 00 sec.

Well, around noon we called at the Erdbeermund Store and adult theater so that the friendly employees were warned what was about to happen at night;-) And the welcome was really nice - with a huge bottle of sparkling wine;-) well, I wanted to look for some hot boots anyway and there was a nice lady woho seemed to know her sex store! She sold me those hot red lace boots, but...oh my goodness... they are really expensive, uuuh... well, whatsoever, I surely have to dress up for all of you guys, haven't I? Meanwhile a number of guys came walking into the adult theater and one of them was so kind to help me tie the boot laces! That was very polite! In the theater itself I enjoyed posing and showing off a little bit, because I felt like doing so and I wanted to bring alln of us in a horny mood...mmm... in the first part of the video you just can get a little glimpse of what was about to happen, but you surely will see more in the upcoming 5 parts... KISS Ronja

First boat tour with Sandra Motokatze, part 3, 108,6 MB, 14 min 50 sec

In the third part of the video we double penetrated that horny slut Sandra! After I had dumped my cum in her really tight cunt, the porno fucker from Switzerland turned her around and kept fucking her ass fairly decent for a while. He was quite insatiable anyway, because he still should have two or three more cumshots on and into Sandra... But best take a look for yourselves!

First boat tour with Sandra Motokatze, part 2, 81,1 MB, 11 min 05 sec

Second round. But first we pull the throttle and head somewhere else! A lot of peeping Toms here. Yes indeed, even the boat people have some. One of them kept trying to catch up with us. But with our machine we had no effort to outdistance him. And although the wind was blowing around their ears, the guys already started to twiddle with Sandra again... 

First boat tour with Sandra Motokatze, part 1, 75,4 MB, 10 min 18 sec

The weather was quite good, although the forecast was not so good. It surely was a little windy, but it was also dry and sunny. Basically it does not matter how the weather is, because we always have fun..and our boat has heating and a canopy top!

It was the first time for Sandra Moto-Cat to make a boat tour with us. Already in the first episode Alex fucks her with his huge hard cock and pushes the cum of the turk - who did not want to be filmed - nicely deep into her real tight cat pussy. Of course the creampie was amazing when first the turk, then Alex, then our old Switzerland gangbang pal, and finally Ben dumped their first big cum-load of the day into Sandra's tight pussy...

At first Sandra was a little worried if they would film all of the action as she had told them, but when she had made sure, she started to have a ball...

Video of Ronja's first bareback gangbang in Hamburg, part 3/4, 117,1 MB, 16 min 00 sec

It is dark and it is sloppy. Here you can see pretty good, how nice my pussy got jizzed that day! The guys gave all they had... They tried to squeeze the rest of cum out of their balls, just to lube and cream my cunt a little more!  But more and more they got to their limit ;-)

Not me, as you will see in the last episode. Thankfully the men were twenty, so some of them had recovered a little for the last round...and still had some good loady of cum to squirt into my mass-fuck-hole! 

Video of Ronja's first bareback gangbang in Hamburg, part 2/4, 117,1 MB, 16 min 00 sec

And here's the continuance of that mega video of my first huge bareback gangbang in Hamburg... I really liked the location ;-) Especially the seating-accomodation was cool.. Yes, the location is important to bring me and the guys in a nice fucking mood... How do you like my mask? I think it's gorgeous! I believe that it suits perfect a horny bareback slut like me... hihi... when I watch myself in our videos, I somtimes get scared of myself... ;-)  I assume thet the reason is that, like any other human being, I have many different faces which show adequate to the particular occasion... do you believe I could be a bashful, adorable little mouse? Indeed I can... but that is very seldom ;-)

Video of Ronja's first bareback gangbang in Hamburg, part 1/4 117,3 MB, 16 min 01 sec

Well, we finally arrived in Hamburg, after we had to turn around and go back home in December, when we got stuck in the snow storm (Susi was lucky that day, because she got the guys for herself, hihi). But here the snow had already melted and we had taken the plane, which made us arrive at Thorsten and Dan's party location relaxed and in a good mood.

Over 20 guys appeared one after another at the location, while I drank a glass of sparkling wine. The location was equipped fairly decent... With some erotic statues and beautiful nude pictures and paintings on the wall... White sofas where we had it going big time little later;-) And the rooms themselves were illluminated with a dark, tempting and wicked light, which gave an even more lustful ambiance to that ado. The men all had saved a big load of cum and after a few minutes of fucking I just felt a lot hot white juice running down my notch... and in the first part of the video you can see it running down!!! Well, it was just hot!!! The guys weree all on the ball... to be continued...

Bareback boat tour with Marina, Ela and our new maid, part 3

When we, the guys, were powered out completely and only hat air left in our balls, the three girls amused themselves with each other. Our black beauty ate cunts for the first time in her life and obviously she got a thrill out of it. And she got fucked by various men that day, which also was a first night for her.

Meanwhile she is our (Alex`) maid. She does whatever we want and whatever we ask from her is her obligation. Of course we are curious what ideas we will have in future...and maybe you think of someting, too?


Boat tour with Marina, Ela and our black beauty, part 2

In the second "round" there was much laughing...and fucking again! Once again, Ela and Marina let their cunts be stuffed and filled by our hard dongs, especially by Chris' huge cock. Chris seemed to be all-time-hard again. And our black beauty was really impressed...of course she started looking forward to the next hot boat tour on Lake Constance with us. And we surely will do a hot gangbang with her soon, lol!

Boat tour with Marina, Ela and our black beauty, part 1

Well, even if Ronja is not with us, like it was at our last boat tour, it can be great fun! This time Marina Intim was our star guest on the boat. Klaus, a guest, brought a friend, Ela. She also revealed to be a nasty bareback-slut, who loves to be fucked and jizzed bareback by many guys, just like Ronja. We, the boys, have fucked them both after another and at a time! And not only them: The black beauty in the video is a new friend of ours. Basically, she just wanted to join the boat tour to watch the action, learn something new in sex. But then she sucked and fucked all cocks on the boat without any hesitation. One of the guys could not hold back and squirted right into her fertile pussy - she does not prevent pregnancy. At least you can see the white juice run out of her cunt! Oh, man! But don't worry, nothing happened! She tolde me that she did not get knocked up... this time!

Video: I filmed Ronja through a Gloryhole as she sucked the cum out of some horny guys, 7 min 28 sek, 54,6
Not bad at all: such a Gloryhole is a nice thing, if you want to observe some sexual action without being seen. The spectator sits in the dark room, while next door a hot slut sucks the guts out of some guys. Good if you happen to have a camera with you to to catch the hot action stealthy, even better if the wall has various holes so you can choose between different views...
Video: Member-Action with Porsche on the parking lot of Club Wildpark, 14 min 22 sec, 105,2 MB
Do you remember? It had already gotten a little colder outside, but it still was warm enough to start that hot evening with a nice bareback fuck and blowjob session on the parking lot. So we were able to fuck with our members outdoor one more time, while those of our members who were not willing or able to pay the entrance for the club could fill Ronja's pussy first, and indeed some took advantage of that offer... Later we went to the club to go on with our bareback party with the others. There, naturally, we found some more guys to fill Ronja's cunt with their cum, of course also without condom!
Shortly before the Venus fair and party we have "remastered" the videos of our first bareback gangbang in Berlin in our hotel-suite and made a big one out of them (14 min 32 sek., 106,4 MB)
...and it was the first time for our porn-doctor Alex to fuck me, among the other guys, without condom and cum into my nasty holes. That makes us looking forward to saturday, when we will start the biggest bareback party that Germany has ever seen! There I will get at least 63 cocks (so many announced men!) and my 5 guest ladies, besides Susanne, will enjoy that circumstance too! Two days left... and still a chance to join!
Video: Croatia - gangbang-orgy on the perverted beach, 4 min 29 sec, 33,8 MB

Here is the video of the hot orgy we had in croatia last summer. As I had finished it I showed it to Ronja... Now she is looking forward to the upcoming season because she wants to get fucked again by many strangers in the sun who fill her pussy with loads of cum...
Have fun!

Video: First members' meeting on a public recreation area at the freeway (8 min 53 sec, 6,8 MB)
Alex and I stop at a recreation area.
I am curious which fuckers have come to fill me...
Nearby the public restroom we park our car. It has become dark. I get dressed with my black lace dress, which shows my butt like a whore...
The first cumloaded guys are already waiting there and are so horny that they want to work on me rightaway at the car.
But in order to show you something I wakl over into the light of the toilet booth... like a street prostitute who is waiting for her wooers. At the right and at the left of the toilet booth cars are driving by and the engines of the trucks that are parked close to the scene are running... I suppose the truck drivers do not notice our rascality...
It is cold like hell and my nipples are getting stiff... I warm myself by blowing the cocks who are presented now. As I lean against the wall my tits hang out of the black lace dress... As I go on sucking, the guys are getting in mood more and more and start calling me names like a cheap slut.!! That's what makes me horny the more! Go ahead and call me bitch ore whore or something like that!!!
And there it comes: white hot smelly juice is warming my tits as it is overflowing and dripping from my mouth! What a mess! My tits and face get covered with cum while the cars keep on driving around us.
A laggard arrives.
The other guys have bid farewell and I stand with my cum-covered tits in the light of the toilet booth...
The laggard seems to have a good load... This time we go into the ladies restroom because here it is a lot warmer.
That guy really had a big load because he had watched our pictures and videos in our members`area before... It does not take long until he squirts into my chops inside the dirty public restroom at the freeway!!
Outside we hear someone walk around and I crouch there, my face and tits completely covered with white cum. His cock was really tasty!
I love to suck hard dicks, to lick them, to play on them with my tongue!! Until the guy can't keep his load any longer ;-)
Soon we will start another round in Aachen. Before my bareback gangbang with Gina Blonde I will stop by in an adult theater for a nice Bukkake...mmm I am looking forward to saturday!
Yours, Creampie-Ronja
Video of the Boat tour with Ronja, Silke and Hot-Ela, part 1
Video of the Bareback-Gangbang in Ludwigsburg 2007, part 1
Video of the Bareback-Gangbang in Ludwigsburg 2007, part 2
Video of the Bareback-Gangbang in Ludwigsburg, part 3
Boat tour video with Ronja, Silke und Hot-Ela, part 2, 30,8 MB, ca. 6 min
Boat tour video with Ronja, Silke und Hot-Ela, part 3, 5min 34 (28,5 MB)
Boat tour video, part 5 (32,6 MB)
Boat Tour Video, part 5, (39,7 MB)
Boot Tour Video, part 6 (39,7 MB)
Video of the gangbang in Berlin, part 1, 4 min 50, 24,7 MB
Video of a meeting at a freeway parking lot, part 1
As you know I meet some single guys once in a while so they can... well, you see it all in the video what they do with me...
Here we stopped at a freeway parking lot. And we had brought our cosy fucking-location with us...
Video of a meeting at a freeway parking lot, part 2
As a little bonus for our new members from abroad we put another sequence of the video online where Ronja gets fucked bareback by a member on a freeway parking lot.
Video of the second outdoor bareback-gangbang with members and some complete strangers at the lake, 8min, 21 sec, 31,2 MB
That's the first one with our new video program.
Ronja, the horny bareback-slut called every man around and told them to fuck her mouth and pussy and squirt their semen inside. And the majority of the guys obeyed...
The pictures of that gangbang are coming up...
Video of the boat trip in September 2008, 10 min 16, 38,4 MB
Here is now the video of the bareback boat tour in September. The pictures already are about to come soon...
Video: Switzerland-Hotel-Gangbang, 9 min 06, 34 MB
In our "Switzerland-Gangbang 2008" we first met an old mate who started the party with screwing Ronja and letting his cock be sucked offf by her, before the other guys arrived, as a nice starter. What happened next? Filling up cunt and pussy with a mass of cum from many cocks! The Swiss guys seem to have huge balls...
Video of our first boat tour, part 8, 32,5 MB
Well, before we bring the first pictures of this year`s Venus fair and the partys we had in Berlin, we dug out the last part of the video from our first boat tour with Ronja, Silke and Hot-Ela. Just to bring a little sommer feeling to you while the weather outside is so cold and grey...
Video: Berlin-Gangbang, part 2, 34,0 MB, 6 min 38 sec.
It is really incredible how many galleries and videos are waiting to be uploaded. Maybe the reason is that we were having so much action and partys that we can`t keep up with uploading all the stuff. Thousands of pictures and lots of videos are "piling up at my desk"...;-)
But nevertheless there are many hot things already on the server, such as this one, which was taken at our first gangbang in Berlin. Have fun!!!
Video of the gangbang with Katy-Maus in Hannover, 3 min 27, 12,8 MB
Now we loaded up the video first. Galleries are coming soon. As we were only six guys, Ronja and Katy squeezed us out. But I think we did a good job, though...
Video of the second "Happy-Monday"-Party in Club Wildpark, part 1, 10 min 51 sec, 80,4 MB
Here is the first part of the video. It was a lot of work, because in the Club Wildpark it is pretty dark and therefore I had to work on the contrasts and illumination a lot. So the quality is not professional, but although it was worth the pain, because once again we had a blast!
Ronja took the first big cumloads in her little cunt, then she let take Marina and our guest Catrin, who actually had her second "appearance" at spassfucktor.de, take the rest.
Video of January's "Members-Gangbang" in an adult theater in 2009, 11 min 57 sec, 87,5 MB
Well, there were some awesome cum-loads...
Therefore it did not take long until I smelled like sperm out of every hole!!!
Behind me there was running a porn movie and in front... cum was running out of my cunt!!!
Some of our members had come and joined the fuck orgy ;-D
Of course it was a "Member-Special".
And our computer was working all night so we are able to upload the video already today.
It has sort of a "Paris-Hilton" touch all action caught by "night-vision", because there it was pretty dark and who wants to switch on the light in an adult theater? Laugh! But it is very hot!!!
Have fun!!!
Video of the second "Happy-Monday"-Party in Club Wildpark, part 2, 10 min 16 sec, 76,0 MB
Today we bring another video: the second part of our first party in 2009, with Ronja, Marina and "special guest" Catrin. Have fun!
Video of Ronja's extreme mass insemination by 49 guys in an adult theater, 5 min 17 sec, 39,7 MB
Well, we finally managed to cut a video of that hot outdoor bareback fucking, due to a new computer.
Here you get a glimpse of how the blokes always ram their cocks into Ronja's muddy hole one after another, jerking inside quickly and letting the following guy continue the sloppy work, like the little whore loves it best! And of course the creampie dripping out more and more with every "stroke"...
Video of the Bareback gangbang at the lake where Ronja fucks some members and many totally strangers, 9 min 10 sec., 67,1 MB
Here is the video from the hot bareback action with some members and many completely unknown guys at the lakeshore. Anyone who likes creampie will definitely love this movie!
You know: creampie is our fetish! ;-D But actually I like everything we show here! The guys were in a good mood and made some jokes just like me.. Why not laughing while fucking??? Everyone can fuck but we like to have fun! ;-D.... I would be a slut the more, if I would look pissed off because crowds of strangers fuck me bareback and squirt into my holes like a whore!!! Laugh! Yes, boys. My hobby is being a spoilt, cheap little fuck-slut!! It's fun! LACH!! I like sitting there without any slip so everyone can see my pierced pussy...in town or anywhere else. I present my butt to everyone so he can screw me without condom! My pussy is supposed to be filled with cum from any guy I can get until it starts dripping out!
Your fuckslut Ronja!
Video of may boat tour, part 1, 12 min 12 sec, 91,7 MB

Now I have finally managed to upload the video. Well, I surely had done it right the next day, but somehow the upload broke down once again...maybe the video is too hot for the data line ;-) But here you can see and hear, what an impact a nice, well-shaped male body has on Ronja... and how that influences her fuck performance.


Of course Ronja first told a story out of her rich sexual experience, and doing so she already got pretty horny...


Anyway, when she had finished we all fucked her one after another and jizzed her shaved and pierced pussy with our messy cum loads.  

Video of may boat tour, part 2, 10 min 23 sec, 78,1 MB

And the inseminating orgy on the luxury boat goes on - -iIn the sunshine and in the shadow of the "sunbrella"! By the way: during this fuck action Ronja had the idea of starting another mass insemination party in the adult theater! Next tuesday, 06/24 it will happen! Further information at "events"...
Well, then we will go to Croatia next friday and fuck on the wild beach again... maybe later we will do so in Italy! Come and join us!
But for now, have fun with the video of the recent boat tour!!!

Video of the bareback gangbang party with Gina Blonde in Düren, part 1, 15 min 44 sec, 115,2 MB

Well, guys, right after the server update last week we got the videos of the bareback party with Gina Blonde in Düren running. We have created six parts, each about ten to 16 minutes long, which we are about to put online within the next few weeks.
Tonight there will be the bareback mass inseminating of Ronja in the DocMasters adult theater in Leonberg, as announced. Of course we will take photos and videos again...
And then, friday, we will leave to our fuck holiday in Croatia, where we will visit the perverted rocky beach once again and later we will cross the adriatic sea to check a new swinger beach in Italy. Of course we will name the exact location and time of event on top of this page during the next days so you can easily join our fucking fiesta!
But for now, have fun with the first slice of our party video with Gina Blonde!

Video of the bareback gangbang party with Gina Blonde in Düren, part 2, 16 min 03 sek, 117,5 MB

Well, I am supposed to write something. But what? Fucking, fucking, squirting, jizzed cunts, jizzed tits, swallowing, my new red strap-ons which I like to wear when I get screwed by a mass. I also like my short dark hair I had at this gangbang. I almost look like a Domina ;-) ...but the bareback fucking with Gina and a lot of horny guys... with a lot of cum and fun... and of course again without condom! The guys were relaxed and gave good loads into my holes.. When we had a little recreation in the kitchen there were some interesting stories to hear... Have fun!

Video of the 2nd party in Club Wildpark in Stuttgart, part 3, 10 min 24 sec, 77,0 MB
Ah, we nearly forgot to show you the last part of that video where Marina first gets creamed by the party guests and after that was fucked by her husband into her nicely cum-dripping, heavily pierced slut! Once again I was so fascinated by filming this creampie closeup so I hardly got to catch how Catrin dot double penetrated in the bar room...
Video: June-Bareback-Gangbang in adult theater, 6 min 14 sec, 46,9 MB
20 guys appeared this time to fill my cunt and mouth with their cum! Alex was not in such a good mood that day, but I was even more! First Alex was swearing about that *** porn cave because he could not see what he was filming at all due to the darkness. But thanks to the technical possibilities of today's video programs he carved out a quite acceptable little movie;-)
Thus: have fun with watching now, and: be there when I spread my legs for you the next time!
Yours sincerely, Ronja
Bareback-party with Gina Blonde in Düren, part 3

Now it's time to bring a video again, I guess. So here is the third part of that nasty video from our first bareback party with Gina Blonde. In this episode Ronja eats out the cum-drenched slut of Gina, while she gets fucked and creamed from behind. Then there are some awesome scenes where the girls are riding a few nice hard cocks... and that is not all: this video has three more parts coming up!!!

Video of the bareback gangbang with Ronja, Dani and - for the first time - Natascha Ruslana, part 1, 12 min 05 sec, 88,5 MB
That was the first time for our friend Natascha Ruslana to get gangbanged bareback. By the way, she has a homepage of her own now: www.natascha-ruslana.de! Natascha was not shy, though. When we had our welcome drink, she still seemed to be a little nervous, but this can also be an impression caused by Dani's offensive manner (you know Dani, don't you ;-) ?) Well, after Dani and Ronja had gotten the boys in mood, it even was Natascha who grabbed the first hard cocks on the mat...
All three pussies got filled already in the first of three parts with nice creamie cum loads! A real nasty fuck party with every cock fucking every cunt. But for wow, have fun watching the first part!
Shortly before the Venus fair and party we have "remastered" the videos of our first bareback gangbang in Berlin in our hotel-suiteand made a big one out of them
...and it was the first time for our porn-doctor Alex to fuck me, among the other guys, without condom and cum into my nasty holes. That makes us looking forward to saturday, when we will start the biggest bareback party that Germany has ever seen! There I will get at least 63 cocks (so many announced men!) and my 5 guest ladies, besides Susanne, will enjoy that circumstance too!
Video of our last outdoor gangbang at the lake, 21 min 09 sek, 159 MB
So, boys and girls! Just like you have demanded, you now get lots of videos... and here is a very long one: This is the movie we have created out of our last outdoor session for our members, where about 30 members appeared. In my opinion it is one of the best videos by now! What a hot party in the sun!!! Of course we had announced the event in advance here in the members' area, but though I was pretty surprised that really 30 guys had appeared to squirt their semen into my cunt without condom! Anyway, there were lots of beautiful huge cocks with big balls in their large scrotums. They really filled up my pussy so the hot white cum came flowing out in wide streams...
But watch for your own. Just click onto the link above...
Video of our first boat tour in 2009, 6 min 56, 52,2 MB
Well, indeed we did not have much boat tours this year. Therefore they all were pretty cosy! We were not always lucky with the weather, but due to our close roof and the heating we had it nice and warm to run around naked and have fun. So the weather did not spoil the party. Just like in this Video, wherein you can get an impression how else the weather can be at lake constance, even in summer...
Video of the bareback gangbang with Gina Blonde, part 4, 13 min 57 sec, 105 MB

Well, considering the vast amount of videos that still are waiting to be uploaded I really don`t know, which I shall take first... So today I chose the 4th part of our first nasty bareback party with Gina Blonde in Düren, which is not far from Aachen. It begins with a blowjob-contest of the two girls. Shortly later the creampie-lovers will find delight, because Gina's pussy gets creamed by a row of guys that have been sucked hard by Ronja before! Doing this update we are getting horny and looking forward to another party with Gina, what do you think???

Video of Germany's biggest and nastiest bareback gangbang party 2009 in Berlin, part 1, 14 min 51 sec, 108,7 MB
Dear party guests! We had promised to bring the videos and galleries of that event soon. The galleries still are not completed, but here is the first part of the video. You were just great! Our best compliments are dedicated to the guest couples. Although it was your first time to party with us, at the end of the night we felt like we had met - and fucked - old friends...
The idea of this party was fulfilled nicely: first our doc does his new test with everyone, which for the first time ever assures safe fun without any rist of infection, and then every cock fucks every hole, everywhere. On the bed, on the sofa, at the bar, in the hallway... You were very creative!
No wonder that I just did not know where to film first in this wild ado, as there suddenly was wild fucking all over the large and spacious location. And of course I had to add my cum to every pussy, at last I did not want to be a rude host ;-) . But anyway, it is not our intention to present professional high gloss porn, but we want to show just how it goes when we party, so you can get hot and start looking forward to our nest party while watching.
We are curious about your opinion on the video. And for now: have fun!
Video of Germany's biggest and nastiest bareback gangbang party 2009 in Berlin, part 2, 16 min 29 sec, 120,7 MB
And here already is the second part. Wild bareback fucking, every cock in every cunt, just like we love it! But now I better do not write a big story (by the way, no one would really like to read it anyway ,-) ), but instead prepare the next hot stuff. There is a nasty video coming up soon of the bareback gangbang with Jasmin de Luxe, which we had last saturday...
bareback gangbang with Ronja, Natascha Ruslana and Dani, part, 13 min 37 sec, 99,7 MB
What a snow-mess outside! But this also has its advantages: Today we bring the third and last part of that hot video of Natascha Ruslana's first bareback party with Dani and - of course - me! This also should help you feel better staying at home and it surely will make you look forward to our next bareback gangbang...
1st bareback party with Ronja and Gina, part 5, 10 min 48 sec, 79,1 MB

Watch Gina's little shaved cunt get filled with about a gallon of cum, while Ronja sucks off some cocks. In the last part Gina makes a nice solo action and takes the rest out of the guys, while Ronja is watching her.

1st bareback party with Ronja and Gina, part 6, 9 min 26 sec, 69,0 MB
Video: bareback gangbang with Ronja, Natascha Ruslana and Dani, partl 2, 11 min 54 sec, 87,1 MB
So, here we are back in the new year, with power! Guys and gals, I can tell you: Even though I am an old bareback gangbang veteran, I nearly had to squirt while doing this update and watching the video! I am not kidding, there is a lot fucking that I did and saw during the past years, as you can imagine, but this time I even had to interrupt my work for a moment and fuck Ronja!
In this episode we are in the middle of the hottest fuck action: All three girls get a messy creampie, Ronja and Dani do a so-called "cumswap", Natascha gets fisted with a lot of cum as lubricant, Peter stands aside jerking while he is ponding on the floor (;-))and of course everyone is fucking in every pre-creamed cunt...
Doing this update we decided to repeat this constellation soon.
But for now, have a lot of fun with the video!
Video: Member-Action with Porsche on the parking lot of Club Wildpark, 14 min 22 sec, 105,2 MB
Do you remember? It had already gotten a little colder outside, but it still was warm enough to start that hot evening with a nice bareback fuck and blowjob session on the parking lot. So we were able to fuck with our members outdoor one more time, while those of our members who were not willing or able to pay the entrance for the club could fill Ronja's pussy first, and indeed some took advantage of that offer... Later we went to the club to go on with our bareback party with the others. There, naturally, we found some more guys to fill Ronja's cunt with their cum, of course also without condom!
Bareback outdoor orgy at the beach in Florida, part 3, 98 pictures

After the night had fallen on the beach in Florida the outdoor orgy still went on. Therefore the warning sign " No swimming, deep holes" (see gallery) became really ambiguous and made us all laugh ;-D 

In the end tere was only one black guy left whose balls still were full of cum: the cameraman. Of course Ronja had to grab him to suck out his cum and make him give her the final creampie of the day - which as a matter of course is documented in this gallery ;-D Our dear Member Josè was so kind and held the camera for him. No wonder that Josè did a good job because he was not trembling at all, as he already had dumped some big cum-loads onto and into Ronja before...

And that's how these gorgeous and unique pictures of our bareback orgy with some old members and new friends on a beach in Florida came to existence. Enjoy!

Ronja's bareback fuck with user Dennis in a Stuttgart hotel, 76 pictures

Yes, indeed she did not only love to do bareback gangbangs, also she let some users fuck without condom and fill her pierced pussy with their cum every now and then. Just like here where we met Dennis in a hotel room in Stuttgart. This gallery calls back another nice memory for Ronja-fans: First an awesome striptease, in between some explicit closeups of her cum-filled cunt (the piercing rings are very suitable to pull the pussy-lips apart ;-D) and of course beautiful detailed pictures of the hot fuck action. In the end she signed him a personal autograph to keep as a souvenir... this gallery fits to the video trilogy which has been in our members' area for quite a long time. Have fun! 

Bareback outdoor orgy at the beach in Florida, part 2, 90 pictures

The outdoor orgy on the beach in Florida with creampie-ronja and some well-hung guys with different skin colors decently goes on. After the cunt got jizzed big time by huge cum-loads, she got some sticky facials from those who still had cum to squirt.

That fuck orgy took so long that it got dark in the meantime. These pictures are really awesome and they bring back a nice memory of the hot and nasty time we used to have!

Bareback outdoor orgy at the beach in Florida, part 1, 92 pictures

...And there we were at the beach in that national park in Florida. It sure took a while until everyone hat found the place but then we had a ball! One of the guys who did not want to miss it was José, a highly valued member of our website! He lives in south america and he came travelling all the way to Florida just to meet us at the event... and to fuck Ronja in fact, which he obviously did big time! Dear José, here they finally are, the pictures you have been waiting for! And there will be two more hot galleries, you know what is coming up as you were part of it ;-) By the way: Cat says she is looking forward to meet you soon!

With Ronja at Caddy's on the beach in Florida, 44 pictures

Caddy's on tghe beach really is an awesome place at the gulf of Mexico close to Tampa. A wide white beach with fine sand and a lot of sweet girls in party mood... And the Reggae-band plays their (nice) version of Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet's "It's five o'clock somewhere". One thing is for sure: I will be back there - in better company: Talking about Cat!


Unfortunately Ronja not in the best party mood, because she had looked forwars to the interracial mass insemination bareback gangbang with 70 guys, but only 3 men had appeared so far!


I took these pictures in the afternoon, when we still waited for the boys, which that well-known dude Art Hammer had promised to organize. Ronja's mood got worse and even worse because she had rejected the 12 black cocks the night before to keep her holes ready for the big event. At last she was upset and decided to organize what you could call a last minute outdoor fuck session with the few guys who had shown up. So the day ended with a good bareback orgy on he beach in a Florida National park, where she finally got at least a few cum loads in her cunt... but this is subject of the upcoming galleries... 

Outdoor bareback fuck orgy at the lakeshore with 2 black/white bareback sluts, part 3, 104 pictures

Our BDSM furniture producer is really a creampie gourmet! As he had positioned himself under Ronja's cunt which had already been filled up with many cum-loads, he showed patience until the juice fially came dripping out ;-)

Schokobebe sucked his hard cock in the meantime, also very perseveringly, while Ronja ordered the guys who were standing around to go on filling Vicky's pussy. They did as they were told and added some big cum loads to the black bareback pussy.

Afterwards there was another messy creampie to be cleaned up, this time from Vicky's cunt. At last Ronja got a sticky cum mask on her face, before she ended that hot outdoor bareback orgy with posing her pierced bareback pussy for the camera and the public...

Outdoor bareback fuck orgy at the lakeshore with 2 black/white bareback sluts, part 2, 100 pictures

There it goes on, the outdoor orgy with the two bareback sluts! After they had eaten each other out for a while they were hot enough to let the guys go to work who were standing around numerously. The first few cum loady were sucked off by the girls, then it was time to fill the bareback-cunts with some liters of fresh sperm... And you bet they were filled up big time! Thankfully there were enough guys with full balls standing in line so there were no scrap for fresh cock...

Outdoor bareback fuck orgy at the lakeshore with 2 black/white bareback sluts, part 1, 100 pictures

Two bareback sluts at the lakeshore, one pale redhead and one black beauty. Both have huge tits and eat out their pussies each other, while a bunch of guys is watching them, standing around and wanking... Who could that be? Right! Bareback-slut Ronja and Vicky also known as Schokobebe. Although they don't really like each other, they play together like they were best friends. All of us guys who had the pleasure to enjoy that show started looking forward to a hot bareback orgy which was about to start, more than 20 hard cocks were waiting to do their job...    

First bareback party with Marion in our new location, 53 pictures

It was the first party in our new location north of Ludwigsburg. The loft ist equipped with a lot of luxury, with neatly groomed and modern bathrooms, a chimney with a Ottomanen-Sofa, many play areas and a big kitchen block in the center, where the action can take her beginning after the welcome drink. That night we were ten guys and our special star guest Marion. After we had gotten in mood while we were waiting for the rest of us to appear and enjoying our welcome drink which Carsten had prepared, we started our first round with a lot of double vaginal penetration and loads of cum in her pussy. The impressionistic style of this gallery is due to Alex, Marion's husband, whose providing of these pictures is thankworthy. Watching them we start looking forward to our periodical bareback-party we will have in July for the first time! How about you?

private boat tour with Silke, Manfred and their spouse "Sweetie", 136 pictures

Well, our famous and popular friend Silke! She really found herself a girlfriend. Not just a girlfriend, but a spouse - additionally to her husband. She has been with her for years now and I can tell that "Sweetie" is, just like us guys, into girls! ;-)

On the one hand it is a pity, because her looks are quite awesome, but the lesbo show they delivered was a nice view, as you are about to see. And Manfred, who is absolutely OK with that (that's true love!) and I had our fun as well, because fortunately Silke still lkes also human beings with big cocks!

And, guess what you could do with your millions which you have saved during many years of being a porn star and party girl? Right. You have a good time, enjoying the summer on a luxury yacht, with water, sun, handsome guys ;-D and a chilled atmosphere! 

Have fun with this extraordinary beautiful gallery (and I mean not only due to the girl2girl scenes)!

Ronja and the private party with the afro-americans in Florida, part, 3, 36 pictures

changing the dress into a fresh blue, just to wear something new ro undress. Ronja and the black cock gang in Tampa in their third rund, the night before our outdoor bareback gangbang in the national park...

Ronja and the private party with the afro-americans in Florida, part, 2, 78 pictures

And the party with Ronja and 12 big black Cocks goes on... the dope the guys gave her must have been pretty strong, because she seemed to have forgotten her anger about Art. Well, no wonder because Art was somewhere else at that time and furthermore the guys really made efforts to take good of her. Successfully, as you can see here... 

Ronja and the private party with the afro-americans in Florida, part, 1, 84 pictures

Well, Videos and galleries have no expiration date like food, but at the time we are so busy with partying that we just have no time left for working on the new videos and galleries with Cat, Celina, Jessi and the other girls. But we will do that as soon as possible, promised. Meanwhile we have searched our archive for some more Ronja stuff and found that awesome gallery:

Stoned Ronja (she was smoking dope with those guys) as she plays with the extremely tanned and well-hung friends of her abhorred Art Hammer. We were at Byron's place the night before the widely announced bareback gangbang for members and newcomers in Tampa and Ronja enjoyed being the white slut toy for the black bulls.

Here she still did it for fun as you can easily tell from the pictures, now you cann book her via her "escort agency". So, whoever wants to spend 180 ? for an hour of Ronja-fucking, shall contact her "agency".

But for now: have fun with the first Florida gallery...

Bareback party with Celina in Stuttgart-East, part 2, 79 pictures

And here already the second part of that smal but fine fuck-session at Celina's. After the first round on the brown leather sofa we moved over to the bed. There we pounded Celina revolving, one after the other fairly decent. The third guy could hold back the longest without pumping his load into her. So kept fucking her a while on the bed in the so-called spoon position, meanwhile I took these wonderfully erotic pictures where you can obviously see how much she enjoyed it, even there were just a few guys this time..    

Bareback party with Celina in Stuttgart-East, part 1,81 pictures

I just discovered a nice gallery of one of the first meetings with Celina. It was an exclusive, but extraordinary decent bareback party at Celina's place in Stuttgart-East. Celina called me and told me she was hot and wanted some cock. As I happened to be in her area, I grabbed my camera and followed her invitation. She and her husband were still alone when I arrived, and because we wanted to wait for the third fucker who was supposed to join our little creampie-party, I first took some gorgeous posing pictures of her. Just at that moment the friend arrived and the action started right-away: after a brief blowjob, just to get that cock hard and in fucking condition, she sat onto him and... well have a look...   

Boat tour with Silke Maiden and Ronja in 2012 part 2, 125 pictures

HOT sun!! Man, it was really hot last summer. One day we had 40 degrees Celsius!! I spent that day in the water ;-) That day the weather at Lake Constance was really fine! Nott too hot, not too cold. A boat tour is more personal than all our other events. At a boat trip the main thing is relaxing, playing and having fun! Everyone is hanging out, chilling - and letting the pressure out of his balls. We all are enjoying our existence. And of course I want to enjoy to look at a few well shaped bodies;-) That's for sure ;-) For the next boat tour I wish for some handsome guys and also a pretty girl. Which cool (but hot!) girl wants to fuck some hung guys with me? Just let me know via our contact form. Greetings Ronja

Boat tour with Silke Maiden and Ronja in 2012, part 1, 120 pictures

Hahaaa! What a nice weather we had!! I always have to laugh when people write us emails like: oh, the weather forecast is not so good... BLA BLA BLAAA!!! Here is my final statement: The weather on such a large lake like Lake Constance is always better than predicted!! Thus, if some gentlemen think they must stay at home so they don't get hit by a raindrop, they shall simply stay away ;-D While Silke Maiden, Manfred, Alex, me and the boys have a great day. LOL!!!It was hot, the sun was shining on our bellies, on our naked tits and asses. We enjoyed the refreshing bath in the lake soooooo much and the nasty fucking on the boat was just my style! So, guys: this boat trip was really cool! We had a great time! Greetings Ronja xxx

Halloween bareback gangbang with Ronja in the DocMasters porn theater, 122 pictures

Man, oh man! This was hell of hot!!! So many hung guys were there ;-) Thank you for your cum!!! I desperately needed that after that zero number in Florida... hihi... but where have you all been afterwards? It is not that I have missed you... (grinning)... but the XXX theater was pretty empty after our gangbang... Laugh!!! Have all of you hot studs come to see and fuck me? How amazing!!! And I have to say that these pictures are really a blast! While sitting here and watching them I am getting wet and horny again!!! The more I am looking forward to the next hot bareback gangbang party in December in the DocMasters porn theater. But I also have to appeal to manhood: PLEASE NO DRY HANDS IN MY PUSSY! and PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS IF YOU WANT TO FUCK!! Well, see you soon;-) KISS xxx your hot hobby whore Ronja  

Fuck boat tour with Ronja and Schokobebe, 141 pictures

Schokobebe, the black slut from the Doninica Republic, likes to be fucked into her little black pussy raw and without condom, just like me. And of course she got the first cum load of the day from my boyfriend Alex. Alex, the nasty cock-rocker, couldnot wait until she finally got on board our yacht. He was having a hard-on all the time. Boah, I really was jealous ;-) But at the same time it turned m on and when we finally started playing, it was just hot and awesome. A hot-hot horny summer`s day on Lake Constance and all the people were looking over to us from the other boats that were anchored around us. They were pretty curious of what was going on at our boat. I bet some of them would have loved to join our action. But we surely can not yell over : "Hey, wanna fuck with us?" And, of course, you could only figure out what we were doing. Sure, at first I gave my Alex a decent blow job on the aft deck, where Schokobebe joined in a little later. We sucked his cock hard, under the eyes of the other boating people. But for fucking we went inside the boat of course. I found Alex`cum amazing. How it came dripping out of he rpink black pussy when he was through with her. Then she sat on her husband`s cock and rode him decently. This time it was me who held the camera...

Test gallery

Ronja taking a bath

Bareback gangbang in July with members and strangers at the lake, part 3, 83 pictures
Bareback gangbang in July with members and strangers at the lake, part 2, 90 pictures
Bareback gangbang in July with members and strangers at the lake, part 1, 90 pictures
Posing in the Skyroms after the bareback gangbang, 47 pictures

Well, well, not every girl wants to be a model. ;-) I have to say that Alex once again took marvellous pictures of me. My Alex really is an excellent phptographer! Of course I am spilled with cum all over. We have taken these pictures in the Skyrooms in Stuttgart, right after the bareback-gangbang and the Bukkake with Gabi ;-) 

Special: Gallery of the speculum insemination of the baroness, 23 pictures

Here you see, as a little special between two regular updates, the gallery of my first insemination through a speculum, consistent with the video! I am already longing for about thirty guys giving me their cum into my pussy that way, hihi!

Ronja Longstocking posing outdoor and in public on a parking lot, 124 pictures

It was this year's first beautiful sunny day! ;-D Oh, how beautiful! So I quickly got dressed up and wrote my members in a newsletter that we are bound for the parking lot of the lake in Kirchentellinsfurt... and little later we were on our way! When we arrived there, some members already werre waiting for us. But they seemed not to have the heart to join us.... so what? Then we take some awesome pictures of me in my Pippi Longstocking outfit, hihi!  ;-) This time I did not get much of cum, but nevertheless the posing pictures are great and they even make me hot! They make me look forward to the upcoming summer season! GBRonja 

Nasty cum-bitch Ronja in the Erdbeermund porn theater, 114 pictures

Saturday,, 12 o`clock -  Me (Ronja) and Alex get ready and around 1 p.m. we are driving to the porn theater in Karlsdorf. A week before we had announced in the members' area that we will be there saturday in the afternoon. Friday night we were at the party at SPERMAGAMES in Reichelsheim. My cunt got fucked like mad there from about 40 guys that she desperatly needed - and deserved - a little break... but nevertheless I was looking forward to a hot tits-face-and-pussy-bukkake, which is always fine! ;-) Alex did something he had planned for a while: he bought me a nice anal plug. I put it into my ass right-away and then I promenaded around in the dark porn theater with the white brilliant shining in my butt, to collect my horny users. And there were plenty of them! And I had been looking forward that they were standing around me wanking, squirting their cum in my face and on my tits... but only a few did... why? I don't know! Somehow most of the guys just stood around and stared at me, they did not even take out their cocks. I did not like that at all! I thought to myself: well ok, maybe they want to watch me first doing some blowjobs and some posing to get in mood. When one of the young blokes who stood in the background asked me: Will you fuck?" I lost my temper. What does he dare? I am a cumbitch, but I am no hooker! It's not my job to offer a service! So we went home. But I am sure the next time we will have fun again! I am a horny bitch and there are enough men out there who can behave - and so they will fuck me! Greetings from your horny cum-slut Ronja!

Gallery of the Mega-Bukkake-Session in the DocMasters theater, part 2, 105 pictures

Do you know what I would like to do once? Getting fucked by a tranny! A hot shemale with big tits and a huge cock! So I could play with nice tits while I get fucked..arr..arr...what an imagination! Creampie from a shemale!!! Anyway, I had those thoughts when such a tranny was so kind to me at the DocMasters XXX theater ;-) Well, at the moment I am looking for a willing ass which I get presented so I can fuck him with my strapon-dildo! That's gonna be fun...hihi...and now - have fun wih the last episode of the mega bukkake session... Greetings Ronja  

Gallery of the Mega-Bukkake-Session in the DocMasters theater, part 1, 105 pictures

Nasty and horny on tour! Wearing my black lace corsage, I always feel erotic and hot and it is just then, when I am dressed up with a cool outfit, when I like it most to fool around. And, just like in the restaurant where you get appetite when the food is looking fine, also in sex matters the sizzle sells the steak, gentlemen! So, think about what you are going to wear when you are about to meet me... now as I watch me suck your delicious throbbing dongs! Anyway, I could put on even more makeup. At home, when I dress up for an action, I always think it is too much. But then, when I watch the pictures, I see that I could easily take more colour, what do you think?

Outdoor fun in the horsetrailer on an Autobahn recreation area, part 2, 100 pictures

Well, here I am standing in that horse trailer at the Autobahn recreation area "Kälbling"... We had hired the horsetrailer and the high class VW van and a friendly polish truck driver had parked his truck right behind the open ramp so our action was not too obvious for all of the "innocent" people;-) ... as it was a sunny friday afternoon, the recreation area was pretty crowded and frankly too small for our session... Then, one after another, some members appeared and gave me their cum, some others were standing around me, wanking their cocks...;-) I felt like a breeding mare who gets inspected by their studs... by the way, at the beginning of the session a police car came driving by...hihi...but at this time I was still dressed, wearing my new red high heels, and had noc cock sticking inside me... I was behaving decently and so the cops just took a short look at me and then drove on. So, no panic! This is what makes those outdoor sessions so thrilling: you could get caught by the cops;-) Hey guys, just come on and have the heart to fuck me in public! Don't be so nervous, we are not living in 19th century! Times change. KISS Ronja!

Outdoor fun in the horsetrailer on an Autobahn recreation area, part 1, 100 pictures

It was a friday afternoon in August. I had announced that horse trailer session two weeks in advance - everyone could have read on our "Info" page what was needed to fuck me bareback that day... unfortunately only few did so. But those who did had fun with me. And although this time it was an event for everyone - not only for members - almost  all of the guys were members. So, dear non-members: next time read carefully, bring an STD-test and have fun! So did we - and all of the spectators who happened to watch our session at that Autobahn recreation area...

Bukkake session in leather pants, part 3, 103 pictures

Actually, I sometimes ask myself why people always make such a fuss about sex. Some are so extreme and shit onto each other and  on the other hand there are prople who get dark red when you mention a vagina.... oh man, guys and gals!!! Sex is something that belongs to us. Everyone has sex! It is also a ritual which relaxes us, at least I think so...Sex brings us balance and makes us happy...Sex is provided by nature to let us found new generations. Sex is not forbidden and it is not harmful!!! When I take a look at myself, kneeling down in that  porn theater, completely jizzed ;-) hihi... then to me it appears completely normal. Sex belongs to my personality, just like sleeping, eating and working. But there is one thing which I find unnormal: to meet  users out in town who recognize me and stare at me like an alien who does curious things;-) Kiss Ronja

Bukkake session in leather pants, part 2, 103 pictures

Id did not take long until the first guys unloaded their cum into my face and on my tits...within a few minutes the room had changed into a smelly place, a place that smelled extremely like sperm... Here in the dark everybody feels unobserved and so they can concentrate on their craving for sex... there was one guy standing there with a cigarette in his mouth and wanted me to suck his dick which stank like cold smoke... ugh!!! No way, thank you! But fortunately there were lots of other hot and tasty hard cocks which smelled good!!! They were welcome to squirt on my tits - and into my pussy! ;-D KISS Ronja

Bukkake session in leather pants, part 1, 103 pictures

Yo, this isch really craaazyyyy... wearing leather shorts in a porn theater!!! Hihi, that was hot!!! But later it got too warm and so I undressed!.. all those guys, some members of my site were among them, stood around me in a circle and I got down to my hands and knees and presented myself like a cat in heat... no one said a word. Even I could stay quiet most of the time ;-) Then everyone took his cock out of his pant. I always like when the guys wank their cocks while they watch me posing and playing with my tits and pussy, because I want to see them get horny! That makes me really nasty;-) KISS Ronja

Member action with Ronja and Cum-Steffi in Ludwigsburg, part 2, 72 pictures

At the DocMAsters Theater we had a blast. Cum-Steffi had announced before that she wanted a gallon of cum in her holes ;-D So I let her take most of the cocks that were presesnted and mostly took care of one cock from switzerland. But that one was hot! Nice shape, fairly groomed. But the rest of the guy also was nice to look at;-D Of course I also took care of other members' cocks... I sucked them until they were hard as steel to be ready to jizz Cum-Steffi - and they did, big time!! Her pussy was so soaking wet that I had to play with her a little later. There was a large number of members that night... I often have asked myself why in the DocMasters porn theater in Ludwigsburg there always are so many horny guys. The forum of DocMasters seemes to be completely different than the action in the theater itself happens to be. In the forum many people have a double morality and who think that they are so important. By reading in the forum you never guess that the theater bears so hot action! Maybe the reason is that in  the internet you can easily wite crap because no one knows you... To those guys I only can say: limp dicks! ;-) 

Member action with Ronja and Cum-Steffi in Ludwigsburg, part 1, 73 pictures

Going to town in a nasty outfit is really freaky! My style is a mixture of everyday wardrobe and sexy stockings which are showing underneath. It should be obvious that I do that on purpose. Otherwise it would look like I tried to look sexy, but failed ;-D First we walked up and down a shopping street in Ludwigsburg, then we sat down at the bar of a nice bistro for a starter drink. I do not remember the name of that bar... maybe someone of you can write me an email and tell me??? Well, and I was astonished that already there sat some of our members and and certainly watched us with a smile on their face, hihi!! I bet that they thought about the other people in that bar: "If you could imagine that these two girls over there aare Cum-Steffi and Ronja Fox, who came here to Ludwigsburg to do another roaring bareback gangbang!"

Later, at 9 p.m. we went on to the porn theater, like announced in the members`area...

Watch the cum running out of Steffi's cunt! 

Dr. Müllers-Memberevent in Stuttgart. 113 pictures

Here we are in an adult theater in Stuttgart to meet our site members! The Dr. Müller is a pretty nice location to fuck and suck off my members... downstairs I first posed a little for the camera...hihi... that gave some cool pictures. Especially because my boyfriend's camera is a little bitchy and sometimes it releases with a little delay... that's when I can not hold my position any longer and the result is real funny pictures...hihi... Anyway. Well, at the Dr. Müller theater I usually start the event in front of the pay desk at the entrance and do some posings. That's when the guys who enter the theater look pretty surprised. And when I tell them that I am about to enter the cinema rooms where they can fuck me, they mostly start looking even more surprised... KISS Ronja Fox  

Gallery: First bareback gangbang with Ronja and Lilly in Dieburg, part 2, 112 pictures

As a little gag I let Lilly cut my pantyhose just at the beginning of the gangbang. Where? Well, of course directly at my pussy, hihi... and my horny guys lubricated their hands with baby-oil. Why? The answer is quite simple: Because it is a completely different, really hot feeling when everyone has sleek hands and you can touch each other with smooth hands... Even my pussy got some oil...do you know how it feels to huddle your oiled body against another? This is HOT! Try it out!!! ;-D KISS Ronja Fox

Gallery: First bareback gangbang with Ronja and Lilly in Dieburg, part 1, 112 pictures

Haha... and here I drove to Dieburg to fuck! I was so excited to be humped by the nasty bareback fuckers in Dieburg so I took the pain of being stuck in a traffic jam! ;-D

Well, and when I arrived at the cosy and erotic location of Oli, I first had to eat something. The buffet was already prepared so nicely that I could not resist...

Tome guys arrived behind schedule, but that did not matter...as it was not their fault...grin...at least we had arrived on time for the fuck orgy - and not much later the creampie from the 20 guys in my pussy was already foamy white... ;-D  Greetings Ronja Fox

Our first visit at Oli, Lilly and Susi`s gangbang party in Dieburg, 58 pictures

The visit in Dieburg! Once again: we emphatically had announced on our homepage that we will just go there for a visit and to check out if we would like to return for a gangbang we take part in. But some guys did not seem to have understood that. Most men think: "How can a woman decide on her own to just join the party as a spectator and not to spread her legs?" NO WAY! To those who still have not taken it in: I do what I want and not what the guys want me to do: but what I do surely shall appeal to the guys!

Because there are more than enough women who "must fuck". You guys can take what you want from them. But those girls who do just what they like are quite rare. But if you are lucky to meet one, you will see what I mean ;-D KISS Ronja Fox

Gallery of a single date with a member in Reutlingen, 107 pictures

I met a user in Reutlingen - and fucked him...hihi... indeed it is sometimes also fun to gez boned by only two guys at once. Just a lunch break fuck as a refreshment for the afternoon work... this is a good entertainment. I highly recommend that, especially for couples...By the way... that long cold winter started to suck! I am really glad that it is warm again! I can't wait for the summer...and to have nasty outdoor sex with all cocks that I can get!!! How about you? ;-) KISS Ronja Fox

Anja and Artur's Sex-Party, part 3, 82 pictures

those who know me well know how I like it. But there are still some guys who think that they can decide whenever I want to fuck or not;-)


But this is not my manner;-) Creampie-Ronja goes onto the mat, whenever she wants. I only do sex-sessions when I am in mood, and o one can dictate me. I like to fuck all horny guys I can get... and so I had a great time in that bar, because there were a lot of nasty fuckers waiting for their turn to fill my cunt with their cum! Indeed, there still were some cofus = condom fuckers, who tried to fuck me with rubber - no way!!! I only fuck without condom!!! Whoever wants can fuck me bareback, and who does not want to - tough luck! I never squeeze anyone to fuck me. 


But I do not accept any complaining about that. I fuck without  condom - everyone shall do what he or she prefers, but we don't need smart-asses who want to decide on how we do it!  


So, just relax and have fun! hihi! Most of the guys did, as you can tell from the pictures! Anyway, it was a great bareback fucking with you and I am looking forward to the next one!!! KISS Ronja Fox


Anja and Artur's Sex-Party, part 2, 80 pictures

Yes, it can happen even to us: our server was down for a short period. Anyway, now it is running again and as a comfort for having had a day without spassfucktor, you already get the next update today, the second part of that hot party in Heilbronn!

And here once again is a messy creampie! In this gallery there are at least 10 guys dumped their cum, without condom, in Ronja's cunt! Nicely one after another. The red mat was spilled with white foamy cum stains...awesome! We are already looking forward to present you the next episode...

Anja and Artur's Sex-Party, part 1, 80 pictures

Finally, Ronja's retraining is over. Thus we joined Anja and Artur's legendary party, which we had not done for a while. And it was simply hot!The hosts have been our friends for years and they really know how to arrange a good party with nice people! The guests are literally handpicked, and only those are admitted, who has declared his or her attendence bindingly in advance! Even more we were pleased that our members were welcome after registration just as well! Man, oh man, it was a real blast! After our arrival at the location, we acclimatized a little and enjoyed the large and tasty buffet. But soon the first guys could not hold back anymore and started to paw Ronja while she was still at the bar. They unpacked her big knockers and sucked them decently ;-)




The bareback slut did not hesitate and went to the mat in the gang-bang room of the location, followed by a large bunch of horny guys with hard cocks. And even though it is common practice to use condoms at this event, nearly all of the guys fucked and filled Ronja's bareback cunt without rubber, as she had requested...

First bareback gangbang with members and strangers in the Erdbeermund Theater, part 2, 83 pictures

Wow, look at this!!! One more time my slutty creampie pussy got pumped full of sperm that day! Nice Creampie! This was one of those member events that develop into a spontanuous nasty bareback gangbang where everyone can dump his semen into my cunt! And it is just these partys that I love best! Horny and well-hung guys all over the place and later I smell like cum out of every of my warm holes! By the way: this time there also was a colleague of my advanced training course, who certainly did not want to miss what his class-mate usually does in her leisure time...hihihi! So he also had a little fun that night ;-) KISS Ronja Fox

First bareback gangbang with members and strangers in the Erdbeermund Theater, part 1, 83 pictures

Aaaaahhh.. there it finally is.. that gallery I was longing for! It was our first visit in the porn theater Erdbeermund in Bruchsal... And what a hot session! Many guys (around 40!) had takenn out their hard cocks, and many of them fucked me without condom and filled my pussy! Most of them were members who wanted to take the chance to have fun with me at a members' event! I believe that I was not the only satisfied person afterwards... KISS Ronja Fox 

Bareback gangbang in Berlin with Sexy Susi, Juliane and Ronja, 86 pictures

And here we are in our apartment. After our visit at the fair we had a roaring gangbang, Juliane, Sexy Susi and I. I have to admit that this time it was a little exhausting, because my feet hurt from walking around on the Venus. These extreme boots sure look great, but after a few hours they are hell for my feet!! Sexy Susi brought in a little bit of summer: with her tan and her hot outfit..I really liked that! ;-) And she is really a cock-loving slut! Hihi... we rearranged the whole apartment to make it suitable for our bareback party, which was about to happen. What can I say? Once again my pussy got her cum... and the pussies of the other girls got their juice too ;-)

Our visit of the Venus fair in 2010, part 2, 87 pictures

A little later I was frying in my dress...so I got undressed!!! I still prefer to walk around nude! and guess who we met there: Sexy susi and her husband, porno doctor Alexander. We are going to have a bareback gangbang party tonight with them! To me it is difficult to understand, why some beautiful women wear tons of makeup! They don't really need to do that, do they? OK, that day I painted myself too, but not that much, what do you think? By the way, I did a little of action in front of the Happy Weekend booth, hihihi... Once sweet Kyra Shade came for a visit to make a report of our gangbang in an adult theater for Happy Weekend magazine. But for some reason they did not publish it. What a pity! It would have been cool! Oh, yes, I also stopped by at the booth of Sexy Cora, but unfortunately sweet Sexy Cora was not there ;-) Cleo van Eden was there, but at that time I still did not know her. She has a very beautiful and sexy charisma, that I have to acknowledge without any grudge. Meanwhile I got hungry... But the best was the show on the big stage, oh man... they wanted me to take part and give an interview later. Honestly - I felt like a clown. But I thought to myself: never mind! It's part of the game to play the ape...hihi! Of course I was completely unprepared and did not know what he would ask me and what I should say. Then I said: " Hey guys, I am a nasty bareback slut and all of you can fuck me!" Laugh ;-D

Our visit of the Venus fair in 2010, part 1, 87 pictures

The first day at the fair. It is always very exciting and there are so many impressions that I never know what I shall do first, where to start... In those moments I would rather split up into ten Ronjas, hihi... At the booth of Erotix they exposed some ÖKM magazines. Of course it was an issue with a big report on me, with me on the cover. The femals devils were hot, I had to pose among them for a photo session.. It was great fun! Of course we met our friend Marina Montana at the Venus fair. We already had some great sessions with her, e.g. boat tours, gangbang in Munich and so on... One day she had dinner in the Blockhouse with us, after a gangbang, wearing a flippant outfit... that was cool;-) Marina is a hot MILF, I like her very much! And I like to go to the Venus fair, because there you can dress up so sexy as you like! And the hobby photographers make us streakers fell like a star...

4th bareback gangbang party in Club Wildpark with Juliane, part 2, 94 pictures

And here the action is in full effect. Later the air was so hot that we had to open the balcony door, although outside it was freezing. It felt like we were in a Sauna. First we had to sweat and later there was a refreshing. Juliane had noticed that I, Ronja, had gotten most of the cum in my cunt during the first round. So she gave all to catch up with me. And I had fun watching her. The guys were really busy fucking and filling our holes and Juliane and I got our desired creampies. And in the breaks we could sip a little champaign at Gabi and Yannick's bar...

4th bareback gangbang party in Club Wildpark with Juliane, part 1, 110 pictures

Yes, tha Club Wildpark... we had some really cool parties there! Our friend Juliana from Berlin, also a dirty bareback whore, came from Berlin on the plane with her boyfriend, just to get pumped some cum from Stuttgart guys into her cunt once. And she really got that night! Nevertheless, Ronja proved one more time that she is Germany's filthiest bareback slut. She even had a little more cum in her fuck hole!

Bareback gangbang in Essen, part 3, 132 pictures

We nearly forgot to bring the third gallery of our gangbang with Jasmin. Well, here it is, just in time for the holidays! It was nice to see how the blokes fucked and jizzed that girl in the basement there. Now we will have a few days of vacation, but don't worry, the updates will still appear on time. And during the next few weeks there will be another hot event!

Bukkake party with 150 guys in the adult theater DocMasters, part 2, 205 pictures

Have you ever seen dogs who don't lick their genitals each other before they fuck? I believe it is my granted right to suck every cock that I want! Also the guys like to squirt their cum over my entire face and the rest of my body every now and then! No, I am not a hooker who stands at the corner. You should be always aware of that. I am a woman who likes to live out heranimalistic instincts once in a while. Therefore I expect from you that you behave and respect me and yourselves one another. No one can demand anything from me. But by your behavior you can make me horny ;-) That means when you show me how horny you are, I show you how horny I am ;-)

Bukkake party with 150 guys in the adult theater DocMasters, part 1, 205 pictures

Even the moment we arrived at the theater, the location was crowded to the roof with men! First I drank a sparkling wine at Nicole's bar, had a look into the faces that were standing around, then I started right-away... all of a sudden I was jizzed from my head down to my toes with cum... yes, sometimes it happens pretty quick ;-) Oh, by the way, if you happen to be interested what I got paid from the owner of that theater for appearing and sucking off 150 guys: 1,33 € per cock! So don't you dare to tell that I suck cock for the money... laugh ! Anyway, it was a really big crowd of guys there! By the way: when you see so many of you waiting for their turn, please step back after unloading in my cunt or face to make room for those who are still standing in line. I can hardly pay attention to who already has jerked off into me and who has not.. That's your job, I am busy ;-)

Threesome with our maid Rajep on the boat, huge gallery with 167 (!) pictures

Yes, our little maid... Actually, she is Alex' O. And whoever might wonder what on earth is an O, should watch - or read - "The story of O"... But I think everyone of you might know it, right? ;-)

She is a very young girl, indeed, but nevertheless she is very reliable - in every sense! We are really lucky to have such a sexy girlfriend, we had a ball on the boat together. Meanwhile Alex fills her pussy periodically, as she is part of the crew... By the way: this gallery is the first with both, Ronja and Rajep, together, because Rajep's first event was the boat tour with Ela and Marina (the videos of that boat tour have already been online since a while). Of course there is a big video with over 45 minutes in three parts of our threesome with Rajep coming up, which you can already look forward to...

















Outdoor bareback gangbang in leather-chain outfit, part 2/2

That day nearly all of the present guys have jizzed into Ronja's spoilt cunt. That nasty whore was in good condition and at last she kneeled over to get that white cum pumped into her cunt doggy-style! Of course this once again resulted in excellent creampie closeups, which we finally want you to watch...hopefully it will make you look forward to the next hot bareback action with us. Come all and fuck Ronja without condom, she's already hot and can't wait to get some new hard cocks!!!

Outdoor bareback gangbang in leather-and-chain outfit, part 1/2

Yes, indeed it is a beautiful summer!

That's why this week we will be active at our favourite fuck lake once more. This time we bring our maid Rajep with us. It will be her first gangbang at all!

Of course today we have uploaded a season's special: the first of two galleries of one of our last outdoor gangbangs, just to bring you in mood - and maybe get your cocks hard, looking forward to fuck Rajep in a few days! 

Boat tour with Marina Intim and Silke Maiden, part 8/8
And this suspicion proved to be a fact. Because when our assumed eunuch had fucked our Silke in various positions, she went down to suck his dick. What she later let run out of her mouth and onto her tits did not leave any doubt: Our sailor is not an eunuch! Well, Silke, you really can wake up the dead! But for now there is enough kidding, back to the action: Of course our Marina shagged her husband on the aft deck one more time, she really must be a flasher.
And after the girls really had taken the rest of cum out of our balls, we weighed anchor. Lucky and satisfied, and most off all recovered from every day’s trouble, we started our trip home.
Boat tour with Marina Intim and Silke Maiden, part 7/8

Silke really does not miss a single mess. So she started fisting Marina in front of the guys. Doing so she availed herself from the fact that Marina’s pussy still was sloppy from all that cum. Of course we, the guys, got horny again from that hot performance and so another round of reckless fucking started. This moment, the rest of the crew finally took the chance to seed Silke’s cunt one more time.

Pre-widened by the large cock of our skipper and lubricated from his cum, she spread her legs for the rest of the guys once more.

When the guys’ balls were finally empty she still had not enough. Therefore she went down into the cabin where the eunuch laid on the bed. This is our rating who only serves for cleaning and for docking maneuvers, who is not allowed to fuck.

Actually he is not. But you know our Silke, don’t you?

As she was riding the cock of our eunuch Till, we started suspecting him of having balls

Boat tour with Marina Intim and Silke Maiden, part 6/8

To be honest, today I don’t recall how on earth we managed to scrape together that much cum that day, as it was not a gangbang with 20 men or more. Anyway, just after our arrival at the new anchorage ground, the first thing that Marina had to do was to ride her husband’s big cock on the aft deck, and for that reason it is more than likely that one or the other of the ramblers at the lakeshore promenade could watch the hot action
When she finally got her facial, some of the cum failed her face and landed on the deck. But the good housewife knows well how to behave, and so she licked the deck clean again. As an appetizer, literally, for Silke’s jizzed pussy she was about to eat out completely a little later.

Boat tour with Marina Intim and Silke Maiden, part 5/8

In the meantime it had gotten a little warmer so we were able to open the canopy top. The sailor did not believe his eyes when the boys and girls hung around on the decks. And obviously he must have been nearsighted, because his boat passed ours within a distance of only 5 meters.

Silke, the party girl, had a ball dancing on the fore-deck, while her husband and Chris tried to find out if their really oversized cocks fit into Marina’s cunt at a time. Well, find out for yourselves if they did!

Anyway, after a little period of rest it was time to take care of the other guys again and to get their cum.

Boat tour with Marina Intim and Silke Maiden, part 4/8

Now there was no more halt. There was a wild orgy all over the boat, every cock fucked every cunt! The piercings on my scrotum made a fancy sound when they collided with Marina’s golden pussy rings with every stroke. And when I had dumped my cum-load into Marina’s cunt, Manfred started to fuck her into the ass

Meanwhile her husband banged and jizzed Silke on the seat bank. It was really nice to watch Marina keep an intimate eye contact with her husband while each of them was fucking the particular partner of the other couple. Then, still having the strange cock in her ass, she started eating her husband’s cum out of Silke’s overflowing cunt. Simply hot!!!

Boat tour with Marina Intim and Silke Maiden, part 3/8
Now it was time for the hot MILF Marina to join into the action. In an instant she was naked and let her husband eat her extremely pierced pussy on the aft deck, which Silke had to film of course. Scandalous, because everyone could watch that from the distance, harhar!
There was no lack of hard cocks that day, and so Marina grabbed one of them right-away to suck him with pleasure.
Silke would not be Silke if she would not have joined that action instantly. So she first twiddled with that guest and then with Marina’s tits, and she started sucking her nipples.
Because my cock still was standing around unused, she grabbed him and inserted him into Marina’s mouth, who sucked him deep-throat, while being fucked by different guys from behind. Of course Silke could not resist that nice view and so she licked my balls while I enjoyed Marina’s blow job. Who can take such a hot service long without having a blast?
But the next hard cocks already were standing in line
Boat tour with Marina Intim and Silke Maiden, part 2/8
And Silke really was a hot view as she kneeled over to let the cock pound her from behind. Her trained body always is something special! That guy turned her around and stuck his cock into her mouth so that we could see her tits and there was a chance for the next one to fuck her pussy. After he had dumped his cum-load inside Silke’s cunt, her husband was turned on and fucked his pre-creamed bareback slut, and of course he added his cum.
I had a hard-on, too, but it still was not my turn, I had to take these pictures
Boat tour with Marina Intim and Silke Maiden, part 1/8

Wow, was für eine geile Serie! Marina und Silke harmonieren wirklich prima miteinander! Und die Jungs waren auch dufte: geil, gut gelaunt und gepflegt! Das war doch mal wieder ein klassisches Beispiel, wie viel geilen Spass man auf einem Boot haben kann, wenn die richtigen Leute beisammen sind!
Das Wetter war zwar nicht so der Hit, aber dank Verdeck war es warm und trocken.

Deshalb hat Silke auch gleich angefangen, geil für meine Kamera zu posieren, kaum dass wir den Hafen verlassen hatten. Keine zehn Minuten später hatte sie dann auch schon den ersten steifen Schwanz in ihrer engen, rasierten Porno-Fotze!

Bareback gangbang with Ronja and 10 guys in the adult theater, part 2
Oh, that mat in the DocMasters adult theater really must have seen a lot of fucking. But there never was so much cum running out of any cunt there than of Ronja's cunt. Of course that day there was not such a mass of sperm to fill up that little trench in the middle like it was when Ronja spread her legs for 49 guys (you will also find the Video and galleries of that gangbang in our members' area), but for only 10 guys it was quite impressive. Especially if you consider that Ronja once again swallowed at least half of the white juice...
First Bareback Party in Club Wildpark, part 5, 84 pictures
We nearly had forgotten this last episode of that hot party with Jitka, but now here it is: With some nice Creampies in Jitka' pussy - and of course in mine! Alex, my hung stud, could not resist to fuck Jitka's pre-jizzed cunt with his XXL cock and naturally he squirted his cum inside her too! Doing so, he took some nice pictures of that. That's a goot proof that men are also able for multi-tasking, hihi!

Now I am curious how many good-looking bareback fuckers the editor of �?KM has organized for me, as we will visit him in Austria next weekend.

And next week Juliane from Berlin will arrive for our bareback boat tour. That will be great fun!!!
Bareback gangbang with Jasmin Deluxe, part 3, 131 pictures
For Jasmin it happened to be useful to have sucked the cocks in the first round instead of fucking. Because when I had been fucked so much that my pussy hurt and I had to suck the rest of the cum out by mouth, Jasmin went into the basement to fuck the last hard dongs. Poor Alex had to rotate a lot, for that reason....He had to run unpstairs and downstairs all the time in order not to miss too much of the action...
Bareback gangbang with Jasmin Deluxe, part 2, 126 pictures

Well, guys... sometimes I am amazed how many men already have fucked me - by now. Must have been around 1000 who already have jerked off in my pussy without condom. To be honest, I can really not keep all of the cocks in mind... at that party in Essen, I even was a little drunk from all the sparkling wine, in the middle of the gangbang action! Hihi, sometimes it is fun to fool around and fuck while you are drunk. But I bet that there are many, many other people out there who share my opinion! This tasty black cock really was awesome! I would love to get way more of those black cocks at a time!! But I am afraid that here in Germany there are not so many of them - who want to fuck me... However, there's no use complaining! I am afraid that if I want to get a real large number of big black dicks at a time, I have to get over to America, right? I figure that there are lots musclemen with biig, large and hard black cocks who want to squirt their sperm into my wet holes!

Germany's biggest Bareback Party in Berlin, last of 8 galleries, 130 pictures
At last we rammed our hard cocks deep into Sexy Susi's warm fuck holes - at least those of us who were still able to do so... This last episode of the Venus bareback party 2009 in Berlin is an XXL one, at its end it also contains some impressions from our trip home... On the freeway we really saw a couple from whose car we could easily tell one thing: they must have been at the Venus fair...
Germany's biggest Bareback Party in Berlin, 7th of 8 galleries, 90 pictures
Ronja and Susi just did not get tired that day. Luckily, Rico was there. He also was in a good condition because even after some 4 hours of bareback gangbang he still had a nice hard cock... So it happened that they started a nice session at the bar. First Susi got fucked by some guys while standing in front of the bar, while Ronja served as a "fluffer girl" and sucked the cocks until they were hard enough to bang Susi's cunt. But after a while Ronja could not hold back anymore and grabbed the cock that was pounding Susi, she pulled him out of Susi's pussy to suck out the cum... Of course this resulted in a hot blow orgy...
Germany's biggest Bareback Party in Berlin, 6th of 8 galleries, 90 pictures
In this episode you can see how Juliane and I squeeze the cum out of the guys in the room with the ramshackle bed ...Well, Sexy Susi just took a little rest to get something of the buffet, when both of us other girls took the chance and lured the guys to the chamber in the middle of the hallway and pump off their juices! Of course id die not take long until Susi noticed that and showed up at the door, where she grabbed the waiting cocks. Meanwhile the other ladies had a ball at the bar...
Germany's biggest Bareback Party in Berlin, 5th of 8 galleries, 86 pictures
Obviously Sexy Susi and the other female guests had a great time. As the location was quite spacious and had various rooms, every girl found her place to be fucked. The guys switched from room to room, from cunt to cunt...
Bareback-Gangbang with Jasmin De Luxe, part 1, 115 pictures
Well, guys... whether you like to read that or not: some parties can be rather work than fun, even for me. Talking about the bareback party in Essen. There I noticed from the beginning that someting's wrong: for instance the male party guests were treated like cattle, just like "pay and shut up". That is absolutely not our style. And I am not a cheap whore. When I say I want to be treated as such, I mean it literally... In this case it was problematic to get in mood: the guys got pushed around, therefore most of them behaved like they were in a brothel. Hey, a gangbang should be like that: Everyone should have fun, therefore the guys and the girl(s) should act respectfully, try to find out what makes the other one(s) hot and be an asset for the party, not a liability! Obviously some of the party guests did not realize that...
But anyway, as I had travelled some 900 kilometres back and forth from Stuttgart to Essen, and because some of the guys had been looking forward for a long time to fuck me, I tried to make the best out of it. Jasmin, who is a really nice young woman, helped me to get over some of the anger!
Fortunately there were also sensitive and gangbang-experienced guys, who knew how to fuck and inseminate a slut well, just like the nice black man. Hey, if you read that: you are welcome to join our parties again!!!
signing session at Kirchentellinsfurt
Posing in the forest near Kirchentellinsfurt
forest peeping Tom's cum on her face, part 1
forest peeping Tom's cum on her face, part 2
parking lot orgy, part 1
parking lot orgy, part 2
parking lot orgy, part 3
first (successful) piercing session
chimney room
two dudes visit our home, part 1
two dudes visit our home, part 2
Visit of the dudes, part 3
Visit of the dudes, part 4
Bareback-Gangbang in LB, part 1
Bareback-Gangbang in LB, part 2
Bareback-Gangbang in LB, part 3
Bukkake at the lake, part 1
Bukkake at the lake, part 2
Bareback-Gangbang in LB, part 4
Bareback-Gangbang in LB, part 5
Boat tour on river Rhine (Softcore)
Bareback-Gangbang in LB, part 6
Sommer-Bareback-Gangbang, 1. part
Summer-Bareback-Gangbang, 2. part
Bareback-Gangbang in LB, part 7
Bukkake at the lake, part 3
Sommer-Bareback-Gangbang, 3. part
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Sommer-Bareback-Gangbang, 6. part
Summer-Bareback-Gangbang, 7. part
parking lot bitch part 1
parking lot bitch part 2
Venus-Gangbang part 1
Venus-visit part 1
Venus-Gangbang in Berlin, part 2, 85 pictures

And although there were "only" 9 guys fucking Ronja, the creampie was messy! By the way, it was the first time for Alex, our porn doctor who makes the tests, to fuck Creampie-Ronja. You can see that all of us had a ball that night once again!

Venus-visit part 2
Venus-Gangbang part 3
Venus-visit part 3
Venus-Gangbang part 4
Venus-visit part 4
Venus-Gangbang part 5
1. Gangbang at Anja and Artur's Gangbang party in Heilbronn, 23 pictures

There we met a couple who loves pure condom-free sex, just like us. Of course we first fucked the wife of the other and creampied their pussies! Ronja of course slurped "her" cum immediately out of Marion's cunt after I had filled her up fairly decent. Talking about slurping: Many guys used condoms (there were numerous other girls active) and brought their filled condoms to Ronja. Guess what she did with them... right! 

K`Furt-Bukkake, part 3
parking lot bitch, part 3
parking lot bitch, part 4
Piercing 2, part 1
Piercing 2, part 2
Dr. Müllers porno theatre in Stuttgart, 42 pictures
1. Spontanuous Gangbang in movie theater, part 1
1. Spontanuous Gangbang in movie theater, part 2
1. Spontanuous Gangbang in movie theater, part 3
1. Spontanuous Gangbang in movie theater, part 4
Orgy with Ronja and Damaris, part 1
Orgy with Ronja and Damaris, part 2
August Boat Tour, part 1
Posing at night
1. Schweiz-GB, part 1
Orgy with Ronja and Damaris, part 3
Orgy with Ronja and Damaris, part 4
Gangbang in Switzerland, part 2, 64 pictures

Well, the Swiss guys seem to have bull nuts, because our two blokes made Ronja's slut flood over in an instant - supported by me and Andy, the event-host.
Ronja, the little "voyeuristic exhibitionist" of course had great fun with photographing the cum-covered cocks when they got pulled out of her cunt covered with creamy white cium.
She also enjoyed spreading her hole widely to allow the camera deep views into her completely insaminated fuck hole!

Gangbang Switzerland, part 3, 63 pictures

The little slut obviously enjoyed how we filled her fucking hole with our cum one after another, and after her cunt was full and our nuts were empty she startet looking forward to a huge mass insemination by many strange guys...
Until we finally got it done last week. There were over 30 guys who jerked off big time inside her mud hole at least twice. You see: we can't keep up with building and uploading the galleries, that much pictures we have made...
So, have fun with this gallery, and who gets horny and wants to take part in our action - gangbang or single meeting with Ronja - save your cum and call or write us!

August boat tour, part 2, 61 pictures

After crawling around in the mud a lot, it was time for a mud party of a completely different kind...
Soon we had vanished into the bushes, where the action went high...

AWM-Camp, part 1, 76 pictures

You may have asked yourselves who is that blonde girl on our main page and on our flyers.
AAAH, here's the solution: She was one of the models who posed on the roof of the blue Ford of one of the guys until it bent down with a big "Blopp" at the adult webmaster - meeting near Limburg. That was real fun!
The owner of the car took it with humour, too. Of course there also were lots of wet T-Shirts and wet tits.
Of course the show of the girls inspired Ronja, who took most of the pictures of the first gallery, before in the 2nd gallery she...

AWM-Camp, part 2, 57 pictures

In the 2nd part of this series you see the result of the show intermezzo of the two girls: of course Ronja had to gain leadership and made a show of her own special kind...
And of course she was not satisfied with only getting nude, you know her...

AWM-Camp, part 3, 55 pictures

As I told you before, Ronja wouldn't be Ronja, if she had not made a show of an explicit kind at last. So she took my dick with delight in front of all the surprised (and nervous "Oh my god, what if anyone passes by right now?!") adult webmasters and the models. Of course she encouraged all others to join our action. Fore some reason no one dared, I don't know why...

Extreme-mass-insemination (49 guys) in the adult movie theatre Ludwigsburg, part 1, 60 pictures

Here are the first pictures of the 49-guys-fuck!! We had expected some guys, but we were really surprised that there were was so a huge bunch of dicks! What a pity that we missed the 50-guys-mark for one bloke... But instead one guy had brought a large glass bowl with him - check out what we didi with it ;-)
The pictures are so nasty that we show them to you right-away.Have fun!!! Wet and horny greetings from our vacation!! Ronja und Alex

Extreme-mass-insemination (49 guys) in the adult movie theatre Ludwigsburg, part 2, 60 pictures

So, finally back from our holidays - in which we had some really horny adventures, which we caught on camera for you - we first take care of the update you were looking forward to.
The bowl was used much, also in this gallery... what for? Well, take a guess...
By the way: Ronja is plannning the next horny mass insemination and hopes to break the 50-guys-mark the next time.

Extreme-mass-insemination (49 guys) in the adult movie theatre Ludwigsburg, part 3, 60 pictures

And here the next round of the biggest mass-insemination by now, which we hope to overtop next tuesday in Kirchentellinsfurt! Ronja´s holes were busy all the time and more amd more white fucking juice was running out of her - meanwhile overfilled - cunt into the bowl...
If she wouldn't have swallowed that much cum in between, it might have been even twice that much...

Extreme-mass-insemination (49 guys) in the adult movie theatre Ludwigsburg, part 4, 90 pictures

Wow, I have loaded up thousands of pictures by now, but this time (extended version with 90 pictures) even I had to jerk off!!!
The horny bareback-whore Ronja had the juices of the 49 fuckers funning out of her cunt and mouth in masses - and again the sperm-collector was around with his bowl!
But please, do Ronja a favour: watch the gallery after the outdoor-insemination at the lakeshore this afternoon, otherwise you would have to jerk off right now and later on you wouldn't have enough juice for the fuckin' sperm-bitch!!!

Extreme-mass-insemination (49 guys) in the adult movie theatre Ludwigsburg, part 5, 90 pictures

What we did with all the collected cum? Well, some of you might have guessed yet. And, know what? You're right!
But before there was a lot to swallow... first the cumshots directly from the dicks and then Dieter's fabulous snacks...

Extreme-mass-insemination (49 guys) in the adult movie theatre Ludwigsburg, part 6, 87 pictures

In the last episode of this really hot seriesyou can see again a large number of close-ups of this extreme mud-riding contest.
Look at it closely, because it is like this how Ronja wants to be filled up at the next action in Switzerland (on Sept.16., info coming up...)!
We have finished working on and uploading these pictures just in time to get started with the spontanuous outdoor-gangbang of last week. We will try to upload a video of it with the next update.

August bareback orgy with members and some complete strangers, part 1, 90 pictures
Here is now the first gallery of that nasty outdoor-insemination from which you saw the video last week. This time we made an experiment: we have built the slides in 1024x1024.
August bareback orgy with members and some complete strangers, part 2, 90 pictures
Today we show the 2nd part of that outdoor-session.
Our members have voted and with one vote difference the "big version" has won. So this gallery is with high resolution pics, too.
Yes, it was great fun at the lake. Not even five minutes after we had arrived the little whore had the first cumloads in her cunt... and in her nasty blow-mouth!
August bareback orgy with members and some complete strangers, part 3, 90 pictures
...and the bareback outdoor orgy goes on. Every few minutes the sloppy pussy and the blow-mouth are filled with more cum from the strangers...
August bareback orgy with members and some complete strangers, part 4, 90 pictures
In the fourth episode of that nasty outdoor-session Ronja first presents her creampied cunt, before she lets flow the rests of the beer (she had consumed before) back into nature - of course watched by the whole bunch of guys that are standing around...
Afterwards, back on the blanket, the second round of banging follows right-away...
August bareback orgy with members and some complete strangers, part 5, 89 pictures
And again Ronja got her holes filled with our dicks and cum. When the nuts were completely emptied, she walked back to the parking lot, with loads of cum running out her cunt and down her legs for everyone to see...
Boat tour on River Rhine, part 3, 60 pictures

The little whore let herself be screwed next to our boat by the shore. Here we three fuckers filled her cunt for the first time for that day... and more loads were about to cum...

Boat tour on River Rhine, part 4, 60 pictures

Here you can see the cum dripping out her cunt. Of course more fillings were about to come... interrupted by Ronja´s "taking a leak" ;-)

Boat tour on River Rhine, part 6, 60 pictures
Boat tour on River Rhine, part 5, 60 pictures

Before we show the pictures from the switzerland gangbang (extremely hot!) and the galleries and videos from Berlin (extremely hot, too!) we show you how it went on when we were back at the boat and had washed the mud away...
As you can see, there was soon mud again, but this time the white one...

Venus fair 2008, part 1, 90 pictures

And here they are now: the first pictures from the Venus fair in Berlin 2008!
At first we advertised our two gangbang partys we had at Friday and Saturday night. By doing so we met some other horny and sexy girls, e.g. Maew, with who we had the Saturday party.
As you can see, the hobby photographers were not less daring and nosy than they were in 2007...;-)

Boat tour on River Rhine, part 9, 63 pictures

Today you will get three updates (!) because the August boat tour must be "on sale".
Here you can see how we spent the evening. When the day`s heat was gone and we had a little time of rest, we started back to the dock. Ronja, the exhibitionist, had some fun with posing on the rear deck and shocking the other "Yachties".
Doing so she got horny again and did another blow-job on the boys. Afterwards she bathed in cum again...
As a matter of fact, once again it was a nice, relaxing day with cool people in an exclusive environment.
We are already looking forward to the next season!

Boat tour on River Rhine, part 8, 60 pictures
Boat tour on River Rhine, part 7, 60 pictures
Venus fair 2008, part 2, 90 pictures

Together with Maew Ronja had a ball at the Venus fair. Here is an example of their activities: they posed at a booth where erotic shoes were exposed. No wonder that there were various fair visitors to be taken in the middle...
...who did not hesitate to sign up for the gangbang party in the evening!

Venus fair 2008, part 3, 90 pictures

Well, finally arrived at the hotel, the party startet rightaway.
Of course, Silke could not wait again until the official beginning when all boys were arrived and she started sucking my dick.
Juliane followed her exemple and started into her first bareback-bangbang without any circumstance. We were lucky that at least Ronja held back a little at the beginning and that Natascha arrived lat, when all the other boys had arrived to support us...

Fuck-meeting for members in the XXX theater, 247 pictures
Hi Boys!!!
These members´ meetings are damn fucking fun!! First there is that excitement before the meeting. Who will come? Then the surprise how many of our members really have found their way to Stuttgart!:O. Simply nasty! Thanks to all who were there!;D
The men are standing there, have fedged themselves a drink and they are horny to let me blow their dicks... of course they can also fuck me and squrt into my cunt while they are roaring loudly!! It was hot, wet and you boys were fucking good!!! Without much hesitating!At a members´meeting it is "go and grab the little bitch!" Don´t be shy or careful! I am a fuckhole that can take a lot!!!
See you (and fuck your dicks) the next time!!! Kiss, your bareback-slut Ronja
Swiss-Gangbang in September, part 1, 89 pictures

We arrived at the hotel room in time. What we did there you might have seen in the video of that event.So first we did some posings with Ronja`s nasty new chain outfit.
Soon Willi arrived, our "oldest" party guest from Switzerland, who has been attending our partys for many years.
Check out what Ronja did to him...

Swiss-Gangbang in September, part 2, 90 pictures

Not long after Willi had dumped his load into Ronja`s blow-mouth the other Swiss guys were knocking at the door of the hotel room. And of course it didn´t take long until had the first hard cock in her pussy. It went so fast that one of the boys even had no time to finish his welcome-champain. You can tell it by the pictures where one guy gets sucked off by Ronja while holding a glass in his hand...

Venus fair 2008, part 5, 90 pictures

Dear Members! Finally we managed to upload the 5th part of this year's Venus Series. it is a few days late, due to technical problems. Sorry for that.
By the way: we got the suggestion to bring more videos and re-organize our members area. The first topic will be no problem because we already have tons of video material waiting to be prepared and uploaded. We just had no time because we were spending the parting year 2008 mostly with fucking around...
Talking about setting up categories (e.g. Videos, Galleries, Stories, etc) we are already thinking about what we can do.
But however, let's talk about the Venus gangbang.
After the hostess Ronja at first let the guest girls take the cumloads of the fastest squirting guys (very polite, isn't she? ;-) ), she could not resist any longer that large number of mostly huge dicks and involved into the fuck-fiesta big time, taking the cum-load of Natascha's husband, her first one for that day... Also Natascha, Juliane and Silke "worked hard" on the cocks and meanwhile were filled up with messy cumshots. They presented their sloppy fuck-holes to every guy that came along to ram his dick inside... So you could talk of a great creampie-orgy where many ofv the guys changed the cunt various times and fucked every girl before finally squirting their first load into one of the girls...

Venus fair 2008, part 6, 90 pictures

...with ended up with the girls` pussies full of huge loads of cum! Especially Ronja's cunt was flowing over with hot white creampie!
Following these hot closeups, this episode also contains some pictures from the next day's fair visit, where Ronja tried her two new sexy dresses.... and of course seamlessly the first "posing" pictures as s starter for the saturday night Venus Bareback Gangbang Party 2008! This one was our first with Maew, the hot asian girl. As a matter of fact, this title is really not an overstatement! But best watch the gallery to get an idea of her.

Croatia - gangbang-orgy on the perverted beach, 65 pictures
Croatia - first a massage, then a little fucking!
Mainly in the afternoon, after we had our lunch and let off steam in the water we anchored before the perverted beach at (we don't tell here where;-)). With a beer or wine we watched what was going on on the beach. After a while we grabbed our big fun-tube, where our towels and bottles found a safe and dry place for the passage to the beach. As soon as we had chosen a spot to stay, Alex walked over to the massager, who used to massage women every day, and arranged a massage for me. 140 Kuna for two massages. This is only possible in Croatia, isn't it? The guy made me lay down with my towel onto his mat, prostrate first. It was a relaxation I could use for a long time!!
The masseur , who was a tanned Croatian, kneaded my complete body, using tons of massage oil. He also had a talent to carress my cunt while doing so. Very subtle he glided his fingertips between my pussy lips, passing my anus first. It was a great feeling to get oil rubbed on the skin all over. This took more than an hour. Of course I was also allowed to turn on the back so he could knead my big tits and all the rest. I bet it was not only me who had fun ;)
After the massage I went to my boyfriend, who had caught up with two couples meanwhile. He sat there while pretty and delicate Cleopatra did a blowjob on an Italian right next to him.
They were all laying on a big inflated mattress. I joined them. Alex already had a hard-on and was next to be sucked off by Cleopatra. Sure it was a nice variety to be watching all the sucking and blowing. Alex was pretty boozed from the beer in the sun and lunged at me. I got horny to be grabbed and fucked like this. What an animalistic behaviour!
I lay in the middle of that turmoil and got fucked fairly. So it did not take long until a bunch of jerking guys and also women who wanked and played around with the cocks of their men. So a certain time went by. Alex kept fucking into my cunt, but he did not want to squirt yet. I was amazed and even a little upset. After a while my pussy was dry again, but still he did not want to squirt inside. Later he told me why: He was given Viagra by two Dutchwomen who also were on vacation. A new facet of him??!!.... He just wanted to find out what it's all about Viagra. Later said that it was no big thing. The cock was big and hard as stone, but this is normal for Alex anyway...;-)
After having resolved our lusty assembly we kept watching other couples lick, fumble and fuck.
Before we left we arranged to meet with Angela and Alexander (the serbian couple), who also were on the mattress, to meet on our boat at 10 p.m. ...
Second "Happy-Monday"-Party, part 1, 80 pictures

This one is the gallery that fits the video part 1. This time we emproved the quality. Please tell us if the size is to big now.

Second "Happy-Monday"-Party, part 2, 80 pictures
Just before the next party with Catrin, which will be tommorow, we upload the second gallery of the last event. See how Catrin and Marina get filled! By working on the update I start getting curious about the upcoming fuck-fest tommorow night!
Second "Happy-Monday"-Party with Ronja, Marina and Catrin, part 3, 89 pictures
And the party was hot as hell! Lovely Catrin let herself be screwed for hours in the bar room. Also everyone could fuck her hardly into the ass, because she wanted to be fucked DP, what means into pussy and ass at a time! Simply hot! But first watch this last episode of the january gangbang, where Marina was the queen of creampie...
Ronja poses in the DocMasters Sex-Store, before she gets fucked in the XXX-theatre, 38 pictures
What does Ronja "without panties" in a sex Shop? Of course, she poses for the camera to bring herself into mood before she goes upstairs to get her pussy filled without condom by all present guys once again!!!
The nasty Switzerland Hotel Gangbang in 2008, part 3, 87 pictures

Do you remember the first two galleries and the movie of this nasty hotel party? Indeed, it is a while ago. You see how much content we have to work on, because we are so active in fucking around...
This episode contains some nice looks right up to Ronja's tonsils...with a messy creampie of course! Furthermore she takes some facial cumshots so her mouth is flowing over with cum!
But I better stop writing now, better peek inside the gallery! Have fun!

The nasty Switzerland Hotel Gangbang in 2008, part 4, 98 pictures

Well, before we have our next gangbang party in Switzerland we must "dump" this last episode, which is pretty nice, actually. Ronja rubs her jizzed holes, enjoying the exhausted guys watching her. Then she goes to the window of the hotel room to show off her body to all the people at the parking lot and in the road...
Finally she took care of the last few cum drops that still were not spilled...

February member-fuck-meeting in the adult theater, part 1, 97 pictures
Ronja is, as you know, a big exhibitionist. So she first posed around in the sale room of the DocMasters store with the silver fox, not at least to bring herself in mood.
Then soon we went upstairs where the action started right away. Little later she had the first cumloads in her cunt and also her mouth was served fairly...
Dann ging es auch bald schon nach oben, wo nicht lange gefackelt wurde. Gleich hatte sie die ersten Ladungen in der Fotze und auch das Blasmaul kam nicht zu kurz...
First members' meeting on a public recreation area at the freeway and gallery with 24 pictures
Alex and I stop at a recreation area. I am curious which fuckers have come to fill me... Nearby the public restroom we park our car. It has become dark. I get dressed with my black lace dress, which shows my butt like a whore... The first cumloaded guys are already waiting there and are so horny that they want to work on me rightaway at the car. But in order to show you something I wakl over into the light of the toilet booth... like a street prostitute who is waiting for her wooers. At the right and at the left of the toilet booth cars are driving by and the engines of the trucks that are parked close to the scene are running... I suppose the truck drivers do not notice our rascality... It is cold like hell and my nipples are getting stiff... I warm myself by blowing the cocks who are presented now. As I lean against the wall my tits hang out of the black lace dress... As I go on sucking, the guys are getting in mood more and more and start calling me names like a cheap slut.!! That's what makes me horny the more! Go ahead and call me bitch ore whore or something like that!!! And there it comes: white hot smelly juice is warming my tits as it is overflowing and dripping from my mouth! What a mess! My tits and face get covered with cum while the cars keep on driving around us. A laggard arrives. The other guys have bid farewell and I stand with my cum-covered tits in the light of the toilet booth...
The laggard seems to have a good load... This time we go into the ladies restroom because here it is a lot warmer. That guy really had a big load because he had watched our pictures and videos in our members`area before... It does not take long until he squirts into my chops inside the dirty public restroom at the freeway!! Outside we hear someone walk around and I crouch there, my face and tits completely covered with white cum. His cock was really tasty! I love to suck hard dicks, to lick them, to play on them with my tongue!! Until the guy can't keep his load any longer ;-) Soon we will start another round in Aachen. Before my bareback gangbang with Gina Blonde I will stop by in an adult theater for a nice Bukkake...mmm I am looking forward to saturday! Yours, Creampie-Ronja
Bareback gangbang with strangers at the lake where Ronja pisses over some guys, part 1, 86 pictures

Now we finally got our camera back where these hot pictures were on (it was vanished for about half a year). Here we went to our favorite fuck lake close to Tübingen where always horny boys with hard cocks are waiting for some juicy cunt like Ronja. As they keep on telling us, Ronja is the absolute highlight, as there (and anywhere else we assume) is no other bitch like her, even less such a young and fresh one, who spreads her legs for everyone to get fucked without condom and get her pussy creamed like this...all completely free!
But that's how it goes if you are into creampie... and have the courage to enjoy your fetish! Talking not only about us, but also about the guys, who really were not shy as it was to fill up Ronja's cunt. But first she did some of them a favour and pissed right over their faces...

Bareback gangbang at the lake where Ronja fucks some members and many totally strangers, part 2, 86 pictures

The little whore was horny like hell once again, encouraged by the dirty talk of the gusy and maybe a little by the cool beer. So she spread her legs for every guy who was around until all of the members and the strangers had dumped their cumloads into her fuck-slut. Then she laid down like the preview picture shows it to invite the promenaders who walked by to stick their cocks inside, too. Some of them took the chande and did...
So the bitch got creamed with sperm all over one more time which dripped out of her holes and from her tits. But this time I did not have to worry about my car seats because just when we had finished and all balls were empty, a huge thunderstorm unloaded over our heads. We did not notice how the sky got darker and darker because all of us were too busy with fucking Ronja. That's why most of the cum got washed down from her before she could spoil my right seat...

Spontanuous session on the parking lot with Silke Maiden, part 1, 115 pictures
Silke still is a horny bitch. And she is spontanuous. Therefore she called yesterday to announce her visit for the evening. She did as she told. At 6 p.m. she knocked on our door with her husband. Of course we wanted to use the good weather and venture something. So we decided to drive to our favorite quarry pond, of course not without announcing it in our members area before. We wanted to get some cock there . And there were some. With pleasure the girls started sucking the hard dongs. It was so inviting how Silke unsheated her butt and so also her cunt got filled with a big hard cock while she was sucking anotzer dick. Brandnew is this gallery. Yesterday on a parking lot, today on stage!
Spontanuous session on the parking lot with Silke Maiden, part 2, 117 pictures
In fact the guys were pretty good informed, although we had announced the session only 4 hours before in our members' area. An so the two girls got a lot of fuck cream to swallow. Ronja's big tits were nicely garnished with sperm, too.
Stupidly she has to deal with a bad cold now, because it suddenly had gotten cold last thursday. Around noon when we had decided to go to this parking lot, it still was quite warm, but in the evening... however! Until the boat tour on 29 and 30 of may (to which we already accept applications) she still has a little time to get better...
Venus-Gangbang-Orgy 2008, part 7, 90 pictures

By updating all the latest hot picture and video stuff we nearly forgot to bring the rest of that hot bareback orgy in Berlin with the hot asia girl Maew, Ronja and Natascha.
So here it goes on. See how Ronja gets supported by two more hot girls out of Germany`s top 10 cock-loving and and cum-sucking bareback sluts!
And we will bring all of this series within the next update periods, promised!

Venus-Gangbang-Orgy 2008, part 8, 86 pictures

The fuck orgy was so hot that even Gangbang-Natascha, who otherwise mostly seems to be more or less bored, lost her passivity and got in the right mood for fucking. She even rode on a hard cock wildly before he unloaded in her cunt.
Hot Asia girl Maew laid beside her and received one cum load after another into her bare and neatly shaved hole until the creampie was a white foam. Meanwhile Ronja functioned as a fluffer girl and sucked the pricks until they were big and hard enough for the other ladies' cunts.
Of course she had to get a few cum-loads into her own pussy and soon joined the other girls on the bed. But the bed was already pretty crowded and therefore she slipped right underneath Maew. Then I had the delight to fuck and inseminate two cunts at a time (upper, lower, Maew, Ronja...), which actually is a fairly rare thing to do - even for sexually active persons like us. It really was nice to see - and photograph - how my seed came dripping out the two fuck holes that were piled up in front of me!

Venus-Gangbang-Orgy 2008, part 9, 97 pictures

In the last episode of this year's Venus series the three sluts get inseminated with the rest of sperm that still was available. Some time during the party we suddenly noticed that Natascha had vanished. But this was not a problem of the both girls who had remained. They had no hard time taking the rest of the guys. After all fuck-work had been done, the boys had a good chill-out with a cool beer and some stayed for a cosy sit-in with Ronja and Maew. Once again a splendid party and a an eventful Venus visit.

Bukkake in adult theater in may, part 1, 90 pictures
Sometimes, when the cunt is wound, Ronja remembers her skills in sucking dicks. So we went to the adult theater where she sucked off every dick that was presented to her, except for one who seemed to stink. That one was sent away.
Anyway, meanwhile the slut has healed and the fun was great so Ronja started looking forward to get her pussy filled once again. Soon there will be a bareback action again!!!
Bukkake in adult theater in may, part 2, 97 pictures
Yes, indeed the fun already went on - at the boat tour last friday. Soon you can enjoy watching how much Ronja enjoyed to be fucked and inseminated in the sun by the boys - especially by one of them, who was slim, beefy, big cocked and horny in fact...
I made a big video (2 parts) and a nasty gallery, which are about to be uploaded, coming soon....
But for now, here we go on in the XXX theater, where Ronja sucked off every cock until the last drop!
Bareback party at Club Wildpark with Ronja, Marcela and Jitka, part 1, 86 pictures
Me and two hot czech girls..sounds like fun. And that`s it! Especially Marcela, the older lady (from my perspective) was hot like hell! Although it was the first party of this kind it already was a goody! A little bunch of chosen guys who partied with us! And all of this on a monday!!! It was cool and the following partys were getting better and better. Unfortunately most guys nowadays have gotten quite unreliable and there are gangbang partys around every corner today. So we decided to go different:?When we do something than it must be unique and spontanuous! So the mood will be alright, guys!
Bareback gangbang with Ronja, Jitka and Marcela, part 2, 86 pictures

We just noticed that we updated a lot of videos during the last few weeks...and that there are a lot of videos still to be uploaded. Just like the ones of our members' event last saturday, or of the bareback gangbang with 20 unknown guys in the adult theater three weeks ago.... For that reason we thought to bring another nice gallery right now:
This picture shows once more, what a sloppy bitch Marcela is! Actually she was supposed to be just the driver and to accompany our guest girl Jitka, but again she could not hold back and took nearly all of the cum which was thought to be squirted into Jitka's slut. Anyway, not long after the party started, the white juice was dripping out of Marcela's cunt. Crampie-Ronja, the everybody's-fuck-hole, does not stand back and laid down on a aort of cushioned table to get her pussy filled with creampie...

Bareback gangbang with Ronja, Jitka and Marcela, part 3, 86 pictures
In the third part of this series you can already watch many awesome creampies. Meanwhile the ladies were in a good fucking mood, especially Ronja, the horny bitch! She got jizzed in her cunt and mouth at a time, just like she loves it most! Our black gangbanger was full of power and squirted his cum-loads into one girl after another. First it was Marcela`s turn, before he will stuff his cum-drenched cock into Ronja's - already nicely filled - fuck-hole in the next episode...
Respect, that guy really had some huge loads!
June-Bareback-Gangbang in adult theater, part 1 of the galleries, 90 pictures
Here already is the first part of the according galleries...
June-Bareback-Gangbang in adult theater, part 2 of the galleries, 90 pictures
(Well, it is quite difficult to translate what Ronja has written to describe this gallery) Anyway, you know that she hates condoms. And that is obvious here as she gets filled her cunt by the 22 guys bareback!!! And furthermore she wrote: "How do you like the color of my hair? I kind of like it, but I am fed up having short hair now... I will see... anyway the blonde hair still seem to attract the looks... Maybe the men recognize me??? At any rate, in the recent time there are always the same turks sitting down next to me during my lunch break, peeking over hornily...If you happen to be one of them: At this time of the day I usually have no sexual needs. More than that I am fraught because there still is so much to do...
But tomorrow there will be another blast! Natascha Ruslana, Dani and I will have a ball tomorrow, friday the 14th of august!! HIHI, it sure will be fun again! Maybe I will wear my red strap-ons one more time. See you tomorrow...KISS RONJA"
June-Bareback-Gangbang in adult theater, part 3 of the galleries, 90 pictures

Well... when I see myself here, I have to say: I am quite busy. ;-D ...to me it seems very daring to watch the pics and videos for myself after a roaring session!!! Are you asking yourself every now and then why I do all of this? Well it has to do with predominance and at the same time with submission... a mixture... I have a miscellaneous personality and this has an impact on my sexuality! Sometimes I get recognized by various men in the streets. They assume that I will lay down at once... well, indeed I do so, sometimes. Not always! This site here has become a part of my life and I discover always new qualities in myself. But this has nothing to do with schizophrenia;-) There is an animal in everyone of us waiting to get sexual satisfaction. I think we all should be given this freedom, don't you agree? Maybe I should start a political career. Maybe I could fuck myself to the top? Just kidding. But now for serious: Do you think it is alright that the government can spy on all of us like this? It starts to get annoying! ...(this was Ronja seriously;-))

4th and last episode of the bareback gangbang with 22 strangers in an adult theater in june, 89 pictures

Here Ronja grants a nice deep look inside her creamed fuck hole. This shall also serve as an invitation to join our next free bareback party on sunday, 13th of september! Everyone of you is invited to come and fill Ronja's pussy again. Of course without condom! Just like yesterday, when we went to one of our favorite adult theaters, which is located in Stuttgart.
First it looked like Ronja was getting upset about the fact thet there were only some old limp dicks hanging around. But, fortunately, just when we were about to leave unfucked, two young guys entered the theater. One of them was very barefaced and grabbed her big tits right away. This made her horny again and so all of the willing guys got their chance to fuck Ronja, and so did many of them and filled her pussy!

Germany's biggest Bareback Party in Berlin, 1st of 8 galleries, 88 pictures
According to the movie-clips you saw before this is the series of nasty galleries. Even in the first part there is a lot of hot fucking action. OK, the other girls and I were posing for the camera in the beginning, but nevertheless we chose a preview picture where you can see my "dirty boy" Alex fuck Susanne`s tight pierced porno pussy with his huge hard cock!!! Of course he also gave her a big cum load to keep her hole slippery for the next guy...
Germany's biggest Bareback Party in Berlin, 2nd of 8 galleries, 87 pictures
Well, also our guest ladies were inseminated big time like broodmares. Here you see how Alex just filled a nicely pre-creamed pussy. Actually he was supposed to just film the action and take photos, but as I know my Alex he just had to ride and jerk into this mature fuck hole, the old freak ;-)
But luckily he was not out in the other room too long so he did not miss much of me and Juliane how we squeezed the cum out of the boys' nuts during that first round with our cunts and mouths...
Germany's biggest Bareback Party in Berlin, 3rd of 8 galleries, 88 pictures

Sexy Susi is really a phenomenon. Sometimes you could think that she had taken something, but we knew better. Because she was unstoppable and took all cocks she could get, one after another. When she just had "finished" one to exhaustion, and there was no fresh cock to fuck her, she took her little hands, just ike you can see on this preview picture...

Germany's biggest Bareback Party in Berlin, 4th of 8 galleries, 86 pictures
...and the fuck orgy goes on! Sexy Susi still gets all of her holes filled with fresh cum every few minutes.
Meanwhile Ronja has withdrawed to a side room and, lying there on the bed, she starts collecting more and more guys for the next round. One of the guest ladies gets fucked while standing at the bar. At the meantime the rest of the girls is busy with two or three guys each in the back of the cameraman in the zebra room... But don't worry, once in a while he turned around.
Our third party in Club Wildpark, this time with Catrin, part 1, 90 pictures
Well, I really was surprised when I checked the content list: I found this episode where we partied with Catrin in Club Wildpark. What a shame we did not publish it before, but that's how it goes when you "produce" some 2000 pictures and some hours of video each month...
Anyway, here it is. I better do not write much about it, best you have a look at the pictures!
Our third party in Club Wildpark, this time with Catrin, part 2, 90 pictures
well...the Club Wildpark ...;-D There we did it like the pigs. No matter if they were black or white... every cock did some fucking into a hot, wet and cum-drenched cunt (in gallery even into the ass!)!! I always like to welcome another hot and perverted bareback slut at my parties to help me squeeze all of the cum out of the guys! There really are many hot women who look just "normal" and harmless during the day, at work...;-D...mmm... but obviously, "FUCK ME" must be written on my forehead, because now and then men are tempted to talk suggestive to me... can you imagine, why??? ;-D... KISS Ronja
Our third party in Club Wildpark, this time with Catrin, part 3, 90 pictures
In this gallery you see some nice closeups of Catrin's ass, how she gets double penetrated by some of the hard cocks. I personally dislike ass fuck, but I can tel that Catrin did enjoy it big time! Because her asshole was situated on top, the guys came quickly inside her butt and there was a changing of cock every now and then, and so she got a messy anal creampie! Anyway, as I could watch it live and closely, to me it was a nice experience, too!
Our third party in Club Wildpark, this time with Catrin, part 4, 51 pictures

Well, while the others, Catrin among them, had their last squirting for that night, I enjoyed all of your cum running out of my holes and dripping on the floor. The whole place was spilled with cum in the end...
While working on these galleries I had a crazy thought: I want to meet some of you guys and gals, together with Alex, for a nasty and hot DVD-porno-session. Alex and I will come to your place and bring some hot movies. We watch that movies together and, when we will have gotten really hot by doing so, have a nice little fucking (and jizzing my holes).I am looking forward to your sugestions, please send a picture. If I like it, you will get answer soon...

First bareback gangbang in Club Wildpark with Ronja, Marcela and Jitka, part 4, 86 pictures

Wow, that is my favorite black cock fucking my pre-creamed cunt! I like this guy, his cock is always hars as steel! Watch how the cum of the guys who have filled my hole before comes flowing out of my pussy and starts dripping from the mat... Of course Marcela gets her creampies as well, meanwhile Jitka is "busy" with Frank, her favorite party guest...


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